Anniversary Preview Stream Spectacular!

See all the footage you might have missed on the road to our Anniversary Update...

Sea of Thieves' momentous Anniversary Update is almost upon us! If you've been adrift in a Rowboat for the last few weeks, giving Skeleton Ships the slip and making yourself scarce when Megalodons came sniffing, you may not even be aware that we've been building up to the game's biggest update so far with a series of special Anniversary Preview streams.

Over the course of three weeks we've dedicated a stream each to The Arena, The Hunter's Call and Tall Tales – Shores of Gold, each one debuting an official trailer and Behind the Scenes developer interrogations to shed light on how and why these updates came together. Beginning with The Arena...

Official Sea of Thieves Content Update: The Arena

Duration 2:17

The Arena is the new competitive mode coming to Sea of Thieves, hosted by a new Trading Company, the feisty Sea Dogs. It'll sit side by side with Adventure, the Sea of Thieves experience you already know so well (which receives its own major additions in the Anniversary Update – more on those later).

If you missed it, catch up on our extremely purple Anniversary Preview stream for The Arena right here. The Content Update trailer can be seen above and there were also two new Behind the Scenes videos: one on Creating The Arena, the other on Expanded Ship Damage, another feature coming in the Anniversary Update.

Fast forward one week from there and it was time to tackle The Hunter's Call...

Official Sea of Thieves Content Update: The Hunter's Call

Duration 3:12

The Hunter's Call is the name of another new Trading Company, this one established by fan favourite Merrick who first showed up missing some body parts during the events of The Hungering Deep. The top priorities of Merrick's little family business are fishing, hunting and cooking – all features that are, by happy coincidence, coming to Sea of Thieves in the Anniversary Update.

Watch the full-length stream here! It includes Behind the Scenes videos on The Hunter's Call Trading Company itself, and the incoming harpoon gun that can be deployed while hunting, integrated into combat tactics in The Arena or used for any number of other scurrilous pirate shenanigans.

For our third and final Anniversary Preview stream, we delved deep into Tall Tales – Shores of Gold...

Official Sea of Thieves: Tall Tales - Shores of Gold Cinematic Trailer

Duration 1:50

As you can see, no Content Update for this one as we want you to discover the twists and turns of the story for yourself, but we did release a Cinematic Trailer which hopefully you'll agree ranks among Sea of Thieves' most goosebump-raising to date. The search for that lost island beyond the Devil's Shroud is destined to be an epic one.

Settle in for the full Shores of Gold Preview stream right here, or go straight for the core info in our Behind the Scenes videos on the thinking behind Tall Tales and the introduction of traps to those twisty tunnels you might otherwise go scampering through without a care in the world.

So to summarise, what have you got to look forward to in the very near future? Competitive crew-versus-crew action in The Arena. Long-awaited fishing and cooking mechanics in The Hunter's Call. Fantastical story-driven adventure in Tall Tales – Shores of Gold. All included in the Anniversary Update and all coming to Sea of Thieves at no extra cost on April 30th. Brace yourselves for a content drop of colossal proportions!

Official Sea of Thieves Anniversary Update Announce Trailer

Duration 0:58