It's been a few weeks since we last ventured behind the scenes within the halls of Rare to get a closer look at Sea of Thieves' development, but this time we've got our eyes firmly fixed on a new horizon - PC! Even though we recently invited 1000 pirates to set sail on Windows 10, we heard from many others eager to pillage the seas armed with their mouse and keyboard, so this time, we're diving deeper into our PC build...

This week, Community Video Manager Jon and PC Design Lead Ted shed more light on which features we're currently working on, what challenges the team's uncovered while developing Sea of Thieves for PC, and what we're hoping to learn from this initial Windows 10 play session. Includes talk of video settings, FOV sliders, auto-detect functionality, crossplay and more!

Sea of Thieves Behind the Scenes: PC

Duration 5:38

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