[Mega Thread] Update 2.0.16 - Haunted Shores Discussion / Feedback

  • Haunted Shores is live, and this update marks the introduction of a new emergent threat poised to terrorise pirates across the Sea of Thieves - Ghost Ships!

    Our June update also brings various gameplay improvements, fixes, new Pirate Emporium stock and more.

    See below for the new trailer and latest patch notes!

    Haunted Shores: Official Sea of Thieves Content Update

    The latest release notes can be found here once available: https://www.seaofthieves.com/release-notes/2.0.16

    This topic has been set up to provide feedback on the new features, updates and activities that update 2.0.16 brings.

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  • I think the ghost ships are far too easy to defeat if you have a galleon. You only need to drive in a circle and hit well. Ghost ships should change direction and sometimes chase you.

  • @takuboto nothing said in fixed issues, or in known issues about the presents of ashen key masters, or about getting only riddle maps from emergent skellies

  • As mentioned elsewhere and seen on Steam forums, if you switch out of the game for some reason with alt+tab or Windows key, the game freezes for a few seconds and again when switching back to it.

    That is not only annoying or distracting, it can lead to a disconnect from the server. That takes away a lot of appeal of the game, especially because of the talk about fixing problems or quality of life updates, of which I only got a messed-up compass, a problematic ladder on the sloop and now a problematic alt+tab and Windows key functionality.

    Oh, and of course the remaining ideas and changes were almost nice.

  • We defeated the Burning Blade, and as soon as we did it we had an automatic server migration before we could get the loot on the ship. All the loot was lost.

    Seriously, this needs to be fixed!

  • @inkar-agobi said in [Mega Thread] Update 2.0.16 - Haunted Shores Discussion / Feedback:

    We defeated the Burning Blade, and as soon as we did it we had an automatic server migration before we could get the loot on the ship. All the loot was lost.

    Seriously, this needs to be fixed!

    same thing happened to us too.

  • Please switch back how the mouse works in barrels or allow us to toggle it. It makes me not want to play the game. It is so hard to stock up the ship.

  • I'll start with saying, I love the new songs/shanties added to the game! I've been waiting ever since the beta for new songs to make their way into the game. However, I will say I find it a little weird, and maybe find myself a little disappointed that "drunken sailor" which can be heard playing by the grog chest wasn't added, and neither the Pirate Legend (PL) song needed to enter the hideout.

    I would love to see these added to the game, either "for free" like the new ones, or maybe through unlocks. "You have to play pirate legend song/enter the pirate legend hideout X amount of times" before you unlock it, or "sell x of something while pirate legend" to unlock it. Or maybe just be able to buy it in the PL store. And maybe something similar for Drunken Sailor.

    I don't see why these couldn't be added into the game. The PL song already has "full support" in the way that all the instruments can already play it. I'd understand it if it wasn't added to the shanty wheel to censor it for newer players, but PLs can bring new and veteran players into Athena quests. Drunken sailor obviously requires more work to get into the game, but it's technically already in the game with the grog chest. Unless there's some copyright for the song I'm not aware of I don't see why this song couldn't make it in either. Especially since players have heard these songs for a long time, I think they'd be a great addition for the wheel. Especially when drunken sailor is such an upbeat and fun song.

  • Awesome. I just got back after a 2 year break due to Grad School. I am so stoked to load back into the Sea and play with friends in this expansion.

  • @rackthor Welcome back to the seas mate!
    alt text

  • This GPU usage drop when tabbing in and out of the game is driving me absolutely nuts. It used to drop a little before the update but never to the point of completely freezing up for a full second.

  • Love:

    • Ghost ship battles (reminds me of when skelly fleets first came in)
    • New shanties and being able to select them
    • Harpoon retraction speed


    • Being stuck on black loading screens for ages after taking mermaids
    • Quests in the item radial (yes, I immediately remapped it back to the old layout)
    • Server merges happening far too often
  • During the new Flameheart encounter, my crew experienced abnormally long black screens when taking a mermaid back to the ship or coming back from the ferry of the damned.

    We also encountered a Skeleton Galleon and a Megalodon during the Flameheart encounter. Both the skeleton galleon and the megalodon began attacking the player ships in the area.

  • Ahoy! So far the update is very fun and not too buggy, however there are some issues:

    • Black Screen: while fighting the ghost ships, using a mermaid or coming back from the Ferry can make you stuck in a endless black screen. Closing the game and rejoining doesn't work either. You need your mate to sail away from the battle to join.
    • Ashen Key Masters: since the Lost Treasures update, I only find Ashen Guardians and Emergent Captains that always drop riddles. Please, revert to the previous state, where Key Masters and Captains found in small island dropped X marks the spot maps.
    • Emissary grade: is inconsistent. Killing captains doesn't raise your grade up for MA, HG and RP (might be intended for the last one).
    • Audio hint: when you hit a player's ship with a cannon ball, the audio hint is missing.
    • New radial system: Don't know why but the lastest "improvements" made to the UI of the game are way too bad. First, the size of the text and now this. It's a mess and you spend a lot of time finding the things you want to say.
    • New ledger UI: I like to see my most close opponents, however I find the previous ledger more intuitive, it gave you a overall picture of all the ranking, as it is shown on the website. I'd would like being able to see both.
    • Sloop gaps: you can slip over the gunwale in the sloop if you get too close to the ladder and the harpoon, making awkward every time you get close to the harpoon to grab the items, or making you stand floating by the ladder.

    I have some suggestions, and I think this is the best place to put them:

    • What's New: whenever you update the game, add a link to the Content Update video and the Patch Notes in the What's new section on the main menu, as well as the followings: Event Hub and Emissarie Ledgers. Or add a botton to acess all your social media on the bottom of the screen.
    • Bilge Rats commendations: add doubloon rewards back to the older events (Cursed Sails, Sunken Curse, Explosive skeleton and Skeleton Thrones). Since it's too easy to get doubloons nowadays, commendations that don't reward you anything, make no sense at all. This will encourage new players to explore the world.
    • Oufits: this is a very requested feature. Add the hability to save your outtit in the Costume section under a name, the same way we rename the pets. This will include eyepatch, hook and pegleg. The same for the ships.
    • Shrouded Ghost ship set: in the next Pirate Emporium!
  • Ghost Ship voyages at level 75 and The Fleet event are still way too easy for an experienced crew. I've now completed the voyages and the fleet on all ship classes. It's entirely non threatening and too easy. Visually however it is excellent but rarely are we ever in danger. Brig was the only ship that was even remotely a challenge and mostly due to lack of cover and running out of food. I'd like to see the ships maybe get a little bit more maneuverability. Not Skelly galleon tom foolery, but maybe a little bit of counter steering and deviation from their circular path. Also the accuracy at range got toned down way too much. They can barely hit us even if I do mess up and give them a broadside or get caught on the inside of their formation. Overall it feels like a great learning experience for new crews to be able to practice combat sailing and landing cannon shots which I think is a wonderful step in the right direction. I'd just prefer that at least the level 75 OoS Voyages just be somewhat lethal. Like maybe sink my ship instead of give me more planks than I know what to do with.

  • My ship shouldn't respawn on the other side of the map if I die in the new Order of Souls Ghost Ship quest. I understand why the mechanic is there for pvp but it's horrible in this context. I have no desire to spend 15 mins sailing back to the area with the ghost ships again. I just spent 30 minutes fighting ghost ships in my solo sloop near Kraken's Fall, ended up having my ship sunk near the end and was respawned over on Golden Sands. Yeah, that's a no go for me. Quit - Leave Game. Meh.

  • Ahoy, just one little gripe from today's sailing adventure. Skeleton Ships and other world based threats like the Meg shouldn't spawn on you if you are in the middle of a Ghost Ship fight. We we're doing fine until we had a Skeleton Galleon Spawn on our Brig right as the fight switched to the final wave. We were overwhelmed by the combined firepower from the formation and Skeleton Ship.

  • @dardanostv That is unfortunate, my friends and I were ambushed by a skelly galleon towards the end of a lvl 75 voyage and it actually sank the captain for us. Was pretty funny. I'm wondering if it's because we only hit it with the new Phantom Balls and Wraith Balls.

  • Why is Fort Nights removed and could you pls add an event countdown at your website, becouse to calculate the correct time for the correct timezone is really annoying.
    Ps: Nice Update

  • Loading times are beyond awful

  • I'm loving this update!

  • Awesome update the only gripe i havent found any of the new cannon balls after 6 fleets and the boss

  • Nice update, it kind of reminds me of one of my favourite old school pirate MMO games but takes that and makes it 10x more realistic and better, so nice work. The cutscene when you approach the flame fleet is so nice too. I spotted a couple of things, however:

    1. The menu bug is still there on Windows, we just finished the fleet for the first time yesterday and had a huge haul of loot before TWO of us got menu-bugged. The other guy was on Xbox, I was on PC and we both got stuck on the "ESC" or start menu. Dying didn't fix it, we drowned ourselves, we had to reboot and rejoin. Very very very annoying.
    2. The flame fleet fight sometimes feels a little weird, you can go minutes without them moving towards you or the AI going for you or they'll just move away.
    3. The wind was bugged when I first loaded the update, I couldn't see it.
    4. Difficulty of ghost ships could be upped to take a couple more cannon shots before they die.
  • Please remove this 'improvement' : "Barrel Inventory Mouse Navigation – When using keyboard and mouse, opening a barrel inventory will now reset the mouse cursor to the centre of the screen."

    It's a bad improvement, I always got my mouse at the end of my desk because of this. It's really annoying when we open and close a lot of barrels in a short time.

  • Hi everyone!

    Before I mention anything I really wanna say that I love this game, and the Haunted Shores Update has been FANTASTIC so far. But I've found that the changes to the Map Radial and Messages Radial have been a bit disorienting. Having to hold Q then Press Space Bar feels complex, could it not be returned to it's own key bind? It doesn't necessarily have to be 'E', but I think it would be much easier to access inventory and map items that way. Same with the music radial: having to hold Q to access it feels a bit off, could the Radial simply be accessed by holding R when holding an instrument? Another thing, when an item is being used (i.e. cannons, map table, etc) perhaps when holding 'E' the text options that appear fit to that task. As is, no matter what you are doing, you have to cycle through the radial to get what you need. I feel it would be much easier if the radial presented messages that "fit" to the activity you are currently doing.

    Just a bit of feedback is all. Thank you for all the great work, keep it up :)

  • @guilleont Regarding Emissary Grade - are you referring to the OoS/Duke voyages or the world event? If it's the former, then it should only raise the grade for OoS... which is consistent with how Emissary works with regard to Captains. I can't speak for the World Event - which should raise the Emissary Grade for all factions.

  • @mxstylecanopy I actually like this improvement - since I only use the mouse to select items when I want specific items... otherwise, I'm just using the keyboard and this keeps my mouse cursor from creeping over the incorrect item or near the top or bottom of the screen causing the Windows Menu or Taskbar to pop up. I was having to manually center the mouse every time, and now I don't have to.

  • I'm having issues joining a friend's invitation. After accepting invite and loading into the game, I am put into a session by myself. I have never had this issue prior to today.

  • Anyone else having issues with kegs not exploding when they are near eachother

  • Fishing is broken, I can no longer move my rod up/down/left/right.
    I noticed that the rod movement is now bound to the w/a/s/d keys. I have nothing bound to those keys as I am using the arrow keys.
    Please fix, Thank you.

  • @entspeak dijo en [Mega Thread] Update 2.0.16 - Haunted Shores Discussion / Feedback:

    @guilleont Regarding Emissary Grade - are you referring to the OoS/Duke voyages or the world event? If it's the former, then it should only raise the grade for OoS... which is consistent with how Emissary works with regard to Captains. I can't speak for the World Event - which should raise the Emissary Grade for all factions.

    I'm speaking of Emergent Captains that spawn randomly in the island. In the beginning, killing them raised your grade in all the trading companies. After the Lost Treasures update, it does not.

  • This update is incredible!! However, the black screens after running off the ferry to re-enter the Flameheart fleet is the longest it’s ever been, even for PC players. This is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. There have been a few times that a ship could’ve been easily saved if we weren’t black-screened. Sadly, I feel like the ferry of the damned has run its course. With revive and arena “rebirths” which load you back in instantly, this is what should be happening... which means rewriting & reworking Fate of the Morningstar tall tale launch

  • The Fight against the Flameheart fleet was purely Epic! This Ghost Ships look amazing and the Talk from Flameheart was great! Nice Work Rare! Reminds me to Cursed Sails 2 years Ago :)

  • I haven't seen anyone talk about this, but when I am playing on the steam version every time I tab back in it is basically frozen for several seconds, before I can input actions again. This has only started to happen after the update. I also was unable to join friends, it showed that I was joining their crew, but the game I loaded into was an entirely separate server.

    • When you try to get a mermaid, or you die, during the new Ghost ship events, you are met with a black loading screen until your boat sinks/respawns. Only happens within the Event circle..
    • Also, the mouse cursor resetting to center is SO annoying, can we make this an option?
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