Featuring the musical prowess of Robin Beanland, the talent behind some of the most unforgettable Rare soundtracks, Sea of Thieves was always going to be stuffed with soothing and melodic themes and shanties to get us tapping our feet.

We’ve been steadily releasing isolated tracks from the game on YouTube and now we’re back with another! Taking centre stage this time is the upbeat track from our Be More Pirate trailer:

Official Sea of Thieves Tavern Tunes: Be More Pirate

Duration 1:33

There’s a plot twist though, as the composer behind this track is actually our talented Sound Design Intern Katie Tarrant. We picked her brains about her work on this track and she shared the following insights:

“The Be More Pirate track was a collaborative effort between Robin Beanland, Audio Director Jon Vincent and myself. I recorded Jon playing drums, while I wrote a rough bassline and performed the guitar pieces with Robin’s guidance. He would play his keyboard at me and I would translate. I also recorded Robin’s hurdy-gurdy and concertina pieces for the track. We then worked together to weave a Sea of Thieves theme into it.

“The team are incredible to work with, there’s a lot of space for creative freedom and vision. I really enjoyed working on this track, it was a great laugh. I get to do a mix of sound design and composition here at Rare and it was lovely to work on the Be More Pirate trailer.

“Jon worked on the final broadcast mix so as I mentioned before, this was a super collaborative effort. We were very pleased with the end result!”

Once again, we hope you enjoyed the extra details behind the magical musical work our team does. Watch the full Be More Pirate trailer here, and feel free to get in touch on our social media channels or sail on over to our Forums – we’d love to hear from you!