Sea of Thieves Season 11: Official Content Update Video

Durée 7:17

Game Improvements

Easy Anti-Cheat

  • Sea of Thieves is now protected by Easy Anti-Cheat, the industry-leading anti-cheat solution designed by Epic Games to identify and address instances of hacking and cheating in multiplayer games.

  • This anti-cheat solution will be updated outside of Sea of Thieves’ regular update schedule to keep in sync with cheat developers.


Safer Seas Solo Play

  • Players who own a copy of Sea of Thieves are now able to experience Safer Seas solo without needing an Xbox Game Pass Core or Ultimate subscription.

  • While this addition introduces a truly single-player experience without a subscription for the first time in Sea of Thieves, this is not an offline experience and is still connected to servers hosted in the cloud.

Virtual Keyboard Support

  • Players summoning the Virtual Keyboard inside the game will now find that a range of new languages are supported: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Korean and Russian.

Message of the Day

  • Players will now experience a Message of the Day when arriving in the front end menu, highlighting current Season features, upcoming content and other exciting news within the world of Sea of Thieves.

Adventures Tab

  • The Adventures tab has been hidden from the Quick Menu for a more streamlined navigation experience.

Report a Player

  • The in-game Report a Player tool has now been extended, providing players with easy access to a web-based route for making a more detailed report through the Sea of Thieves Support site.

GDK Integration

  • While players on console and the Microsoft Store will experience another large download this month, regular game updates moving forwards will now be considerably smaller.

Pirate Emporium

Show off your personal style with purchases from the Pirate Emporium! Pick up exclusive cosmetics such as ship liveries, costumes, weapons, pets and emotes using your Ancient Coins, purchasable with real money. Head to the Pirate Emporium page to browse and buy the latest additions!

New Items – Now in Stock!

  • Stone Islehopper Outlaw Ship Collection

  • Stone Islehopper Outlaw Weapon Bundle

  • Stone Islehopper Outlaw Costume

  • Stone Islehopper Outlaw Banjo

  • Roaring Grog Emote Bundle

  • Gold Curse Whippet

  • Spartan Ship Collection (returning from time-limited promotion)

  • Ravenwood Costume Set (returning from Season Eight Plunder Pass) 

  • Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life Big Bundles

  • Blow Bubbles Emote (free!)

Introducing the Classics Range

  • A range of older ship collections are moving into a Classics range within the Emporium, and will be permanently reduced in price. Further sets will be added to the range in future after being available in the game for a number of years.

  • The Classics range currently includes 15 fan-favourite ship sets including the Cutthroat, Sea of Sands and Bear & Bird collections.

Outpost Cosmetics

New Outpost Stock!

  • The Outpost shipwrights have received a new shipment of items from the Maestro set. Players are now able to purchase Maestro ship parts after unlocking The Artistic Souls Commendation.

  • The Outpost shops now offer items from the Flourishing Wild Rose set, with ship parts along with the Heavy Sword and Rapier available after unlocking the Always Yours Commendation.

  • For those wishing to collect further items from the Wild Rose and Thriving Wild Rose sets, the Heavy Swords and Rapiers are now available after unlocking the Always Yours Commendation.

  • The Outpost clothing shops also offer a range of new beards and hairstyles, with the Wild Rose Waxed Hair, Floral Hair and Beard along with the windswept Sweeping Hair.

Fixed Issues


  • Crews diving to an experience or Faction battle and surfacing alongside another ship should no longer encounter issues where items on board their ship become non-interactable.

  • After losing a battle with an emergent Skeleton Ship or Megalodon, players will now receive a longer rest period before being attacked again.

  • The frequency of sharks appearing when players set foot in the water has now returned to normal levels.

  • Improved directional stick input detection on controllers and returned dead zone and response curve controls.

  • Console players can once again use a mouse and keyboard with full compatibility.

  • Sailor’s Knot Stronghold becoming a Skeleton Fort or Fort of Fortune encounter will now consistently be defended by skeletons.

  • Buried treasure will no longer migrate with the crew across servers.

  • Players will no longer find treasure from a Sea Fort or Siren Shrine reappears after leaving and returning to a cleared area.

  • Diving to an Athena’s Fortune Ashen Lord encounter will now consistently reward players with Athena’s Fortune treasure.

  • The correct treasure will now be dropped from ships on Skeleton Fleet Voyages and after defeating an Athena’s Fortune Ashen Lord.

  • Players can no longer use a Storage Crate to generate additional resources from their ship barrels.

  • Players should now consistently have access to their earned Guild cosmetics.

  • The Gold Hoarders Vault Voyage has been updated to prevent players from predicting the location of the treasure.

  • All Raid Voyage Commendations now unlock consistently for the relevant Trading Companies on completion.

  • The Pirate Lord will now be present at the end of the Order of Souls Trading Company tutorial.

  • The first session tutorial will now show for all new players, but will be stopped once a player has interacted with the Quest Table or proposed a Voyage.

  • Players are now able to interact with the shipwright when docked at the Sovereigns’ tent on Sanctuary Outpost.

  • Quest notes will now be removed from a player’s inventory at the correct time after completing a Coral Message in a Bottle Voyage.

  • Ammo Pouches left on board a sinking Skeleton Ship will now sink with the ship.

  • Selling Dark Relics will now progress the Treasures Sold to the Order of Souls Captaincy Milestone.

  • The Shrouded Ghost Figurehead will now be unlocked consistently when players have completed the Hunter of the Shrouded Ghost Commendation.

  • Phantoms should now be able to hit stationary players with their lunging attack.

  • Using the harpoon to bring treasure aboard during the Gold Hoarders tutorial will now continue to progress the Voyage.

  • Two players performing the Make Friends Emote together will now summon the Add Friends menu as intended.


  • Players will no longer find themselves being transported back to their ship when navigating around The Reaper’s Lair.

  • Players will no longer find themselves becoming stuck in the rocks beneath the Glorious Sea Dog Tavern.

  • Players will no longer find themselves falling through the environment when swimming near the pier at the Fort of the Damned.

  • Environment textures are now displayed correctly at Devil’s Ridge.

  • Players will no longer be able to swim in areas that do not contain water inside the Shrine of Ocean’s Fortune.

  • ‘Captains of the Damned’ – Players will now consistently reappear in the correct place aboard the Silver Blade after returning from the Ferry of the Damned.

  • ‘Captains of the Damned’ – Tree foliage is no longer visible in the sky within the bayou.

  • ‘A Pirate’s Life’ – Plants will no longer appear distorted when viewed from a distance.

User Interface

  • The notification for a ship taking damage will no longer remain on screen after players have repaired the ship.

  • A new tutorial notification has been added, prompting players to go to their Quest Table to access newly unlocked Voyages after claiming a relevant Trading Company promotion.

  • Players are now consistently able to rename their ship without seeing an error message.

  • When players unlock The Mysteries of the Sunken Kingdom Commendation, the notification now shows the correct place to purchase the quest from in future.

  • Completing the Merchant Alliance tutorial no longer displays a banner about a lost Chicken Coop.

  • Players can now left-click on the Discover panel to access the corresponding menu location.

  • Promotion certificates have received a visual upgrade, fixing some text size and overlap issues and including glowing animations.

  • All Commendation notification backgrounds are now themed to the appropriate Trading Company.

  • When a Tall Tale is proposed on the Quest Table, the info card has been given an improved layout and now shows checkpoint status. This UI is also shown when interacting with a Tall Tale Quest Book in the world.

  • Players diving to a Siren Shrine on behalf of the Order of Souls or Merchant Alliance will no longer see Gold Hoarder-themed imagery when taking gold from Collector’s Chests.

  • When playing on Xbox Series X with a 120Hz Screen that either does not support HDR or HDR has been disabled, the Game Settings menu no longer shows HDR Brightness and Contrast settings.

  • The Quest Table will now update to show Liked Voyages after being liked.

  • The prompt to use the Quest Table is no longer visible when a Voyage is active.

Visual and Audio

  • Players should now consistently see their ship name adorning their Ship’s Crest when joining a session.

  • Lost Shipments Voyage maps will no longer appear with black squares over island icons.

  • Phantoms performing their teleport attack will now be visible as they prepare to attack.

  • Phantoms performing their lunge attack will now appear to travel smoothly towards the player.

  • Skeletons should always flinch when successfully hit by a sword.

  • Continuously heavy striking a Skeleton Captain will now cause it to visually stumble backwards each time without sliding.

  • Players who have migrated across servers should no longer appear on fire to other players on occasion.

  • Flags on Sea Forts have now returned to their original colours.

  • The lighting effect for objects viewed underwater will now appear correctly when these objects are positioned between the player and the shimmering effect of a Shrine.

  • The Quest Table on rival ships will now appear correctly during an Hourglass battle.

  • The Pirate Lord will now appear correctly when walking in on the outro cutscenes in Trading Company tutorials. 

  • Players of all different sizes will now sit comfortably on the back of a Sloop without floating.

  • Pirates’ fingers will no longer appear to merge into the strings of the Reaper’s Heart Banjo.

  • Repeatedly aiming down sights on certain Eye of Reach models will no longer cause the top of the screen to flicker.

  • The Reaper’s Heart Tankard contents will no longer appear to drain before players have finished drinking.

  • Skulls, Vault Keys and Collector’s Chests buried in the caves of Smugglers’ Bay will now be correctly marked on treasure maps.

  • The art on the splash screens has now been updated to the Season 11 artwork.

  • The Ragamuffin Outfit of the Wailing Barnacle no longer causes the cat’s chin to merge into its body when held by a player.

  • Pirates with larger body types will no longer appear to merge into the environment when using outdoor sitting spots.

  • The flag used to show a Fort is active will now be displayed at a greater distance.

  • The Crab Ocean Crawler now turns at the correct speed and animates more smoothly as a result.

  • Messages in a Bottle now appear with the correct glint effect when viewed from a distance.

  • The Capsize Charters tent is now present on buried treasure maps.

  • The Maestro Banjo icon has been resized so that the item is no longer cut off at the top.

  • Chest keys will no longer appear to sink into players’ hands.

  • The Reaper’s Heart Equipment Bundle now appears with the correct artwork.

  • Jumping while holding a fishing rod will no longer cause the player to appear incorrectly when viewed by others.

Text and Localisation

  • Notifications shown when attempting to sell an item to the wrong character will now always direct them to the right character.

  • Larinna’s dialogue no longer refers to buying Voyages from Trading Company representatives.

  • Merchant Crates all now have consistent naming.

  • ‘A Pirate’s Life’ – The Cursed Captain’s name is now shown in the subtitles when speaking during chess game interactions.

  • ‘Wild Rose’ – Madame Olive’s subtitles are now showing fully during the Tale.

  • ‘The Legendary Storyteller’ – Instances of overlapping text in the Tall Tale Quest Book have been addressed in non-English languages.

  • ‘The Legendary Storyteller’ – German localisation within the Quest Book is now shown correctly.

Performance and Stability

  • Improved game stability to reduce scenarios where players experience an unexpected exit from the game or become disconnected from their session.

  • Xbox Series S players losing an Hourglass battle will no longer experience an extended black screen when migrating to their new server.

  • Ongoing improvements made to client and server performance, reducing the frequency of high ping spikes, desync and rubberbanding while playing.

  • Improved Steam client stability when playing on Custom Servers.

Known Issues

To learn more about known issues in Sea of Thieves currently being tracked and their status, head over to our Known Issues support site article.

Download and Installation

Download size:

Xbox Series X: 45.47 GB
Xbox Series S: 35.25 GB
Xbox One X: 45.47 GB
Xbox One: 35.25 GB
Microsoft Store: 100.1 GB
Steam: 3.86 GB