Presenting... The Art of Sea of Thieves

Never-before-seen artwork from Rare in a gorgeous hardback volume!

Every self-respecting pirate wants to cram their cabin with as many treasures as possible, and that includes adorning a bookshelf or two with top-quality tomes for leisurely perusal. That's why we're thrilled to announce The Art of Sea of Thieves, Rare's first foray into this world of print media alongside the veteran crew at Dark Horse. As the name suggests, it's a book bursting with artwork that ranges from concept sketches to full-colour illustrations, paired with notes and commentary from the team.

As you'll have seen from our regular Behind the Scenes, Developer Update and Inn-side Story videos, it's been our goal all along to keep the development of Sea of Thieves as open and transparent as possible. As such, The Art of Sea of Thieves is much more than a collection of in-game characters and places. It's also a chronicle of Rare's creative process, from those very first days as our art team explored and refined ideas through to final polished pieces.

Just one of many handsome spreads detailing things that were, are or may yet be...

Pirates and plunder, shipwrecks and sharks – you'll find them all inside, and while not all of the hundreds of imaginative works showcased in the book will appear in-game, we're confident that you'll gain a unique insight into how we've gone about crafting the Sea of Thieves world.

The Art of Sea of Thieves is now available to pre-order, so make sure to snag yourself a copy before some other roguish reader makes off with them all. And if you'd like to learn more, why not check out Dark Horse's press release over on their paper-packed blog? Tell them we sent you.

  • Dark Horse and Rare Set Sail with "The Art of Sea of Thieves"