A World of Exploration

Raising the Sails

Before leaving the island where your legend begins, you and your crew will need to learn the art of sailing – or at least get confident enough to make each journey a pleasure rather than an undignified series of near-collisions. Crews need to cover steering, navigating, setting the sails and maintaining battle readiness, along with repairing and bailing if things don't go to plan. Successful pirates tend to pick up the basics very quickly...

Fantastic Voyages

Riches await you all across the Sea of Thieves, from The Shores of Plenty to The Devil's Roar. But the finest spoils aren't just found out in the open. Pinpointing hidden loot requires a map, a compass, good instincts and a generous disregard for danger. You can of course roam free with no fixed goals, but each treasure you track by map triggers a Voyage that could sweep you away to search for lost landmarks or tease out the truth from curious riddle clues.

Supplies on the Side

As you'd expect from a world that attracts fortune-seekers in such numbers, the Sea of Thieves sings with secrets and covert stashes. Venture off the beaten path in search of food and wood, precious relics, cannonballs (Cursed or otherwise) and wild animals to fill Merchant quotas. At sea, watch for seagulls flocking over sunken wrecks and you could recover beautiful, barnacled chests of gold that went down with their luckless owners.

Supplies on the Side