Flameheart’s makeshift fort ADVENTURE IDEA (New Novel Spoilers)

  • I recently read the new Heart of Fire novel, and came up with an idea that would change how events work in the game.

    Flameheart’s Fort:

    *Massive orange Flamheart insignia in the sky to call over other players to help

    *Built in game as described in the book. “Made of the parts of other ships”

    • The fort will be a new location on the map that will push players beyond their limits.

    The fort’s outer walls will work similar to the LoTV forts. Although while you are breaking down the walls Flameheart’s soldiers are cannons to keep you back.

    After breaking down the walls, you will enter a shipyard in the fortress with skeletons guarding the docks, with shattered hulls and masts of ships floating in the water. Captain Grim will be with the skeletons helping defend.

    Once Captain Grim and the skeletons, you and your crew or alliance will have to raise 2 anchors (x2 heavier than galleon) to open the massive doors leading into the stronghold. You will be greeted by even more skeletons.

    The Skeltons are defeated and you see 2 hallways. The left one heads to the dungeon, where Warden Chi is waiting. The right one heads to a great hall, where Red Ruth waits for your arrival. Each Ashen lord inside the fort will drop a key needed to proceed farther into the fort.


    *used to open another door that leads into the throne room of FLAMEHEART himself


    *I can’t exactly think of the attacks he could have, knowing how powerful he actually is in his non-spectral form.

    *4 waves each getter harder than the last

    *Finally help arrives from the Pirate Lord, the crew of the Morningstar, and Pendragon who banish him back to his spectral form after he is almost defeated.

    This new fort will send ashen skeletons captained by Old Horatio to world events, and steal the loot. They will bring the loot back to the makeshift for and deposit loot to entice people to come steal it back if they want event loot.

    THE LOOT IN FORT VAULT will be anything captured from events, and around 270-300k gold worth of loot without an emissary, all being ashen variants of loot already in game.

    Quick thing I would love to see.
    +The more ships that sink before making it into the stronghold, the bigger the fort gets. It would make plenty of sense since the fort does that in the book.

    The final part of this clash with Flameheart’s army would include merchant ships sailing gunpowder mega over, so you can place them around the fort and destroy it once and for all.

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  • We should never have a Flameheart Bossfight. No need to reduce him to a broken AI.

    I would prefer fighting Harkley.

generalcommunityjust for funstory & loreevents
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