Celebrate Five Million Sea of Thieves Sales on Steam

Another gift up for grabs to mark more PC-playing pirates taking to the seas!

Even as we finish celebrating the grand milestone of 25 million Sea of Thieves players, we’re already rolling out the barrel again as we surpass five million units sold on Steam! With Sea of Thieves being our first game developed in-house for PC as well as Xbox, we’re absolutely delighted to see such a huge influx of new pirates starting their adventures since the game made it to Steam in June last year. No matter which platform you play Sea of Thieves on, it would never have had this success without the support of you, the players – so all we can say is thank you!

We’re overjoyed to see more and more players – regardless of platform, device or where they are in the world – joining us on our pirate odyssey and making the Sea of Thieves an ever more vibrant place. On Steam alone, our thriving community now features over 10,000 discussions, thousands of people seeking others to sail with and close to 500 guides written by you, the players.

We’re also especially pleased with the growth of spaces like our official Discord server, which is nearing 300,000 members! If you’re ever looking for fellow crewmates to sail with, lore specialists to muse on your theories or simply a place to hang out, these are welcoming spaces for pirates of all stripes.

As we’re never ones to shy away from a celebration, we’re marking this latest milestone of five million Steam sales with a special gift for the whole community over the next week. All you have to do is jump in and play Sea of Thieves at any time between December 22nd at 14:00 and December 29th at 23:59 (times in GMT), and you’ll receive the All Together Now! Emote for free. Great for keeping the band on beat when you’re out carolling!

If you’ve yet to take the plunge and join us on the seas, you’re in luck as we’re also part of this year’s Steam Winter Sale – perfect for sailors looking to snag a festive bargain.

Whether you’re a console corsair or a Steamboat sailor, there’s plenty coming over the horizon for Sea of Thieves. To see what new features we’ve added to the game in the last 18 months, check out our celebratory Xbox Wire post listing off 25 new things to try. And for incoming updates, keep your spyglasses trained on our collection of social channels: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, TikTok and the official Forums and Discord server.

Another hearty thank you from all of us on the Sea of Thieves team for helping the game and its community reach this milestone, and we hope to see you on the seas soon!