Inn-side Story Video #8 - Imagining Islands

Immerse yourself in the art of Sea of Thieves' islands!

Two weeks have sailed right by and it's time again for us to pile into the tavern and catch up with a pair of our plunderin' pirates! The last time we met up with a duo of devs, they were Artists assembling A World In Motion. If you didn't get to feast your eyes on all the picturesque places in that vid, we'd suggest turning back and watching it before jumping into our latest outing.

This week, we're keeping our eyes locked on our Art team's awe-inspiring abilities in a new Inn-side Story instalment! Watch as Darren (Level Art Lead) and Joachim (Environment Artist) walk us through the making of our memorable islands and give glimpses into the lush landscapes you'll explore in Sea of Thieves...

Sea of Thieves Inn-side Story #8 - Imagining Islands

Duration 2:57

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