Voyage Help

  • So, firstly, I am not sure where to put this thread. I was an insider and followed to games creation closely. I moved out of country and am now back. I bought the game and am trying to figure out how I can receive my insider sail and ship colour. All I have discovered is that an email was sent out to us insiders with information on how to actually receive the gifts.
    This is where my trouble begins. I am sure I received the email, however I must have cleaned my inbox and trash folders because it is no where to be found. If anyone from a support team or anything of the like sees this, please reach out. I’m sure my email will be on a list of insiders somewhere. I hate to think that the one email was my only chance to recover my rewards for loving, anticipating, purchasing, and playing the game on a now daily basis. Any help is welcomed.

  • Looking for confirmation about a discussion I was having the other day. So, I know that players outside your crew cannot "ping" an X on your map. I also know that once you hit a chest, anyone can come along and finish the dig, and take the chest.

    However, the other day I had someone in my crew claim up and down that if you were allianced with someone, they could ping a chest on your map. Is there any truth to this? My strong suspicion is no, but I was wondering if any of you folks had actually tested this.