Yet another post about Blunderbuss, & 1 shot mechanics

  • All the way back in 2019, Rare removed/fixed the DG quick swap saying "We do not want a 1 shot mechanic in our game" and yet... Here we are almost 2 years later with blundy being the best main weapon in the game.
    Rare 2019 Update Video, about DG & 1 shot mechanic

    DROP THE DAMAGE TO: 90%, still scary in boarding, helps new players, removes 1 shot bs.
    There is no skill in a 1 shot or as many claim good way to evade a 1 shot by "just dodging & using blunderbombs lm@0 u bad git gud", it does not help new players as many claim. Hard truth but sadly new players wont be winning those pvp fights against experienced players in any situation even if they use the blunder. And can you guess what those sweat-lords are gonna be using to spawn camp said noobs?

    The Blunderbuss

    New players don't have the situational awareness to save them from more experienced pirates far before the ships have even gotten within canon range. Noobs upon getting ambushed currently have to deal with (X) amount of players on their ship who can & will 1 shot them back to the ferryman every single time they respawn. Until they scuttle/sink or quit the game to never return.
    1 shot mechanics do not help any player & only the players who abuse said mechanic don't want it removed & cry about "but! but! but! it helps muh new players!".
    You know what weapon combo I see 99% of NEW PLAYERS using.
    Sword+Flintlock ! Not Blunderbuss, not Eye of Reach.

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  • another "no skill" post

    I'm all sorts of terrible with a blunder which is why I never use it other than for boss fights and even then I'm unhappy about it, it's just necessary

    I don't have a problem with how the weapons are I only have an issue with how inconsistent the servers are during combat

  • @scages101
    Most of my frustration, and probably most people's frustration with any combat in Sea of Thieves is server instability. The more stable hitreg is, the better the weapons will fit in their desired niche.
    I really hate getting one-shotted, but I think it's less of a problem with the weapon and more of a problem with hitreg.
    When hitreg is in a better place Rare can take a closer look at what should be changed. Realistically, their staff testing servers have no hitreg stemming from server instability, so it's very possible that all weapons are balanced the way Rare wants them.

    Personally, I get out of getting hit by blunders often by doing my sword dodge at just the right moment.

  • Yet another post about Blunderbuss, & 1 shot mechanics

    So you basically admitted to making a post about a topic where another post covering it already exists? You could have just contributed to that, you know?

  • What's the point of a shotgun that doesn't oneshot at close range? At that point just quickscope with the EoR.

  • it’s simply a difference in skill

  • @realstyli said in Yet another post about Blunderbuss, & 1 shot mechanics:

    Yet another post about Blunderbuss, & 1 shot mechanics

    So you basically admitted to making a post about a topic where another post covering it already exists? You could have just contributed to that, you know?

    Nerf bluderbuss post are like Ice Zone suggestion threads.

    Sometimes you engage, sometimes you pass.

    This thread has ButteryBarnacls eyeroll post, echoing my sentiment.

  • @grumpyw01f Sadly IMO, Hit reg will never be fixed its gonna be an issue forever, they could "repair" it to like it was during December 2020 FOG update, but I will say 1 shots would be even worse if it was fixed to what everyone wants it to be. Ive been denied so many times myself with the reg on blunder to know that if hitreg was better it would be so much more beyond broken. (as it was during my experience with updates like FOG & right after the anniversary update with that little band-aid update they did)

    I know how to escape the shotgungods, I made this post to illustrate the dumb excuse I hear the blundy-lords using in defense of their precocious weapon "muh new players need it bcuz skill gap but btw there no skill gap lol" argument is beyond wrong and frustrating because this game's pvp would be so much better with a simple tweak to weapon dmg

  • @realstyli I could also contribute to the (X) amount of other posts made about the same topic. I have, I made this as well to add to the discussion. lm@0

  • @butterybarnacls

  • @wolfmanbush Hit reg wont be fixed ever, it can be tweaked so its better but its gonna be a permanent problem. Its a console & PC MMO open world sandbox. Its gonna have massive hit reg problems

    • I see you all over the forums using the exact "its not broke, muh new players need it, I don't abuse it I swear" argument as I con vied in my post.
      Even if you don't abuse it, (which I doubt since everyone who knows anything about pvp do). I abuse the absolute hell outta blunder, blunder+sword v brig is disgustingly OP against most crews excluding the hyper sweat DG tuckies, where you need to just naval instead of fulfilling their Pace22 fantasies.
      Blunder is broken, Rare themselves have said they don't want 1 shots, its hypocritical to keep it in the game unless they wanna go back and undo DG quick swap.
  • @mferr11 ok? Why cant I double gun you with pistol sniper instantly anymore? Whats the point of removing that? oh I know because it was overpowered.
    who cares if its a shotgun, RARE has said they don't want a 1 shot mechanic in SOT. that's why they removed DG quick swap, plus I know for a fact that if I survive the 1 blunder which normally leaves me around 10%-25% HP I retreat & try to heal up giving the attacker/defender an advantage against me which is what the blunder should be doing INSTEAD of 1 shotting.

  • @j0sh-bones it really isn't, just look at any of the pvp streamers & their crews. Or the majority of the pvp sweat community

    What do they swap to when they want to try hard & win against a competent crew.
    Blundy+EOR or Blunder+sword

  • @scages101 The "give it a straight up nerf" idea is a bit unimaginative. Maybe giving it a wider spread so it is harder to oneshot while bumping up how far it knocks players back? Given its limitations i don't think it deserves a straight up nerf.

  • @scages101 sweat? you mean good. they equip the blundie for mainly 2 reasons: the sh*tty pistol reg and the sword lord enemies.

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