Bilge Rat Adventures: Gunpowder Skeletons

The Bilge Rats have stepped it up! Can you blow this challenge wide open?

Skeleton Thrones? Old news. The current Bilge Rat Adventure sweeping the Sea of Thieves is all about Gunpowder Skeletons, and if you're fast you can still jump into the blast zone and take part!

Yes, in their determination to prove that they're not just a bunch of one-trick pirates, those Bilge Rats have engineered a new method of spicing up other seafearers' voyages. The skeletons that erupt from the island sands can now haul up cunningly buried gunpowder kegs with them, and that's never a good combination.

Bilge Rat Adventures: Gunpowder Skeletons

Duration 0:16

Can you take out these ticking timebomb skellies in creative ways decided by the Bilge Rats? If so, you'll earn Commendations, Titles and pocketfuls of Doubloons – the latter of which can be exchanged for gold, Trading Company reputation or time-limited Bilge Rat cosmetics!

On offer in this adventure are a Bone Crusher Cutlass, Pistol, Blunderbuss and Eye of Reach to set off the matching items of clothing awarded in the previous event. When Gunpowder Skeletons' two-week run is up you'll still be able to earn the Commendations and Titles, but the Bone Crusher cosmetics will be beyond your grasp. So what rewards will replace them in the Bilge Rat Adventure to follow? You'll just have to come back and find out...

The Gunpowder Skeletons adventure runs from June 28th to July 10th, and as always, Duke in the tavern is the man to talk to for all the Bilge Rat particulars. If you got in on the bone-blasting action as soon as it began, why not take a banging #SoTShot to send to us on our social channels?