• I started sailing on launch day. Those who've been adventuring across the Sea of Thieves at that time most likely remember how tense and unfriendly the ocean had been (even more so than it might be today) I was an inexperienced sailor at the time with meager ranking within the factions.

    When the Hungering Deep went live I was eager to break away from running voyages for the trading companies and join the hunt for the Hungering One. I remember I was stocking my Sloop with supplies from an inactive skeleton fort before embarking to Shark Bait Cove to meet with Merric. When I saw a Galleon on fast approach to my position my initial reaction was to prepare for combat. Although being solo up against a four-man crew, the odds were against me.

    However the Galleon did not open fire. Instead the crew communicated with me via the speaking trumpet. They asked if I had completed the Hungering Deep campaign. I told them I hadn't. They offered to help me and invited me aboard their Galleon. That's when I discovered they were a crew of Legends.

    It was my first time seeing a Pirate Legend. I remember thinking it was immensely cool to be sailing with a crew of Legends. The crew helped me locate Merric's journals and aided me in defeating the Hungering One. After collecting my rewards the Legend crew asked if I wanted to stay with them as they sought out more sailors to lend a hand or hook. I agreed. After a full day of sailing, battling the Megalodon, and meeting other crews, we finished off our session by getting our Grog on in the tavern.

    This experience during the Hungering Deep was my first memorable event on the Sea of Thieves. It inspired me to continue my journey to becoming a Pirate Legend and, some day, do for other sailors what that Legend crew had done for me.

    On October 21st, 2018 I achieved the rank of Pirate Legend.

    I had torn my hair out from frustration in trying to land on the Skeleton Throne of Marauder's Arch.

    My ears were ringing for days while tangling with Gunpowder toating Skeletons.

    I nearly drowned as I fended off sharks while searching for cursed mermaid statues.

    I flew the sail of my favorite region (the Shores Aplenty) during the Battle for the Sea of Thieves against Captain Warsmith.

    I got to feel immense satisfaction in using cursed cannonballs against the undead.

    I journeyed into the perilous volcanic region of the Devil's Roar.

    In between all of that I had met a plethora of sailors. Some friendly, most unfriendly, with the occasional Kraken encounter here and there.

    Now that I am a Legend my next step is climbing the ranks of the Athena's Fortune. But more importantly I can stand against the apparent stereotype that all Pirate Legends are grieving, PvP starved wolves. As the game brings in new sailors in the coming weeks I will be there to lend a helping hand to those who ask, and a cannonball to those who shoot first.

  • Oi stop drinking my grog and gather 'round for another tale about the Booza Krooza!

    The Adventure begins once again with Sock the bearded lady, Lootmasta the lootiest git, Yonder the battle thirsty, and Graven the keg popper. These four once again had set forth to drink, plunder, drink, and fight.... and more drinking.

    Half drunk it was Sock that spotted the ominous cloud with a hint of glee "Skull fort!" was yelled from the crows nest as the crew swayed onto the deck still woozy from copious amounts of rum and bananas.

    As they set forth sails aligned, vomit spewed into the sea to help them sober up. They saw something in the distance something that made Yonder's wide grin spread even further with almost manic glee. A Brig....prey. As they ventured closer the brig almost seemed to run away from them turning away from the fort. They decided to taunt the cowards. "Sure leave me like everyone else!" Yonder yelled into the trumpet

    The crew laughed pulling out theirs to join in standing beside cannons ready to play their 'instruments' of war. "But Daddy I can change!" Sock hollered, "Come back I just wanna give you my fat black cannon balls!" Graven crowed as he joined in. Lootmasta cackled as he manned his cannon bouncing a cannonball between his hands.

    As the ship went further they turned to deal with the pesky guardians of the island firing a few shots before they saw the ship turning towards the island. The four crew manned the cannons with glee opening fire as soon as was possible as a voice called. "Are you friendly?"

    The crew laughed as Graven called back "Noooooo!"

  • Once again on the road with a crew of four. Once again, after the ship has been equipped, the course has been decided, the crew has agreed and a last stop at a fort has taken place, one of the crew members began to shoot at his own ship with cannons, damage it with explosive barrels and sink it. So funny.

    If we can't kill the one, why can he/she/it destroy our property? An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. But our weapons are blunt.


    • Crew members cannot damage their property. Not with cannons, explosive barrels or anything else. I consider this to be unfortunate myself, because it would allow me to safely attack opponents with explosive barrels. And how about crashing the ship into rocks? You get it, it won't work.

    • Crew members who damage property get a blue player name and can be killed from now on. They keep this blue color until their death or until the crew votes for giving pardon. As long as their name is blewish, if beeing killed by a crew member they respawn automatically into prison. The remaining players can now vote to send the person 'over the plank' or set free. If they vote forthe plank, the person will be removed from the session, which will be locked for that person, and they will not be able to return.

  • Ahoy Mates!
    One thing the community has requested alot is a Merchant Alliance Reward for doing Skeleton Forts and Ship Battles.
    Ship Cloud

    Now Rare has acknowledged this issue before, and I think they're working on something. (Though that's just my speculation)

    We already have the Stronghold Skull and Chest for the Forts.
    And for the Ships we have the Skeleton Captain's Skull and Chest.
    So, what should the Reward for the Merchant Alliance be?

    Well, I'm thinking we got a few options for what the Reward could be:

    • Skeleton Captain's Wine.
    • Stronghold's Cloth or Spices.
    • Box of Peanuts.
    • Box of Letters.
    • Ghost Chicken.

    If I had to pick one I'd probably take the Wine for the Ships and the Box of Peanuts for the Forts.

    Anyways mates, what ideas do you have for the Merchant Alliance Reward?
    And let me know what ya think of the options I've shown here?
    Until then see ya on the seas!
    Bye sun

  • I love this game... I do not love the players... And before you jump 🦘 down my throat, I'm talking about players with no objective or sense of direction. I'm tired of spawning on sinking ships because new players. I'm tired of spawning on a ship anchored in the middle of nowhere because new players. I'm tired of doing voyages and people sailing off with the ship because new players. If you're new, stop trying to control the ship and listen. Stop shooting Megan when we have rum on board. Stop raising anchor and dropping sails when we're faced towards the island. If I tell you, "Head east, it's close." Stop taking over and sailing west. I know, I know, use LFG, or play with friends... Then why have matchmaking in the first place? I'm so close to PL but it's neigh impossible with the current matchmaking system. If you sail with a closed crew... You have no idea what I'm even talking about.

    It's sad that I have to back out of more crews than I actualy spend time sailing... So sail solo? I do, that's why it has taken me 7 months to hit legend.

    /rant over 🤦‍♂️

  • Does anyone know the date?

  • Get rid of the big shark. Kinda childish. As a solo player there is very little chance of fighting it off and bailing water with a weeping tresure chest. Nothing more depressing than working hard for treasure only to have some lame looking bathtub toy shark destroy your boat in two bites. And it ruins the wonderful real life pirate experience of sailing out on the seas

  • Hi, i'm interested what sort of pirates are here and how do you approach the Sea of Thieves?
    Feel free to share your way to play and approach the game, what goals you have or if no goals at all what are your incentives to login and play?
    What do you prefer doing, how do you treat other players, do you roleplay, do you have an immersive or rather rational gameplay style?
    How important is progression and how important is the sandbox aspect?

    I seem to be rather special, because I would like it completely without levels and quests, but more things and mechanics like messages in a bottle for example.
    All-time I login I don't have any goal, I do what comes by or what comes to my mind spontaneously. I for sure do the commendations of events if possible , but I never strived for anything or grinded.
    I play the game and gold and rep comes by the way and then i maybe buy new cloth.
    I like doing forts when there is a little thrill of pvp around.
    I like pvp most of the time, i never get bored about digging out chests.
    I also like to idle around sometimes and just sail or sneak up or run away and see how well the others play to catch me or what do they do if we attack, because they look "aggressive" :-)
    I really like SoT, it's my absolute favorite and only online game since release, because of the horizontal progression is only about cosmetics, so to me this is completely optional and doesn't force me to play "efficiently" or restrict me in the way i cannot partake, because i lack a level, reputation or whatever?
    This is the key feature and core design i like the most, because imho other it only would separate people and make a job of it.
    I like to interact sometimes and met all sort of people from all over the world from age 12 to 58, friendly, aggressive, neutral, griefing, but also respectable foes with honor. Very few toxic and immature players.

  • Ahoy me mateys!

    Tis time to give away another of me Sea of Thieves inspired props!
    To have a chance of winning this tiny Clothing Merchant Sign all you have to do is impress me with your favourite choice of clothing and interesting place whilst wearing them.

    I shall be picking the winner on Halloween.

    So buddy up and get your shipmate to take your photo! Whether it be flying out of a cannon or deep under the sea I am sure you pirates can impress me with yer shenanigans!

    Only one photo per pirate please, any duplicates or vids will be removed.

  • Looking for confirmation about a discussion I was having the other day. So, I know that players outside your crew cannot "ping" an X on your map. I also know that once you hit a chest, anyone can come along and finish the dig, and take the chest.

    However, the other day I had someone in my crew claim up and down that if you were allianced with someone, they could ping a chest on your map. Is there any truth to this? My strong suspicion is no, but I was wondering if any of you folks had actually tested this.

    • Create a Ship Design and Name
    • Fishing
    • New Enemies and SeaMonsters
    • Premium Shop
    • Mini Games (DICE - Cards)
    • BIGGER SHIP up to 6 Players
    • New Instruments
    • Join with more Players... 4 is tooo less
    • New Quest (Dungeon Raids)
    • Endgame Content (Big Landmonster?)
  • Lately (last months) is being extremly common to sink a ship that has been visiting a lot of islands and get 0 tresaures from it.

    What's going on? Why is so common to visit islands without gathering anything? It is too common to just think "bad players".

  • Chairs and stools in taverns to be intractable, as it says on the tin. Alternatively in elder scrolls online you can pull out a chair as an emote.

  • This is a formal apology to the sailors of the Sea of Thieves on behalf of Captain Dear (cougarhound69), Lieutenant Dahling (BugleBlower69) and last but by no means least my Beautiful first lady Bob (ThePoopyHands).
    This is my Crew, By lifelong friend and my Girlfriend.
    We have sailed the King Nigel Farage since the
    Shroud first broke! (Alpha) and feel the need to apologise to all the brave souls who have been eaten by Meg. For you see Luitenant Dahling being the ripe old age of 88 has had many an adventure across the now known 8 seas and as such has seen a great many things and experienced love, loss, joy, sadness, war and peace.
    The reason I bring this up and write to apologise is that many years ago he took a lover. They ate together, lived together, swam together. Leuitenant Dahling was ordered by one of his captains to leave Meg as she ate too many supplies and the noise of their closeness could be disturbing to crew members. Meg did not take well to this and was left heartbroken, as was my sweet Dahling.
    We broke through the shroud of the sea of thieves to make a new life for ourselves. But the past has a way of finding you. We heard of a man named Merrick who knew of a whispered tune that my Dahling had long not heard. It made my Dahling cry and he said "Captain Dear Let us play it once more" and so we did... That is when she found her lost love...Meg had found her way under the shroud.
    We had to attack for you see she wanted Dahling for her self but he has found a new life in the Sea of thieves and has fallen for another,
    the Kraken. (We are unsure of the Kraken's intent, it is assumed it hates us all).
    Angered by Dahling's love for the kraken she is eating sailors to gain his attention and take revenge on Man and womankind alike.

    I am sorry Sea of Thieves and who dwell within it. I fear this is not the end of this tail as Dahling has fallen for a large Crab and he tells me of the cookouts they have under the stars in a![alt text](![image url](image url)) part of the ocean only Dahling can reach. he will not reveal to me how to get there as he doesn't want to unleash this creatures anger on the ocean either.
    Sorry but Dahling's love knows no bounds as he says "Beauty is in the glass eye of the beholder".
    I Captain Dear, will do my utmost to make this one work out...for all our sakes.

  • I think you need to give more time to inactive users. For example, if someone need to do his personal things (baby, wife, wc stuff, etc.) and it takes some time. As i noticed, game disconnects me in 10-15 minutes inactive. I suggest to increase time of inactivity discunnect to 30 minutes atleast.

  • New video on my Channel, The Sea of Thieves - Shakedown Ep. 3 How long Til' ya Sink?
    Check it out and let me know what you would like to see me test out next?

  • I've got this concrete quest for the skeleton hunting yesterday and it created a smile for me :) Look at the names of the captains. It's the developer team for the Sea the Thieves :) I must say this is a nice Easter egg :)

  • Is there a teaser trailer for the festival out somewhere that i missed? If i'm not mistaken the festival is coming out on the 31st which is only a week away, I hope it dosen't get pushed back this would be a cool halloween event

  • alt textI am back from my break on writing the pirate story of Brandy. I had decided to rewrite the original adding much more detail and interesting plot changes to make the story fit where I am going to take it in the future. I will post the new chapter one here and a newly rewritten chapter every day going forward until the end of book one which should be about 13 chapters. I hope you enjoy and feel free to comment and make suggestions! I am also always open to adding characters based on community members. There are already at least five characters based on real players so let me know!

    alt text

    Wind splashed through the lines and sails, lacing the girl's dark coarse hair as it passed. She fully inhaled the salty air and willed her ship onward. Behind the young lass lived her will in the form of two men who toiled begrudgingly at the lines, catching what gusts they could between puffs on their cigars. A grizzled man stood at the helm bellowing his orders. The men slowly fell to it, but the woman up front only heard the sea calling her forth.

    "BRANDY!" the pirate thundered for the third time. Her ebon eyes flickered, finally being reached by his words. She tossed him a smirk and ran to the side of the ship, sailing herself over the edge. She nabbed a rope on her way overboard and swung herself gliding just above the water's edge, playfully splitting the waves with one arm. Her black and bronze dress accepted the sun's amber rays and complimented her dusky complexion as she flew clear from bow to p**p deck. She landed with a soft thud, placing her newly dampened arm around the man who called her forth. "I'm not deaf you know. I was just busy thinking of what glitters. " she winked.

    With a sigh, his harsh tone fell into a knowing smile. Middle aged and starting to gray, it was clear this sailor had wisdom to spare and experience earned in scars and burns printed across his body. He wore a deathly black long coat made of bear fur with extravagant trimmings of silver from top to bottom. "That’s your father in you, that much I know. You eye the sea’s glittering adventure and both see but that shiny gold."

    "Hey!" she drew back, flicking up a silver piece she discovered in his pocket. " Shiny things are pretty. Just like me, Uncle James!" she exclaimed while pushing down on his wide brimmed hat that touted a large albatross feather. "There is just something about the ocean that calls me to it. It feels like home." Her last words floated a while as she looked listfully to the waves.

    James searched the splinters of the ship for a way to get Brandy back on track. "You might have learned the blade well lass, but you best be paying some attention if you ever want to sail well enough to be as good as Revan. Your father is no joke as I’ve said. You can’t be lacking in any area or you will never be able to stand with him, Brandy." He offered, leading her back to the task at hand.

    "True.” The young lady admitted. Her father was a legendary pirate. He lived at sea and sent James to visit Brandy when possible to check in on her. His life was too dangerous for his daughter to be a part of, but she was working on changing that. Revan’s First Mate James had taught Brandy a lot about the pirate life over the course of her childhood, and in the last two years he had come to mentor Brandy full time in preparation of her coming to the age of 17. An age believed necessary by James to start her own legend. Even though they shared no blood, James had always been in Brandy’s life and they were close as family. She eagerly learned everything James challenged her with and was always ready for more. “So tell me Uncle James, what do I have left to learn to catch the old man?" She sounded with her focus revived.

    "Over the last few months we have covered all the basics. You know the duties of the crow’s nest and you learned the sails. I have made you aware of battle stations, strategies, and every detail down to anchor maneuvers and ship mending. Your last challenge is to take the helm. Become a leader who controls the teamwork and results of a voyage. As captain, one of your most important responsibilities is to motivate your men into trusting your word. A moment’s hesitation on the sea can take a deadly turn. They are the blood of the ship and your coordination of them will be the difference maker every time. This random pair of sailors we hired for training aren't much to work with, but you will find even the most lackluster of scallywags can perform enough for someone they respect." James motioned forward to invite Brandy to try her hand at commanding the galleon crew.

    "OK you lot! I want to see those billows blasting and I want eyes up front to alert me of any obstacles or adversaries, do you hear me?!" Brandy shouted. The two crewmen chuckled at one another. They had met James and Brandy only a few days prior. James was obviously time tested, but Brandy inspired no confidence at first glance. Sure she seemed an adventurous sort and perhaps a bit scrappy for a pretty lass, but she couldn't possibly be up to commanding a galleon. Her soft black skin was unmarked, and her dress too pristine. It was clear to them that this woman was green and not to be minded. They stayed their course, ignoring Brandy for the teenaged, delicate lady she appeared to be.

    Brandy pursed her lips in slight frustration and looked to her uncle out of the corner of her eye. James leaned to her ear and whispered,
    "Respect comes from trust and experience, but sometimes a little fear can speed along the respect process."

    “But I thought you told me to tone down my ’vicious’ behaviors?” Brandy reminded James who tried his best to keep her feral side in check.

    “It’s all about the balance, lass. Give them just a taste and they will imagine the rest. You’ll see. They aren’t pirates like us. It won’t take much.” He winked as he permitted her to unleash a little of her inherited personality on the stubborn sailors.

    Brandy turned fiercely to the loafs and removed the bind from her long, night stained hair. It splashed about wildly as she scorched straight up to the flippant sailors. They had a foot on this lady, but her abrupt speed caught them off guard and they flinched. She whipped out her cutlass slicing the cigar from one of the men's lips. A tiny spat of blood sprang to the other crewman's face and Brandy roared, " You won’t like what happens if I have to ask again!". She gestured overboard with her steel that now carried a single drip of red. Her eyes struck terror in the men. They hopped-to in an instant, "Yes, Ma'am!", they whimpered and split off to accomplish the tasks she set them to.

    Brandy’s word was followed to the letter the remainder of the evening with no halt or hesitation. Benefits of the lessons had taken hold. James and Brandy had changed locations, ships, and crews every few weeks for these naval exercises. This was a rough time in a wild, seafaring world. All manner of miscreants and ne'er-do-wells littered the islands they travelled and you could never be sure of who to trust. Not to mention the common appearance of otherworldly Hell Gates that allowed all manner of demons to cross over from the Underworld, spreading chaos to all living creatures. As treacherous as life was for all people, it was worse for Brandy. No one could be allowed to know who this young lady really was. She was too sought after, unbeknownst to herself. Marines, other pirates, and even those of different worlds all had a reason to thirst for this uniquely brewed spirit.

    The sun had sunk low and there was a glaze of orange showering all in view. The galleon was sailing into the wind, and the pace was as lazy as the crewmen on board. Brandy stood along the ship's wooden railing with the celestial glow softly baking her chocolate face. "Uncle James." she began while still scanning the ocean's glinting waves and picking at her sleeves. "What was my mother like?" James stared at the deck calculating a proper response. Brandy had never known her mother either. She was absent since birth and aside from a few vague stories, her mother was more of a ghost than someone who really existed. While she had never met her father, she at least had James and he was always ready to spin a tale about the Captain. They were working toward meeting Revan as well so he seemed somehow closer. Her mother was a different story though. Typically, no one let a word slip about her. Still, though the silence, Brandy longed to have her as a part of her life. On rare occasions, James would comfort her with a few sparse details, always ending with the sentiment that her mother loved Brandy very much and had given her the silvered necklace she wore every day, but that wasn’t enough anymore.

    "Father wasn't around." She continued, turning to face James who had come up empty so far. "I know the two of you were off on your adventures, and you would always tell me of your fantastic voyages, teach me to use the blade and other arms to fight like him. I know he's wild but kind, and your stories about him meant everything to me. That's how I could bare his absence and why I seek to meet him now, but you have always kept so quiet when I ask about my mother. Can’t you tell me anything more? Please? I just need something to make her real."

    Her Uncle examined his lightly tanned hands a while then began slowly. "Well, darling, that is a hard thing to answer. I know your parents would have me hanging overboard for hours if I spoke out of turn. Some things you will just have to find out in the right time, Brandy. All I can say as usual is that necklace was your mother’s. It shows she is real. She wanted you to have it always to remember her by. Your mother knew this would be h*****n you and it is just a piece of her you can hold onto. Try to understand."

    "It isn't fair though! It's my right to know! How can I know who I really am without knowing where I came from? I feel like there is part of me missing. Like a giant hole in my heart and she expects this necklace to fill it?” Brandy shouted while clutching the emerald encrusted decoration. “the only time I can half way fill it is when I’m sailing. It's like I can feel her calling out to me when I am at sea. But sometimes I can’t shake this feeling that she might not actually even be real! Maybe I am just crazy." she pondered.

    James walked up to his self-proclaimed kin and rested his hands on the bronze studded shoulders of her dress. "You most certainly are." he smiled. She looked up to meet his playful warmth and let out a small laugh. James put his arm all the way around her shoulder with a gentle squeeze. “Brandy, like your father, your mother has kept her distance to keep you safe. You are training very hard and you have become very tough. A bit unnerving how deadly you’ve become really, but to think of those whose blood courses in your veins it’s no surprise. Unlike your father though, your Mom is a lovely woman. No push over either. She can somehow be fierce and elegant in the same moment. Nothing could rattle her, and not at the sacrifice of her humanity. That poise and ability to do what was necessary while remembering right from wrong and respecting life is what I admired about her most. There is a self-control there that your father desperately needs but has more than often lacked.”

    Brandy savored every word and her curiosity was captured. “You mean my Dad is a little bit of a loose cannon? Did Mom keep him under control?”

    “Loose cannon is the understatement of our day, lass.” James chuckled and continued, “It’s true that your mother does have a calming effect on him and all those she comes in contact with. She is very persuasive, much like you. But they each have independent lives to lead. Your mother is a very important lady to the kingdom. Noble born and held to a high standard. So, with your father’s wild spirit and illegal behaviors, their interactions cause a bit of a scandal, and as such their meetings are very limited and very private. I often pray some of your mother’s charming serenity and good judgement will show itself in you, Brandy, but that day has yet to pass. You are too much like Revan.” Brandy laughed at this. She knew she had given James more than a few gray hairs in his time watching over her. She was definitely her father’s daughter. Brandy was excited to find out she may have noble blood in her veins. Without her parents around to raise her, Brandy lived with families of all walks of life. Sometimes James took her to live with an aristocrat for a few months, then the next year could be on a farm. Other times she had lived with a merchant family or even stayed at a pirate’s hideout for a few days. Anywhere James felt was safe, as long as she kept moving. The noble families were always more comfortable, although she typically found them to be a little snooty and controlling. She had a million follow-up questions, but was interrupted.

    "Oy! Ship! Ship!" shouted one of the sailors who had been drowsily surveying the sea. Their galleon had been sailing parallel to a long island, and passing the shore from around the bend came a large red vessel. It had scarlet colored boards and rails powdered with pompous gold design. The vivid red ship came upon them swiftly, blocking their path alongside the island. The rented galleon was only equipped for sailing exercises, not battle, so James decided the best course of action was to drop anchor and parley. Hooks sprang across to fasten the vessels together. Brandy's crewmen scurried about like roaches in the light, attempting to hide as they knew this was a pirate ship and no good was to come from this encounter. Six men dressed in red coats and black hats came aboard with their weapons draw.

    Brandy was not intimidated. James had shown her how to deal with brazen pirates many times and that insolence was not to be tolerated. She moved forward to deal with the threat, but James laid his heavy hand on her shoulder. Scarred from flame and iron the pattern of James twisted skin led halfway across his body, and personified his experience of life on the seas. "I will handle this, lass." He spoke while descending the stairs to the deck now spotted with adversaries cloaked in a threatening hue. Brandy frowned and crossed the puffy arms of her dress across the bronze and black cloth fitting tightly at her waist. She kept watch from the helm with vexed eyes glowing almost as brilliantly as the sun off her silvered necklace.

    "Are you the captain here?" One of the pirates asked of James.

    "Aye. And you are addressing James Silver Blood, so appreciate the last moment of your life should you have ill intent here." All eyes widened a bit as every pirate knew of James Silver Blood and the legendary crew he sailed with, as well as their reputation for violence on those who challenged them.

    "We don't care to cross the Devil's Own, but we have orders to take the girl." Their leader snarled throwing a finger at Brandy. "We cannot disobey. Our Captain would do far worse than you or any of the other devils."

    "I’m not sure that’s completely accurate.” James said taking a step forward causing the man to tense up under the pressure of James’ presence. The black fur on his coat reacted slightly to the wind as he continued speaking. “I know your captain. I recognize these colors you sail." James said pointing to the black flag sporting a golden snake. "I find it hard to believe Captain Esmeralda is after this girl. She's always aligned with the Devil's Own and we have agreements in place. I will speak with her and put this matter to rest." James felt in control and always glad to resolve petty squabbles to prevent needless fighting among pirates. Any other day, he would have been right. Esmeralda's Serpents and the Devil's Own had strong ties. She knew of Brandy and had worked closely with her father and James many times in the past. But things had changed.

    As Silver passed the leader of the boarding crew, the man grabbed him around the waist preventing James's advance. "Sorry, but we don't sail for Esmeralda anymore. Tell me, is that blood of yours really is silver!?" He shouted while plunging a dagger into James's back. Silver grimaced with pain but kept his focus as another serpent pirate came at him waving a sword. James twisted the man attached to him into the blade's path. As death carried his foe away, Silver removed the dagger from his back and thrust it into the advancing pirate's neck who had dropped his attention after accidently killing his crewmate. James then pulled his own cutlass and readied for more battle while the back of his coat soaked up his blood.

    The other sailors shrieked and tried to abandon the ship, but everywhere they looked, a serpent was waiting for them. One at a time they were mercilessly dragged down by their attackers and painted red. In seconds, the screams of terror fell silent and they were no more. The pirates then turned their gaze on Silver Blood. James faltered under his deep wound multiplied by the pressure of three men slicing ever closer. A blade ate greedily into his hand and pinned him to the floor. James's gray eyes bore deep into the serpent teasing to loosen Silver’s collar with a cutlass raised above.

    A shot sang out, dropping the pirate in his place. His sword fell away with him as Brandy wailed past the other two men riding the same line she had earlier that day. In her wake, two heads fell sloppily to the deck next to James. Brandy rolled off the rope near the hooks lashing the ships into one and, wasting no time, struck them separate once more. The enemy galleon broke free and distance was forming between the two as its anchor was raised and the current guided the ship away. The cold heart Brandy inherited from her father had taken over. No emotion emitted from her ebon eyes to the men she had just slain, but they did lock onto the last serpent pirate remaining on board.

    Brandy engaged the fiend, wrestling him onto his back. He fought against her, but she straddled his chest and forced her steel above his face. He held her back by her wrists, feeling the gravity of her iron begging to crash down on him. He was stronger, but Brandy had learned to overcome stronger foes her whole life. She targeted his ribs and brutally kneed the man three times before his will gave way and his life fell to a messy end. Brandy rose to her feet, a bit wearily and stepped to her Uncle. He smiled as life came back to her eyes upon seeing a small pool of blood surrounding his war torn body.

    "I'll be just fine lass. Not the first blade in this back of mine." He winced out softly. A few tears escaped her eyes and she leaned down to embrace him, but was interrupted. The enemy galleon had the distance now to lay cannon fire on their ship. The first blast sent splinters flying onto the pair of pirates. Brandy instinctively leaned forward to shield her Uncle. The next cannonball blew the mast into chunks a mere foot away from them. Several pieces bashed into Brandy who felt herself soar seaward with James flying right behind her. He splashed a few feet away, floating to the surface with closed eyes. Under the water blue, Brandy could feel the ringing in her ears swallow her up while seeing their ship erased up above. She sank into the depths as her sight faded into darkness.

    alt text
    Here is chapter two! https://www.seaofthieves.com/forum/topic/74969/new-legend-of-brandy-chapter-two

  • They can make a duke deblooms shop or maybe put duke in pirate legend hideout a place he will always be to buy those items like pirate legend equipment and weapons and athena weapons and equipment for about 15 deblooms each for Athenas and free or gold for the Pirate Legend stuff and duke will be in the tavern also but only sells the basic things now and event week stuff like the shipwreck lady you buy regular boat cosmetics but in the pirate legend hideout you buy pirate legend boat and athena boat it would give a reason for high level player to use some deblooms I'm already at 240 deblooms and if I did all my accommodation I would be around 400 deblooms

  • Ahoy Mates!
    In the latest Release Notes they mention in the 'known issues' that the Mermaid Statues have been temporarily disabled.

    Exact Quote:

    • Mermaid Statues have been temporarily disabled due to performance issues.
      Improvements to this are being investigated, and the intention is to re-enable these as soon as possible.

    So the way I see it, there's 3 options Rare can do when it comes to the Mermaid Statues:

    • Leave em out of the game permanently.
    • Bring em back into the game as they were.
    • Bring em back but with a reward when you destroy them.
      Mermaid Statue

    I'd like to know which option you'd take?
    Let me know in the comments below!
    Until then see ya on the seas!

  • Hello SOT community. I know everyone wants to see more desired content added to the game. Content we have been asking for months now. But first and for most the server stability needs to be fixed. Every server I go into is fine. But when encountering other ships and other players the server just starts to desync.. especially when getting on the other ship and fighting the crew. Here’s the problems I’ve encountered: 1) weapons won’t switch. 2) players are lagging and teleporting on the ship. 3) When fighting the server doesn’t register button commands and just causes me to be stuck and can’t move. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve died because I shot someone and swapped to my sword and would not let me swap to my sword, or swapped to my sword to sword lung and my player just doesn’t not move at all and i die because I’m stuck and can’t move. 4) ships are lagging from encounters. I know rare is trying to save money by not putting out matinence updates every week. But adding more “content” into the game is going to make the game play worse. Rare please devote more time into server stability and make updates regularly.

  • I just ate a Snickers bar and I'm debating getting another one. How are you all doing today?

  • Ahoy fellow pirates,

    insomnia strikes again, uneasy nights on sea wont let me sleep so I share with you my newest project. Fittingly I shall call it "The Kraken"!
    alt text
    It was suggested in one of my other topics, but instead of turning it into a shoulderbag (lack of enough good quality leather) I turn it into a case for my good ol' communication device.
    Please remember I am not good at drawing or I would have become a renowned painter instead of a pirate gal, but I am doing my best (it helps that most of the stuff in Sea of Thieves also looks more iconic instead of super detailed rl images. It is still missing some details, where I will work on the following days.
    As references I used the pictures from the book the art of Sea of Thieves and kind of combined two of the pictures I liked most, since you never see the head of the Kraken when it attacks.

    alt text
    The case is already cut and is waiting for the Kraken to make an appearance on it.

    Well thanks for reading again and maybe you will follow me also on this adventure.

  • Whistling as its own instrument. Simples.

  • When I launch Sea of Thieves, I get the Skull logo only for the application to close withing a few seconds without any errors.
    I've tried several ways to fix the problem, but without success.
    I would appreciate any help that might fix my problem. :)

  • Hello, i have read on forums there is a weekly challenge that can give you doubloons. I have completed the forsaken shores challenge and got all my doubloons. Now what can i do to earn more. I can't find anywhere is the next challenge and you said a challenge it will stand 2 weeks. The challenge for forsaken shores is here from when i started to play.
    I want to know how to get more doubloons they are really helpful.

  • I am firmly on the side of being able to change your appearance. I don't want lots of similar pirates so it would be nice to be able to choose again whilst keeping your levels, unlockables, titles etc.
    My personal idea is to have multiple saved in a wheel (like on your first fresh launch of the game)
    Right now I play as an imperialist Naval captain and my crew are in uniform as a Naval force of sorts. However, I would like to be able to save multiple pirates and choose one on the launching of the title.
    If you could save a selection you could tailor each character around a playstyle. I would like for instance to log in as a fat posh man for the naval roleplay, an African gentleman for my order of souls and a Spanish looking man for Spanish navy lastly, I would quite like to do an Asian lady character/crew for my free pirating.

    just a thought but I would love to log in and choose my characters I have saved so I can play how I feel that night/day.

  • PC Preferred/Xbox Possible (Mandatory Teamspeak Participation)

    Angels of Death: Sea of Thieves Division
    So yer looking to throw yourself in with the lot of us in the Angels of Death are ya? Well ye be standing in the right tavern. Sailing across the vast open seas to the edge of the world and back, Angels of Death is a PC based gaming clan. We operate as an independent organization focused on the acquisition of massive amounts of booty! AOD's reputation on the high seas for overcoming the highest of waves is well earned from 18 years of prosperity and camaraderie.

    While we're all pirates, dastardly acts of exploitation and cheating will be met with the sharp end of a cutlass and bilge rats will be shown no quarter! Ruthlessness aside, the Angels of Death make excellent fleet partners and ship mates. We have the heftiest of purses, access to the many of the merchants across the seas, and routinely out sail our competitors in our collective pursuit of booty.

    We operate a TeamSpeak 3 server and have an exclusive AOD XBOX Club. Our crewmates hail from the four corners of the globe with varying levels of experience from beginners, just gaining their sea legs, to seasoned veterans that can drink anyone else under the table. This is a place where swashbucklers of equal wit and charm can sail together and landlubbers can hone their seafaring skills and become talented pirates in their own right. Members can make use of our growing library of useful information and resources located in our private forum.

    AOD is made up of gamers from all over the world that come from different backgrounds and are made up of men and women of all races, creeds, and preferences. In order to assure that our valued members can relax and enjoy themselves, we enforce a Code of Conduct that is designed to reduce drama and prevent humiliation and abuse. Violations of this code are dealt with appropriately. We are here to play games.

    One of the best parts about sailing with AOD is that you’ll never sail alone. The open sea is a dangerous place, and you can be certain that when trouble finds ya, your clan mates will have your back. We meet at the tavern and play informally on a daily basis as a well oiled machine on the high seas.
    AOD also conducts routine training as needed for a variety of topics, such as navigation, ship piloting, combat training, and other topics as requested by our mates. Every legendary pirate lord has to start somewhere, right?

    In order to be eligible for membership in the Sea of Thieves division, you must meet the following oaths:

    • Be at least 18 years of age (Firm Rule)
    • Be on TeamSpeak whenever you are ingame https://www.teamspeak.com/en/downloads
    • Contribute to the forums regularly (once biweekly as the bare minimum)
    • Abide by the Code of Conduct
    • Abide by the Sea of Thieves Pirate Code, found on our clan forums. We are an honor clan that focuses on fair play and good sportsmanship.

    Ready to sail with us? Follow this link to apply and we'll get you inducted into our ranks!

    **After you've applied, feel free to reply to this thread and introduce yourself in a piratey way just for fun

    Check out what else AOD can offer by browsing the rest of our supported games @

    Catch our streams on twitch!

    I'm hearing some clans, groups, or independent pirates are really hardcore in SoT. The only thing we're hardcore in is our passion for the game and having a good time. AOD is a self styled casual clan, especially within the SoT division. Just want to relax into merchant missions or shipwreck diving? Yup we do that. Wanna go crush a fort and swat away enemy interception? Haha! We do that too. We do it all, but why we do it is simply for the fun of it. No competitive squeaker salt here. Win or lose, it's all about a good time with your mates. Our numbers are strong and steadily growing! Captain Anvil and I cordially invite you to join our crew. Hope to see you aboard ship soon, matey!
    ~Cerulius AOD:SoT Division XO~

    1. Pirate Legend equipment
    2. Pirate Legend weapons
    3. Athena equipment
    4. Athena weapons
    5. Banjo from the Pirate Legend hideout
    6. Tag for being pirate legend Athena 10 called Pirate Lord
    7. Make the Athena boat glow like the clothes.
      For the equipment and weapons i would say 15 deblooms each because we have nothing to spend them on we got gold and are max rank.
      8.We shall sail together playable anywhere and extended
      9.Devil's Roar song playable.
  • Who is reading it and what do ya think so far? Just got mine today and just starting it.

  • On Athena quest, does the amount of skellies with powder kegs seem crazy lately? Seems like ever five minutes we are calling them out. Had 4 show up at once on a treasure dig.

    Not complaining, kinda funny and makes it easier to clear out the other skellies.

  • So, I’ve noticed that ever since the first update, the devs have been pushing the community to befriend each other for certain things. To help make it easier I’ve been thinking about messaging between ships on a large scale. An idea for this would be, there would be a bird cage on the back of each ship and if your in an alliance or in a certain range of other ships, you can send messages via bird. This would make talking so much more convenient, especially when your playing with cross-platform players. I’ve thought this would be a good idea since the hungering deep and it has only become more relevant since then. If you decide to take this idea on, then I would love it. Thank you for what you’ve done so far.

  • I would like to sell parts of my equipment. I don't like them, I needed them for some success (especially the sails). But I also bought some clothes, which are very unattractive on the character.
    I have also received weapons that I find unsightly. Whenever I equip my ship, change clothes or change weapons, I stumble across this stuff. Every time I think: "Get away with it, it doesn't pay any rent."

    I am looking for a second-hand shop where I can sell the parts.

  • Ohé matelot !

    Tu t'ennuies dans les eaux profondes de Sea of Thieves? Marre de te faire couler par un équipage plus nombreux que la population de ta ville?

    Ajoute moi sur le live et Discord et rejoins notre équipage ! (Maturité et microphone seront les bienvenus)

    Discord : OG Reggie#6366
    Live : Reggie Gelato

    Je joue sur PC mais ne t'en fait pas, tout le monde est accepté!
    À très vite :)