Sea of Thieves Technical Alpha Update 0.1.1 - Taming New Seas

See what new dangers and adventures await you in our Technical Alpha Update!

If you’ve been following the development of Sea of Thieves, then you know we’re building our shared-world pirate adventure in a different manner than our previous titles. With an emphasis on community involvement and feedback, we’ve been inviting players into the game sooner than ever before.

This kicked off with our Technical Alpha last December. We launched Technical Alpha Update 0.1.0: The Quest for Gold, which gave players an endless supply of treasure maps, a smattering of rusty tools and the means to matchmake with other players equally thirsty for adventure.

Technical Alpha: Update 0.1.1 - Taming New Seas

Duration 2:19

Update 0.1.1 - Taming New Seas is our next significant update for the Sea of Thieves Technical Alpha. Like our previous release, Update 0.1.1 introduces elements that change the way players experience the game. It also means that we’re inviting more of our Sea of Thieves Insiders to have a go in our treacherous waters.

As we move forward developing Sea of Thieves, we’ll have additional Technical Alpha Updates, and we’ll be growing our invited player-base as we move through this phase.

Update 0.1.1 expands on our core gameplay loop in two significant ways. First, it adds new regions and islands to the world (which the clever ones among you will have guessed, because of, you know, the title).

Secondly, this update has populated islands both old and new with maniacal, gun-toting skeletons. When popping by to say hello to your new neighbours, keep in mind that these undead inhabitants tend to shoot first and make freakish skeletal noises later.

Keep a wary weather eye on any skeletons you cross whilst treasure hunting...

There are some smaller changes included in Update 0.1.1. Falling from great heights will cause player damage (thanks a lot, GRAVITY), and having too much to drink will induce a rather – ahem – visceral spewing experience.

We’ve also added our voyage system to the game, which is how we’re planning to deliver and frame quests for players going forward. On the feedback side of things, we’ll be excited to see how this addition addresses feedback from players wanting more information about who they’re playing with and where they’re going.

Now you can navigate across new seas and explore more islands like this one!

As with every Technical Alpha Update for Sea of Thieves, we’ve invited more of our Insiders to help test the game. Not an Insider? Not to worry! You can still join our armada of potential testers by signing up today. We’ll be inviting more players as we move forward, so it’s not too late to join.

That’s all for Update 0.1.1. If you want to comment, or if you have questions for the developers, why not get involved on our subreddit or official Forums? You can also join us on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Our team is actively engaged in these communities, so join us there! We do come bearing GIFs, after all.

Until next time!