• So I finally had my eureka moment as I bedeviled myself with why, despite lore given to us by Rare, the red seas truly exist and why we sink when we get too far into them...

    It's the edge of the world.

    As noted by The Flat Earth Society with dedicated bearing in empirical studies of the flat earth phenomenon, even our real world is merely a disc. So too is it reflected by Rare's comically developed Sea of Thieves game.

    With the shared relationship that the UK based Rare development company has with the flat earth founder Samuel Shenton I.E. his Flat Earth Society in Dover and Rare being in the same time zone.

    Rare clearly is simply sharing science fact by creating a game world which is in itself flat and with deadly borders.

    So what lies beyond the border? None may ever know, neither in game nor in our real world, as the edge of the world is beyond human comprehension at the moment. What can be said is this.. I now understand WHY we have a flat Sea of Thieves.. I can now better understand why my relationship with Rare is important beyond merely being a customer... Rare are our teachers and mentors who aid us in our attempt to better comprehend the real universe in which we live.

    So allow me to share an image we've seen on these forums before but with greater understanding of it's relevance:

    alt text

    THIS is our world today!

  • I think that is pretty difficult to track down ships on a server, just to see if they'll join an alliance. Maybe a way to communicate with other crews in a server without revealing locations would be awesome. Currently joining a clan, or waiting at a skeleton Fort for other ships show up is the best option. slow, and time consuming. It's a trying task with a busy schedule to dedicate so much time. Thoughts?

  • I’m not asking for anything too major, but there’s a lot that could be added as well as use major improvement.

    1. the canons on the islands are ANNOYING!! You nearly sink the ship because you have a canon shooting at you every 5 seconds and you nearly sink the ship trying to find a safe spot. If we could have a fix there, maybe a longer wait time for the canons to fire again, something of the like.

    2. I have seen far too many people using massive and large ships with an extremely tiny crew. The only reason people with small crews (mainly 2 or rarely 3 people) take big ships is to pick on the tiny ships. I’ve seen so many Galleons with crews of not even 3 people who have attacked my Sloop even though I’ve never had any loot. If a crew doesn’t have enough people to run the bigger ship, there should be something that prevents them from taking a larger ship. Minimum 3 for the Brigantine, and minimum 4 or for the Galleon. 1-2 for the Sloop.

    3. I have played solo long enough to know that IT IS ANNOYING when I’m at an outpost and I’m landed in and a ship is attacking mine even though I’m docked and unloaded. If we could perhaps have it so that canons cannot be fired within the vicinity of an Outpost, that would be pretty great! So then the crews don't end up being cowards and staying on their ship while the one they’re attacking sinks.

    4. I honestly don’t understand why we can’t run with chests, skulls and other sellable items. It becomes frustrating when you’re in a rush to get things unloaded before you’re attacked or under threat. And it’s also annoying when you can’t run with items but AI’s can. If we could maybe have a sprinting ability when carrying the sellable items or maybe even having a bit of better speed, that would be awesome!

    5. a) It is rather frustrating to only have a few bullets for the guns. If I’m running away from a skeleton with Gunpowder or trying to get a Soul Voyage done, and I run out of bullets, I immediately am in danger and I literally have to run back to my shop to stock back up. It’s espexially frustrating with the Gunpowder skeletons. - b) speaking of which, if the gunpowder skeletons could be worked on as well, that’d be splendid! They are able to run quickly and no matter how fast you run they’re always able to catch up to you and ether damage you severely or kill you. If they could have a damage nerf or speed nerf that’d be splendid!

    Thanks for reading and I hope that my feedback helps or is at least good in quality! -K.

  • Despite playing this game quite a bit, I experienced this for the first time yesterday
    I was on a server with a buddy, we were stocking up for a skeleton ship mission
    Then a galleon came over and asked for our boat. I was like what do you mean you want our boat!? :)

    What this means is they ask one of your boat players to leave the game, and then ask you to invite one of their friends to your boat. Then your buddy leaves and leaves another open slot and effectively they then have 2 boats on that server. They then repeat for every boat they find, so after a few hours they own most of the boats on the server.

    This way they effectively can get all the boats on that server, they alliance up and then they do athena / quests and quickly rank up. Effectively cheating the system.

    Why is this an issue?
    a) Well its effectively a form of cheating
    b) By the time they got to us they effectively already had 4 boats with their players on, none of the boats they hijacked / owned already wanted to do skeleton ship missions, so for us continuing as a small solo sloop on that server, would have been pointless, so we wasted 30mins collecting gear! Yes we could have refused and just left but chances are they would attack us or if we left the new people coming into the same server would be presented with same scenario. I heard sometimes the people wanting to "buy your boat" may offer chests / skulls to make it worth your while.

    My suggestion is that rare do some checks / trend analysis of logged in player names/tags, to see when the same 4+ players/gamer tags are constantly on the same server / alliances and warn those players / threaten to demote etc. Or look at this in combination with players ranking up too quickly via this method to highlight them, warn, ban / demote. Whats peoples views on this? Appreciate some people find it hard enough to get some time on the game, let alone co-ordinate some big server take over! But when it does happen leaves a sour taste.

  • What are Rare's plans for this revolution in game rendering? Will they alter Sea of Thieves to use this new technology?
    What do you think? Will you get one of the new cards?

  • OoS

    Ahoy there!

    As the title suggested, I wanted to collect suggestions to spice up Order of Souls voyages with new or altered voyage types or mechanisms. If you have any feedback or ideas, let me know in a post below and I'll try to update this (and give credit) accordingly.

    For suggestions on the other two factions check here:
    Merchant Alliance voyage suggestions
    Gold Hoarders voyage suggestions

    Following a cursed Compass (Voyage mechanism) (Suggestion by @Hynieth)

    After you accept a voyage your crews compasses will become cursed and the North arrow will point towards a location where you have to go for your voyage. At the specified location you'll have to fight skeletons, retrieve an object, sink a skeleton ship or retrieve an object from a skeleton ship :) Your ships compass will remain uncursed so you can still use that to navigate the waters.

    Research the unknown, banish the corruption (New enemy types) (Suggestion by @Admiral-RRRSole)

    While skeletons are to be found on almost any island, there are more threats that endanger this world. Pirate tales speak of crewmembers being pulled under by sirens, sightings of pirate ghosts that are not the friendly kind as those in the Pirate Legend Hideout, crazed pirates that have been dabbling too much in the old curses and corrupted natives that have emerged from their hiding spots. There's truth to these tales and this needs to be studied. It's doubtfull that these specimens will come willingly though, so the best way to research them is when they're dead, grab your weapons and go hunt!

    Skeletons 'o plenty (Loot/skeleton variations)

    Legendary Cursed Captain
    A true Captain will have loyalty even after death, so defeating a Legendary Cursed Captain will not stop his followers. After defeating him his skull will drop like normal, however picking it up will attracts his followers. While holding this skull skeletons will continue to spawn around you until you manage to get back on your ship.

    Golden Jackpot Skeleton (Suggestion by @FarthestSun)
    The Jackpot skeleton would be a special rare version of a gold skeleton captain with a slot machine reels in his chest. Every time you hit him, the reels will spin with soundfx and getting three of the same tokens will give a reward which can be beneficial for you, for him or for neither of you. Examples would be 3x Coin - The Captain will spew out some coins for you and your crew, 3x Banana - The Captain will heal up fully, 3x Gunpowder - The Captain will blow himself up with a loud bang.

    Retrieval of cursed objects

    Hidden on islands or in houses, you need to retrieve the object. While carrying the item, bad things will happen depending on the object. Somewhat similar to the cursed cannonballs, but at random intervals while you have the item in your possesion.

    Retrieving a cursed item from a skeleton ship (Suggestion by @KattTruewalker)
    The cursed compass is pointing you to the location of an item on a skeleton ship. It has to be retrieved, however the cursed object is very heavy and will not float to the surface. So you'll have to board the ship in order to retrieve the item from a unknown location in the ship, to make matters worse you'll be limping from the weight of the object while holding it. After you manage to retrieve the object and survive the trip back to your ship you can decide to either sink the ship or flee with the item.

    Guinea pig for special potions (Voyage-booster/Side-voyage)

    The OoS lady has been willing to try out some potions and offers you double the amount of gold (and rep) for the next mission you partake in if you drink one of her potions first. These will give you a negative effect for the remainder of the mission that will persist through death. Examples: reduced walking speed, sails only going half way, resources locked, unable to eat bananas, guns stop working.

    Call to Arms: Defender of the Order of Souls (Suggstion by @John-Hatter)

    Skeletons have found out that the Order of Souls has been collecting the skulls of their fallen comrades. Upon accepting this voyage you swear to defend the Order of Souls from skeletons, which will spawn in waves and head to the tent. The fighting will stop either by surviving all waves and defeating the captain or when the skeletons succeed in destroying a special "orb" in the tent.

    To make it a full on battle, they could even add a skeleton ship that fires upon the pirates that are trying to defend the tent. It would add difficulty and a strategic option as you could take out the ship, however it would risk the "orb" from being destroyed.

    Removing curses from NPC houses or taverns

    Voyage to sail to an island to remove a curse from someones house. To lift a curse a special cursed book has to be found and destroyed. The book is in a spot that's well hidden or normally unreachable. The curse modifies that state of the house and a soft purple glow will be visible when entering. The effects of the curse vary, examples could be: Unable to breathe inside the area, slowly lose health, have constant snake venom vision, be able to swim through the air, have low gravity, have 50 fake copies of the cursed book or any other weird or unexpected effect. Upon leaving the house the effect immediately stops.

    Hunting cursed ships

    With the addition of skeleton ships, it could be a nice voyage to just hunt down and sink a skeleton ship or retrieve a certain object from a skeleton ship. The cursed compass mechanic would be a nice way to find the ship in the random location.

    Exploration of skeleton tombs or forts with pirate lords boss fights

    You'll be given a direction towards a fort (that doesn't have the skull above it), a cave system or even a tomb. Once you arrive there won't be any waves, just active skeletons everywhere that will only come for you when you're within range. After battling through the entire structure the final room will have a pirate lord in it. The pirate lord will actually be a boss that'll have a special mechanic that will require teamwork / puzzle-solving to kill it. Killing it will reward a cosmetic item, commendation and his skull.

    Thank you for reading and again if you have any feedback or ideas, feel free to let me know in a post below and I'll try to update this (and give credit) accordingly.


    Captain FishSt1ck

  • So I guess many of us will never be able to get all of the commendations.
    For some it was their own time restraints caused by personal life.
    For me, I've played since launch and put absolute hundreds of hours in whenever I found a friend online who was not already in a full crew.

    I've played along with all of the events, Megalodon, silly highchairs and worthless mermaid statues when they were undersized and harder to defeat without too much health loss.
    I revisited them all to help others get the commendation too. Total strangers pleading for help on these forums and LFG.

    I've also done the powder keg skeletons and skeleton fleets, many of them a few times over, but I still haven't that elusive one commendation that now I'll never be able to get.
    I'm sure we've done it, possibly more than twice, but with so many variables working against this game, bugs, server crashes, people unwilling to ally and limited time within limited time events, it all just seems a waste of effort.

    Sure, I could keep slogging out Athena's but the fetch quests were already mind numbing boring the first 150 voyages.
    So excuse me if another 93 x two hour voyages of the same c**p doesn't sound appealing right now. Especially when we seem to always get kicked from the server before completing them.... or upon completion just prior to cashing-in.

    The events and commendations was all I cared for.
    Not becoming pirate legend to sit dormant in stagnant water over and over again when trying to get my head above it all.
    Not getting so rich that I have no need for any of it.
    I don't care for cosmetics or anything else except for achievements and by never having another opportunity to get that one commendation has ruined the whole game for me.
    It's like collecting a precious set of anything and having one irreplaceable item of that set stolen from your grasp. It devaluates the entire set.

    Of course future campaigns and events will bring more commendations but I'll always have at least one locked forever more.
    It will always bug me, take the wind out of my sails and make me ask myself, why bother?

    It's one thing to have the event a time based thing but it's even worse when the fleets of weeks one and two can't be revisited even with another week left in the extended event.
    I've done all I can with a week left and I still have no way of completing it.

    It's been over a week since lodging the report ticket so I guess their data logging didn't show that I met the requirements. :/

    I wonder if anyone else has had their reported commendation reimbursed?

  • The game is called Sea of Thieves, but involves a very small amount of privateering and stealing. The community is just grinding out voyages with little to no special encounters. Can we have a ship sunk, pirates sent to Davy Jones’ locker, stolen loot Faction or accommodation. Can we have an actual PIRATE RANK to find out who the actual infamous Pirate Legend is. PVP is fun in this game and friendly competition should be encouraged along with collaboration. Right now the community seems to want to get rid of PvP all together do to everyone’s softness. Pirates are tough! Let’s toughen up and fight.

  • So me and 3 of my friends logged on to play SoT and finish the skeleton crew 3rd week timed voyages tonight (whoever decided they should be time gated should really take a look in the mirror and ask themselves if they even know what fun is) and we are plagued with xbox live issues: can't see our friends lists, can't even start a solo game, can't invite or see friends, etc. Completely screwed out of this now and we've been trying for over an hour to play and can't. Rare extended the event but not the timed specific skeleton crew battles so now have no hope of completing due to technical issues. They need to completely extend everything or do something; how frustrating...

  • Thanks to the alliance system pvp is rapidly declining in this game. Due to the very tedious and long grind to legend, most players rather just get a legend and send out voyages to every ship on the server as opposed to fight over loot. Picking up a castaway or seafarer when you are in the mid to late 40's can destroy ones motivation to go on and not take short cuts. Pirates alliances didn't last very long. They were full of distrust and after their mutual issue was settled the spoils of war were then fought over. Trust isn't something pirates held onto tightly and that should be how it is in SoT. There needs to be more incentive to betray but not enough to the point EVERYONE is trying to do it and it becomes sea of grief again. One idea I had was to double the exp and gold obtained when breaking the alliance and selling the loot that you stole from an allied ship. This would make players more cautious around who they trust but still allowing them those who wish for a solid allied foundation to still do their thing.

    The way this type of subject needs to be handled in this game is to ALWAYS give players the INCENTIVE to do mean things without necessarily forcing them to. Everything boils down to trust, and on the seas we should be very VERY cautious of who we trust.

    We shouldn't run into a bunch of strangers and be all peachy instantly, nor should we see a ship and go after them nonstop for hours on end until they give up and leave the server.

  • I had 2 gold chickens, 4 black chickens and 1 red chicken. Just got to outpost and about to sell first chicken then “BOOM” booted out of server and longbeard error comes up on screen very very annoyed right now!!!!

  • been having some ideas about the new ships and man-owar rumor floating about, 1- love the brig idea coming to the DLC but hate a lot of the fact to many new players get to access this amazing vessel with no experience on how to use it properly so after the curse sails dlc is done I was thinking making it a legendupgrade only avalible to legends int he vault turing yoru sloop in to a brig same with the man-owar if a legend is on yoru crew they can upgrade your galleon to be this amazing over gunned tank called the manowar giving another 4 crew access

  • So joined a crew doing an Athena mission and about halfway through. They all left and I was soloing the last bit (merchant at that) and got it all done and headed to the final island for the legendary chest and boom LongBeard. My internet is fine but that's a network error. There's gotta be a way that you don't throw away hours of play because you're solo. This is not about the loot on the way, I turned that in. Losing the voyage in progress was pretty much a waste of my time. I was also open crew so why no one was matched with me for a free chest is beyond me. This is a huge quality of life issue.

  • Ahoy maties, me again!

    This is one you're not going to want to miss!

    On Tuesday August 21st at 3.30pm BST we'll be a part of the Gamescom Inside Xbox episode! We'll be sharing some Forsaken Shores news and you can earn a glorious Huntress Figurehead via the Mixpot! Don't miss out! We'll be live here: http://www.mixer.com/xbox

  • Hi there! My name is fishsoups, and today my friend and I attempted a skull fort due to them recently returning. Now, neither of us are the greatest at the game, but we both experienced severe difficulty, worse than usual, on the fort.

    For one, neither of us could leave the ship without immediately being shot full of holes by skeletons, leading to immediate death. Along with that, we each had a 50/50 chance of being able to grab supplies out of barrels once we spawned back in, as sometimes it wouldn't work and we would be stuck with relying on whatever we had in our inventories at the time. This was frustrating for both of us, as we were unable to pick up more bananas once we had run out.

    We thankfully had no other ships attack us during the fort, but it took much longer than usual to finish it and had most of the fun sucked out of it, as the skeletons had suddenly been blessed by the heavens with godlike aim each time we set foot on the island. We also had an issue with skeletons clipping through objects, which at one point had led to me and my buddy stabbing a boulder for a few minutes until we finally hit the skeleton inside and were able to move onto the next wave (some had even clipped through the walls of structures, leaving them exposed but unmoving. Not gonna complain about free kills, though!).

    As I stated before, neither me or my friend are the best at this game, but we used to be able to do forts with a level difficulty that was more "ah wow this is gonna be hard but the loot is so worth it" and a lot less "I'm gonna grab a cannon and sink our ship for them if I get killed upon contact with with the island one more time".

    I know the forts were taken away recently due to performance issues, which is great that you guys took action, but I think there's a few more bugs that need to be worked out before skull forts are deemed good to go live. Thank you for taking the time to read!

  • Everything combat wise currently has something to counter it and I think cursed cannonballs as they are now will negatively impact gameplay. I can already see having someone on a enemy ships ladder and waiting for a sleeping/dance cannonball to paralyze the crew for easy pickings.

    Each cannonball should have a way to minimize or clear status effects in a way experienced crews have a chance against them. The closest thing we currently have in-game this powerful are black powder kegs and there are several ways seasoned crews can outplay a "kegging" and even turn the tables. I made this post in response to a comment I made on this post. I love Sea of Thieves because even when my ship sinks to another crew, I know it's because I've been outplayed. What are some of your suggestions to counter mechanics to the nine cannonballs we currently are up against.

    • Rudder Curse - Player can fight the wheel as in a storm.
    • Grog Curse - Splashing water on a grogged up pirate can speed up time to sober up.
    • Dancing Curse - Still can't think of anything great for this.
    • Breaky Leg Curse - Standing so perfectly still you're almost invisible can heal your legs quicker.
    • Ensnared Barrels Curse - Attacking the barrels can help break the curse faster.
    • Anchor Curse - Players can grab the capstan and fight it from dropping all the way.
    • Sleeping Curse - Sleeping pirates can be waken up by the ringing of the ships bell.
    • Poison Curse - Eat a banana and contemplate kegging the enemy.
    • Rigging Curse - Lower the sails!
  • With all the curses coming to the seas and eventually falling into our hands I’ve noticed people have been asking for ways to counter or remedy curses - could potions be the answer?

    I have also noted cooking has been brought up as a possibility and I think it would be a great way to temporarily buff yourself (crab stew makes you run faster or bacon helps you to perform ship functions faster). This way food and potions become more intregal to the seafaring experience.

    What are your thoughts? How would you like to see potions and coooking integrated into the game?

    P.S. I would LOVE a potion or meal that helps you to breathe underwater a little longer...

  • I'm trying to play and keep getting the message "Sea of Thieve failed to setup a game session . . ." Anyone else having this trouble?

  • Ahoy Pirates!

    Inspired by Fortunes’ Skullball and Brigatta events, the Rogue Legends have been hard at work creating a brand-new event for the Sea of Thieves Community!

    We are excited to announce: the first ever En Garde tournament, that will pit our fiercest Sea of Thieves fleet and union members against each other in a battle of skills, strategy, and wits!

    A cunning sport for pirates, made by pirates!

    En gard poster

    What is En Garde?
    En Garde is brand new Sea of Thieves' swordplay event focused around competitive entertainment for the masses. The event will take place on the main deck of the Brigantine and the sails of the Galleon.

    When does it happen?
    The 1st Season of En Garde is scheduled to happen on Saturday, September 8th, 2018.

    PST - 12:00 pm
    EST - 3:00 pm
    BST - 8:00 pm
    CEST - 9:00 pm
    NZST 7:00 am (Sunday Sept 9th)

    DISCLAIMER: We understand Forsaken Shores is coming in Sept. If our event coincides with it, we will postpone our event for a week or two.

    En Garde will be hosted by Rogue Legends quarterly.

    How do I play / What are the rules?
    The goal of the game is to be the last pirate or team of pirates standing. Opponents will face off and sword duel each other while their respective teammates wait to be tagged in.

    Each participating team will submit 1 team of 2 players, and (where possible) have 2 subs as backup in case a payer is unable to participate. Tournament events will take place on the main deck of the Brigantine and sail beams of the Galleon.

    First team to win 3 rounds or with the most rounds won after 15 minutes will advance to the next bracket. If there is a stalemate, a Sudden Death round will be played.

    • Parry, block/guarding and limited lunging is allowed.
    • No guns
    • No Bananas.
    • 2 v 1 is not allowed.

    Full official rules will be provided to all participants, and updated in this post, on Saturday September 1st

    Where can I see this!?!
    You will be able to follow your favourite team through their designated Streamers! You will also be able to access the Streams of the Commentators and Referees of the tournament! We will post the links to the different streams with the name of the teams they represent.

    Links will be posted as soon as possible! Stay tuned!

    What teams are playing?
    Nine teams of ruthless pirates have stepped forward to duel; however, we are still looking for a few more teams to step up and show us what they’ve got! Leave us a note below or send a pm to @CodeName-Jenova if interested.

    Here's a list of the participants of the 1st En Garde Season:

    Rogue Legends' Blackguard
    Fortune's Golden
    Frozen Fleet
    The Iron Fleet
    The Fleet of Thieves
    The Thirsty Thieves
    The Blue Devils
    TBA - held

    How can I show my support?
    Wish to support your team? You're a diehard fan and want to make it known? Easy! Wear your favourite team's kit and post a picture here! Tune into the official streams and let your team know you are cheering them on!


    Special thanks to:

    • @SirioNDB and the rest of Fortune for their ongoing support of Rogue Legends.
    • @LordMareep for his help during initial planning and testing.
    • @xLoneLionx for his assistance with the event poster.
    • The Pirate Council Discord, and its representatives from numerous unions and fleets. The encouragement, support, comradery, and friendly rivalry we provide each other is one of this communities greatest strengths. It is an honour to be a part of it.

    Last but not least – the Rogue Legends Blackguard and event testing team for their tireless work in making this all possible for everyone to enjoy.

  • As the title suggests, I think the frequency at which skelly ships fire cursed cannonballs needs to slow down a bit. I was fighting the battle in the wilds today against cannonballs that raise the sails, and after getting hit once, we were dead in the water, and before the first curse even wore off, we had already been hit by 4 more cursed balls. We were a sitting duck, perpetually being cursed for ten minutes straight before we got a window to get the sails down and get moving again.

    I think the cursed cannonballs are a great addition to the game, I just don’t think they should be able to be fired frequently enough to keep a perpetual curse on a ship without at least a few moments passing from the time a curse wears off until they can fire another one.

    We went into the fight with all resources completely maxed out on our brig, and 20+ GP kegs, were doing well, and despite everything managed to keep the ship afloat. We burned through half our planks in that 10 minute time frame when were unable to move at all. We even had an allied ship sporting the correct regional sails too. Then just before the final wave of ships spawned, everyone in my crew was disconnected, but that’s a different complaint altogether.

  • No doubt the team at rare is aware of the issues currently taking place, I would just like to thank them for the hardwork and effort they put in, day after day to keep the servers running as smoothly as possible! I am patiently and eagerly awaiting a fix so i can get back on the seas! don't stress to much life is to short.

  • Ahoy Maties!
    I hear alot of Sailors these days talking about how they want more Shanties & instruments. (Something I want as well)
    But when it comes to implementing these ideas into the game, I haven't heard many Solutions.

    But luckily lads, lasses & Rare, you've got me here to come up with some solutions!

    • Alright so first off:
      New Shanties is something everybody wants!

    Okay so supposing there were like 4 more Shanties added, having to cycle through them (& the ones currently in the game) each time you want to play some music would get a little tedious.

    My solution:

    • Music Radial Menu
      How it'd work is:
      When you're weilding an instrument Hold LT to bring up the Music Radial Menu.
      From this menu you can select which song you want to play.

    • Next is new instruments:
      New instruments means more new and interesting Group music!

    Now let's assume that 3 new instruments were added.
    The Flute, Fiddle and Banjo.
    Where would ya fit those on the Radial Menu?

    My Solution:

    • Equipping Instruments
      How it'd work is:
      You have 3 available Instrument slots on your Radial Menu.
      At the equipment chest you can choose which ones you want to equip.

    • The End

    Well mates those are my ideas on how to implement new Instruments & Shanties!
    Love to hear yours!
    Until then see ya on the seas!

  • I think there should be a Pirate Code Reputation. A way to see what kind of pirates you are teaming up with. For instance you team up with a crew to take on a skeleton fort and after fight they kill you and leave alliance to sell all for themselves. Crews that brake pirate code should loose reputation so that items cost them more at outposts or at least have a reputation score/meter that other crews can see to see if you are trust worthy or not. Its fine to just attack other players, fly the right flag. Also those who fire or kill under a white flag or other established friendly flags should loose reputation. Honor amongst thieves.

  • Ok so my crew and I have been trying at various times and for many hours to link up with other players to do the cursed sails content to no avail. We have tried during weekend day and evening times as well as week day afternoon and evening times. We have tried server hopping and solo crewing it but 2 ships vs. 1 and everybody puking and or dancing only leads to frustration. We have been able to knock down a few ships but either get stun locked to oblivion or run out of supplies. Highly irritating for a timed event.

  • On at least two occasions this weekend I found myself having to deal with aggressive pvp peeps. On one occasion I was solo on a brig, waiting for friends to come along, stocking the ship to get a head start on the days adventures. The first adventure I was out and about, finding every sunken ship and fort I could to stock up, when I notice a brig approaching fast. They had the make friends (alliance) flag up, so I watched cautiously, but ready to move if needed (my anchor is always up). As they got closer they were clearly angling themselves to have their cannons on me. Not wanting to jump to conclusions, after all they could have been just as gun shy as I felt, I sat waiting next to my drop cord for the sails. I tried calling out over the megaphone, but not answer. Sure enough, they fired as soon as they were in range, they fired continuously. Because I was prepared I dropped the first sail, spun the wheel some to get my ship in a direction to gain distance, dropped the second sail then repaired the ship. As soon as I got the ship repaired my first friend joined me. I had some loot on the ship from the ship wrecks, but being at a 3-2 disadvantage, and not real strong in pvp, we decided to do the best we could to maintain distance and simply sail by outposts, one person jumping off to sell while the other continued on. I really didn't want to lose a stocked ship. Soon after we sold our last bit of loot our third player joined. Now it was a fair fight. Having heard what was going on through party chat while he waited to join, he knew the situation as soon as he spawned on our ship. Without even saying a word he jumped from our ship to engage the other brig. Dropping their anchor and killing one of them before being dispatched himself we changed the dynamic of this encounter. We turned our ship and engaged in naval combat, landing many more solid hits on them then they were getting on us. Through the course of the battle they did manage to board our ship, but we killed them easily before they could drop our anchor or cause any other mischief on our ship. During this battle, meg showed up, and for once, decided the other brig was more tasty than ours. Once again we boarded their ship and killed them all before they finally killed us upon re-spawn. However, meg chomped their boat while they were re-spawning. Having to fight us off for a few minutes made the difference and they quickly sunk. We did not see their ship again after that.

    The second occasion we had a brig with two of us on the ship. We were getting some gold chests off an island when my friend tells me a galleon is approaching. They have no flag up. So I run back to the ship with the chest I had just dug up. I get back on the brig and as soon as I do, the galleon is lighting us up. We are taking heavy damage, but I manage to pull the sails and we are off. We quickly patch the holes and get water out. The galleon then chases us in a cat an mouse chase for over an hour. We speed by outposts dropping loot, and do our best to stay away from the galleon. Sailing against the wind more often than I care to, while the galleon in chase has the advantage of angles to shorten its distance to us and get slightly better winds. The chase is intense. My friend and I take turns trying to board their ship to drop the anchor and are successful on one occasion. During which the other crew tell my shipmate they won't stop chasing us until they have sunk and killed us, before killer her off. Shortly after that, the skull fort pops up and the galleon decides chasing us had been pointless and they peel off to go the the fort. We then are able to finally stop at an outpost and sell the remainder of our booty. Suddenly, our friend shows up in game. Not being a strong pvp player, and generally one that tries to avoid it unless I have no other option, I make a bold declaration. Lets go have some fun at that galleons expense. So we sail towards the fort, sure enough, there is the same galleon there, already engaged. Of course, the forts cannons start firing at us, giving any attempt at a surprise attack away, but we continue on any ways. They try to angle their galleon so cannons are on us, but they can't seem to hit us with a single shot, meanwhile we are peppering them solidly. Now, because the skellies in the gun towers respawned, and the galleon was in a bad position, they were also getting hit by the fort. Forced to move away we begin an intense naval battle, of which they seem to be very much outmatched by our now fully manned brig. We sail around the fort, exchanging cannon fire. With our brig connecting on a far greater percentage of shots then they are able to connect on us. Eventually we pull away, mostly because of the damage from the fort and one of our peeps needed a short break. During that time the galleon once again pulls back to the fort. After our short break we go back, this time we want to gun powder them, so we sail in close, they apparently want to do the same to us, but we got so close to their ship, that when they hit our ship with the gp, they also take heavy damage. Now we are fully enganged in sword fighting. Our crew gives a good fight, killing 3 of their 4 before ending up on the ferry ourselves. Knowing our ship was going down, and theirs too, we figured we would spawn to a new ship, but myself and one other spawn back at our sinking ship (gong sound for sunken ship sounds as soon as we spawn). The galleon was already under water too. We see two of their crew on the skull fort. So we approach, and with the help of the final wave of the skellies, we kill the first one. The second one of their crew kills the captain and tries to run off with the key, but we quickly dispatch him. Our other ship mate is already sailing towards us now, and for the first time that I can remember, spawned on the island closest to the fort. We quickly raid the loot and set off to sell. Not sure if the crew from the galleon even tried, but we didn't see them again.

    Long story short, it felt good to finally turn the tables against people that really are only on the game to make other people miserable. I am sure this will not be the end results all of the time, but for now it truly felt good.

  • I'm sorry but this game needs to fix there massive server issues. Every time I get a decent alliance some bull c**p disconnect happens. I work towards a 5 ship ally then when we are getting into flow party's stop working and everyone is slowly dced. If not that fing server is almond bearded. I'm sorry but rare and Microsoft get ur fing act together.

  • Hello this will be a brief description of a possible glitch I feel I have experienced in the game. Since the cursed sails update, sometimes when I am turning in regular loot the reputation counter will appear but not move at all, not even a sound effect will play. Essentially the rep pops up but nothing is added, I figured this was a delay so I brushed it off, nearly a week later I completed 2 Athena's quests and gained 0 Rep for one of the chests of legends. I waited for the delay.. nothing came, I logged off then back in...nothing came, I then contacted rare and they said I only turned in 1 chest. Perhaps this is a glitch in the game as there was no reason for me to not receive the Athena's rep. I am a tad salty as it takes quite a while to complete these missions, but nonetheless I was curious if anyone else has experienced this.

  • Okay so I was doing a voyage and ended up getting killed by two other pirates. I lost 100 bananas, 75 planks, 80 cannons, and all of my animal cages. I would like to call on Rare to find a way to easily obtain more cages so that players can finish their voyages. I tried getting more cages at an outpost, but no luck 🙁 p.S: I'm not blaming the players for killing me or losing all my supplies because I understand the risk with a pirate game, but their needs to be a way to obtain more cages so players have a chance to finish their voyages.

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  • I did something ... err ... salty ... last night. Regrettable? Absolutely not.

    So I was on a solo sloop and I had just spent the better part of an hour collecting resources for a skeleton ship battle and looking for an alliance to join. I finally noticed a brigantine and a galleon at sanctuary outpost who were allied up and waiting for the Shores Of Plenty battle. It seemed like a perfect crew to ally up with - a Sloop, a Brig, and a Galley. I approached slowly and announced my intentions over the megaphone. When I heard no response I then parked on the opposite side of the island.

    One of the other players used the cannon to get close to my ship and asked what I was doing. I then told of my intentions again and he responded by saying "It would be more fun to just kill you." I said "This is Sea of Thieves, not Sea of Murderers." He then started fighting me and when his two buddies arrived I was quickly killed in a 3v1 fight. At respawn all seven members of the brig and galley were on my sloop, spawn killing me. I refused to give up my boat, and after 4-5 spawn kills they sunk my ship. I respawned all the way at Marauder's Arch.

    They wasted my past hour of collecting resources just because it was more "fun to kill me." It was personal now (In a light hearted, fun way, of course).

    So I set course toward Smuggler's Bay/Sanctuary Outpost in search of my assailants. I stopped at a fort on the way to stock up on gunpowder barrels. Sure enough, they were at Smuggler's Bay battling a skeleton ship. I quickly approached the galleon when I heard them speaking on the megaphone asking me to join the alliance if I really want to. Really? They just sunk all my resources. That ship sailed a long time ago, no pun intended. As I am about to sail within jumping distance of their ship I raise the Jolly Roger flag and hop down from the crows nest with a gun powder barrel. I lit the fuse, dropped it in the galleon's mid deck, and then climbed up to the crow's nest. I then started igniting their gunpowder barrels and dropping them from the crows nest. Within a minute or two the galleon was toast, I got killed, and my ship sank. I wasn't able to exert my revenge on the brigantine, but I was happy enough to teach the galleon a lesson for being jerks at the outpost. Say goodbye to all of your resources.

    Should I have not approached two bigger ships at the outpost while I was sailing solo? Probably not. But it's principal. Kill me or sink my ship for no reason other than sadistic pleasure, and I will hunt you until I get my revenge.

  • I don't know it this has been brought up before but me and several others who I have spoken to would think that the option to design sails and flags would be a nice little addition to the game. Maybe even Rare could create a little community market for them where players can put up their designs and sell them for gold. There are some incredibly talented people out there and I bet we could see some fantastic and unique designs.

    Or have a mini update/quest "The Lost Sails" where players venture out on various quests to find designs for sails where they then have to take the designs back to the shipwright to get them made.

  • Looking for a crew to play sea of thieves with, from aus add me lazyape27 yew!

  • Yarr it’s been a few days hunting down good for nothing Pox spotted rats sinking those who come near taking their Swag also the influx of new Pirates flooding the seas is a nice change but also a weird one they tryed to take me on ? HAHAHAHA YARR I SANK them so fast I laughed for 10 minutes after never challenge a Brave Vanguard Pirate legend lord argh

    Back to the topic at hand Savvy !!

    What do you guys think will be coming what I think is :

    •Customization Ships, characters,

    Because right now it surly is lacking greatly !!

    •Naming your vessel ?

    •New instrument like banjo



    What are you guys thinking ?

  • I spend more time trying to get this to work than playing recently. Terrible design, even worse execution.