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    The arrival of skeleton ships has all but blockaded the Outposts, leaving the local traders in a tight spot. Something caused this new and personal threat to the pirate way of life, so why not ask your friendly, local Bilge Rat in the tavern if he’s heard any rumours? In this time-limited campaign, investigate the tale of a missing merchant and uncover the origins of the undead armada to unlock unique rewards!

    Discuss clues and share tips to objectives here! Want to be spoiler free? Beware of reading the comments below!

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  • Ahoy everyone,

    As you can tell by the title, My ship loves to sink. I just decided to get back into SoT and get the rust off. Now, I was doing well for the first day back, I am not too high of a level and it seems that none of the other ships wants to bother me. So, I get on my sloot and set sail. I get a few of the gold horders missions done. I start my next one and go to the island, got a little confused on the riddle so it did take about 15 minutes for me to figure out. I get my treasure, and I am all happy. I get back to my ship and its rear is going down and the front is pointing to the sky. My ship decided to sink. I was a little annoyed.

    So, after taking a break. Having to go to work and run some errands, I came home and hoped back online to SoT. I start up another gold horders mission and go to the islands that it told me to, it gave me 4 different riddles and I did 3 out of the 4. I made it to the 4th one and parked my ship as usual. Went to find the treasure that I was seeking, took me about 10 mins. I get back to the ship and right in front of my eyes again. With 3 boxes of treasure, 2 gold cups, 1 gold vase, all gone in a matter of seconds.

    So, I don't know if this is a bug, or if I am being too slow finding my treasure, but this is getting ludicrous. I made sure I didn't have any holes in my ship and that there was no explosives on board. I tend not to take explosives, even though they are worth a lot of money, I don't like the risk. I hope the developers see this and can give me an answer. Thank you all and have a great time sailing.

  • I decided to take on my first fort yesterday (for commendations), and now I'm left with some questions...

    1. does an active fort reset if there are no more pirates on it? And if so, how fast or how far away do you have to be?
    2. What counts as finishing a fort? I've spent more than an hour, fighting through 4 waves, having the island reset (I think) before another crew showed up, killed me twice and finished the fort. I did shoot two skellies while hiding from the others, but I don't think that counted as me finishing the fort.
    1. Do skeletons at the cannons and cannon towers respawn? Or can I kill all of them and then sail closer?
  • When I try to log in, I get an error saying "game version mismatch. Please check game updates (lightbeigebeard)"

    How does one update the game on PC? I am confused... it appears to not be an auto update... So how do I manually update the files?

    Thanks in advance.

  • So I can't seem to play anymore. At first I was getting stuck on the initial map on table screen when loading the game. Now it loads past that to where it brings up my character, but I get no menu options and only thing it seems to respond to is alt+f4 to force close (enter, escape, random mouse clicking, etc does nothing).

    I've gone into Microsoft Store to try and update the game and get no option to update it. Says last modified 9/8 when I check Downloads and Updates.

    (pretty sure there use to be menu options here...)

  • I'm in the middle of doing the 200 skelly kills while they are affected with cursed cannon balls, my question is this:

    If you are in an alliance do the kills other ships in the alliance get count towards your total or is it just the kills of your party?

  • Hi, I have never gotten a merchant mission for a wood crate. I was hoping with the recent updates that maybe I'd get one but I still have yet to. I've found plenty of banana crate voyages though. Are they susposed to be a rare find? Does anyone else share this issue? (Just for a perspective of time and how long I've been playing I'm pl so I feel it's a bit odd after all of this time to not find one)

  • Hi,

    I thought I read somewhere that you could use Bilge Rat quests as an alternative to Merchant quests, along with GH and OoL, to achieve Pirate Legend. Since Bilge Rat quests are over I think is this not the case anymore?


  • Hi there,
    I have a question about one of the new commendations: "Complete a voyage with the Reapers Mark equipped while in an alliance".
    So, I was on a voyage, about 2 hrs in and I had the Reapers Mark equipped. I came across another ship. They were friendly and suggested an alliance. I was happy, because this meant I could do the commendation, right?
    Nope. I went up to the crows nest and accepted the alliance and...boom - the Reapers Mark just disappeared. So my whole progress of 2 hrs was gone. I didn't get the commendation for the voyage (single crew) and I didn't get the commendation for the alliance.
    How does this work? Do you have to be in an alliance first, then equip the Reapers Mark and then start a voyage? I'm confused. Does anybody know. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

  • Honestly, Old Faithful Isle is too darn big for a riddle that’s so simple! It gives no directions so I have to find the painting myself!

    The riddle reads;

    “For gold, to Old Faitful Isle you sail, but I will take a wager you will fail.”

    “From the tale of the shark painted on a rocky peak ye are getting near, 8 paces south west and shovel here.”

    I have no directions and I’ve had this riddle before too, so I’m trying hard to remember where I had found it with no luck. I’ve been exploring the whole island for over 45 minutes and I’m just about ready to quit. Can ANYONE help me find where the painting is?

  • So, i haven't had the chance to play since the latest update, but tried to play last night.
    But every time i entered the game, it either wouldn't load or would begin to play and then the screen would freeze and i would get booted minutes later.
    Have done several hard reboots on my xbox and made sure i have the latest patch installed.
    All seems well and everything else is working as it should, and always does, just not SOT
    Has anyone else been having this problem? Or did i just run into a bit of bad luck last night with bad servers?

  • Regarding the progress wheel failing to show any progress toward next level, are Legendary Chests still progressing the rep or should we be waiting for a fix?

    I can see the progress increase when we hand a chest in, but next time I check, it's back to zero.

  • I got a voyage with multiple chapters, the third of which lead me to Plunder Valley. When I eventually followed the riddle to the destination I was rather disappointed. The riddle in question stated as such. "At the Eagle Hunter high East, you be close. 6 paces North East and dig your treasure will be." It's not the exact quote but it's close enough from memory. The whole voyage was normal enough until I realized that the painting of the Eagle Hunter was faced North East. If I wanted to take 6 paces that way I would need to somehow go through the stone and find the chest. Even after I went behind the stone there was nothing but a cliff and some foliage. I checked all around the painting to no avail, leaving me without a chest or satisfaction. Just thought I needed to share this on the forums to bring some attention to it.

  • Me and a friend just completed a voyage while in a alliance and flying the reapers mark but we didn’t get the commendation is there a certain way it has to be done?

  • The second part of the riddle implied we had to play music on the north beach. We tried for over half an hour with different combinations of instruments and people but couldn't get the next part to trigger. We even went back to the ship to check we were on the right island and beach. Anybody solved this one? What were we doing wrong?

  • How does loot despawn mechanics work beacause id like to know how long it takes for stuff to despawn in lad, in shallows and in open water. more specifically i want to know if stuff that is dropped in deep water will sink past or to the invisible barrier or not because id like to know i loot that gets lost is recoverable in any of these situations

  • Hello there! I have recently started attempting to unlock the Legenday Cursed Voyage commendation and have noticed an issue which will innocently hinder your progress.

    I have been solo slooping so my voyages take a lot longer so it’s quite frustrating when you compete one and it doesn’t count towards the end goal.

    The Bug If you invite someone to your alliance midway through a voyage it will take down your reapers mark flag and make the current voyage you are doing not count towards the commendation, even if you put it back up straight after.

    It’s happened twice now but also basically means you cannot join or invite anyone to an alliance while voyaging, you will need to wait untill you are done or cancel the voyage and start a new one.

    I just thought I would put this up for people so they don’t lose progress like I have unfortunately I’ve lost about 2 and a half hours gameplay time due to this.

    Needless to say I have submitted a bug report :)


    Any info would be appreciated I don’t believe they do.

  • This topic is deleted!

    So the crew and I are all legendary pirates so while we're trying to finish our 30 voyages with the flag up takes a lot more time to complete rather than someone new to the game where they'll only have a 1 map voyage which is whatever but the problem is when we get sunk on like our 7th map of voyage 1 when our ship respawns we no longer have the reaper flag up so again there's a whole lot of time wasted and again we don't have all that much time to play to complete these so to put everyone on the same level playing field 1 map you complete should count towards the commendation

  • I watched latest stream where Rare presented new update for September. I didnt got this figurehead for my ship(i mean this hunters one)

  • Apologies if this is the wrong place to ask.

    I've just fought and won a skelly fort from two sloops, but the skeletons aren't there. There's the regular ones that command cannons but none of the others. Is this a bug or am I just missing one hiding somewhere? been looking all over, I know they can get stuck in the ground but I didn't hear anything either.

  • I have found pig crates and chicken cages randomly on islands. But never, not even once, have I found a Snake Basket. Are they out there? Has anyone found one just lying around? I don't mean one a player dropped. You know half buried like the pig and chicken crates?

  • Hey everyone,

    sorry for the rude topic headline, but damn am I Mode edited) because of these pigs. I'm pretty new to this game and tried to do everything I could but I couldn't handle to deliver one single pig alive to the merchant ... I don't know what I'm doing wrong, I had just one black pig in a cage on board and had to go from Sea Dog's Rest back to the Dagger Tooth Outpost (I was chased most of the way, that's why I went this far to the fringe of the map). On the way I fed it like 20 bananas, every single one I had. When it started crying I gave him like the last 5 or 6 ones in a time span of 30 seconds but it despawned anyway ..

    I've read in other forums that one needs to feed the pigs constantly with bananas .. which I did in my opinion. I mean, you can't seriously tell me that I need to organize 50+ bananas just to carry one pig over the ocean. What else may I have done wrong? It really doesn't make sense to me anymore.

    Thanks guys :)

  • I was unable to complete the cursed mermaid statues before taking vacation. I returned in the middle of cursed sails and I'm now finding it difficult to find mermaid statues. Are they still in the game?

  • So I did the entire Wanda quest, unlocked the comedation, and was prompted to go to Golden Sands Outpost and talk to Sharon. When I got there, there was no new dialogue option. I didn't the quest again but because I already had unlocked the comedation and the quest was registered as complete, nothing happened.
    Please help

  • Has any one seen the death figurehead. (see link picture in bottom left corner).
    I saw someone sailing with this today, black ship, tattered sails, really cool. Was this figurehead pre-launch or post launch. I have no clue. it would be neat to have. The figurehead is death (skeletal figure in robe) holding a lantern.

  • Hi all,

    this evening will be my last chance to win the battles in all regions, but I am really struggling to get the battle agains the Siren's Gale crew right. Whenever the "sails up" cannon balls hit, I feel like I immediately get a skeleton ship to both port and starport and getting hits from both sides, rendering my crew unmovable and hardly able to fight back due to repairing. Any tips?

  • In another thread, now closed because it named names, the original poster said:

    [Someone] is booting people off of group posts in a party/game on sea of thieves to steal for their Athena voyage and to make money off of it. I have proof of [them] admitting to booting and [they] should get banned, not fair towards other players.

    What did they mean? What was it this "booting" of which they speak? I am just trying to understand what the exploit was here – if an exploit it was – so I can use it be on guard for it.

  • Hello fellow Pirates , before you start to read i want to give you a fair warning before you shoot my head off if you see me in the game or you write me to Hell in the replies....This is going to be too long to read. i am also not English and will write a humongous amount of spelling or grammer mistakes...You can and may hate me for it , but i did my duty in warning you ...For those few that remember me, no this will not be one of my toecurling stories of old, so the few good jokes in there won't be found in here...

    "Now what is this all about then? " Well, ..., i'm not sure myself , in all honesty ( * Oh, Blimey, our dumb yokel is going to write himself in mental ruins again....Be careful ,old man , this Forum is not as forgiving as in the beginning...This time i warned you! - Waw, Sunshine, so considerate , i'm not used to see that in you...* Look, Captain Tearface , the last mental crash was a heavy one and i try to prevent a new one ..okay? - Hey , no problem, Sunshine, you don't hear me complaining * Fine...Keep it that way...crybaby). i was here , two years ago , two months after the Forum had started , there weren't many pirates , well, certainly not as many as today , and as a foreigner it wasn't impossible to follow everything...But more pirates came , and it became more time consuming to follow everything. As a foreigner ,i also have the disadvantage ( * That you're ugly? ehhehehehehe) that i read English , translate to Flemish , come up with an answer in Flemish and write it down in English...The same problem excists in speaking too , but later about talking.
    The Forum grew , too big for me. The Magical , mental healing vibe through acceptance by many pirates from all over the world , became less powerful. After the release , this Forum got bombed into ruins by so many people that didn't understood the game , the game was presented as a service game that would develop through time while it stayed playable, so many didn't understood this and didn't had the patience...SOT, while standing next to it's Genius Creators, got pulled on a pyre and almost burned in it's core .
    i am a "feeling" person.i may look old and angry because of an ugly face but a few words can bring me down like many of you wouldn't even realize...i know, very dangerous to tell on the internet , already a few hooks are becoming reserved for my scalp...i don't care...
    But i saw so many people trying to turn the mood and try to reason with an angry mob, sometimes it worked but it failed many times too.
    i have the greatest respect for all those people that were called " White Knights " and far worse, i tried to be one too ,in my own silly way. It was my mission to bring over all the feels that i had , and still , experienced in this game..i wanted that you all could feel them , From Rare fan to Rare hater ,all of you. But i forgot one thing, i'm human, faulthy by nature and more importantly ,i was a thirth class ( * Oi, arrogant piece of work , you are not even enough to play football along six year old kids , they would thrash you, dumbo) footballer playing in the Premier League...A trench soldier that fought a war he never liked fighting.i was still lucky somehow that my writings were not shot down like so many others experienced , but that feeling didn't help...i didn't like the " tension in the air " that still hangs over this Forum. It dampens my spirit , it has almost destroyed my adrenalitic feel while writing. The last topic that i wrote had also complaints in it. i was become infected with the mood of the Forum...i was liked by many in here , don't ask me why ( * Hey , don't look at me,yokel, i never understood why people would like you? Are they all blind and deaf or something?) but they started to put me on a pedestal , wich i hate the most.In the meantime the mood had become so sick that Friends of mine, who have the Heart on their tongue ,were baited into many verbal battles in order to defend or ask questions that were critical but fair.
    They got banned permanently and that gave a gushing wound in my love for this Forum. It started to bleed out...And on a Saterday morning i saw a post of a pirate that didn't see any good in his life anymore, it could be a joke, a cry for help ,or a really tasteless joke but when the word suicide get's dropped ,then so many of us including me don't take chances. We tried to talk sense and gave multiple online helplines for people in mental need.But one person, who had been uncontested in his trolling nature had a goof on him, i could no longer stand aside and started to say what i thought about him. We had a little ,very short wordfight ,because i don' t waste time on such people that kick others in the teeth when they are lying knocked down, but ...the moderators didn't do anything...Not to me , not to him...Later when i came back from work , i saw the whole topic deleted, the troll had still all privileges , but a message of the unfortunate pirate was waiting for me, i don't say details , but he sought and found help...All was good...for him. Not for me, i had let it slip, i had become a nagger, complaining sour excuse for a pirate, the anger that had build up in the troll conversation had shed a lot of Light on me...
    i erased my account...
    Ten days did i do nothing, a few messages were send from people who cared , still completely in the Dark mood ,i couldn't write like usual...i have lost some Friends back then...

    Whatever you do, try to keep your Darker mood to yourself, but mine was too big...But Love crawls where it can't go...i missed the Forum ,i missed my Friends ,i missed writing, i missed bringing a smile to a person ( * But , poor old georgie...they were all laughing and happy ...because you left...Didn't you see? Dumbo?). So i saw my Friends , still writing , unrelentlesly bringing Light into Darkness, they were strong, i was weak.i have always looked up to them, the Forum Legends i mean, Mrs Truewalker , Mrs Lizalaroo, Miss Captn Jaq, Mr Musicmee, Mr Jay4dio, Master Dilly , sorry man, your gamertag is forbidden by a way too strong cencorating machine, Mr Tartansnake, and Mrs Stacky A to name a few ...
    i was going to restart small and stay small...i can't read the whole Forum, i cant' help you all to understand the game by my limited amount of English words i contain.i have to stop dreaming about flying while i don't have any wings.i went back to the beginning, a small humble pirate with no expectations. Oh, this topic is not made to become embraced by all of you because since i ran away and let you all fight the Good cause on yer own, i have no right to have any Friends. Still i have many of you as my Friends, even after my runaway...A valuable, almost priceless lesson that took a while before i saw and understood that lesson...
    i don't care about the rep i lost , i do care about my Spirit i had lost , my happy feeling that grinded to a halt because of reading to much negativity...
    Months went by, i played solely with Friends or on my own, in a sloop. i read two or three topics and then i quited as my mental form could not read more...i only took small peeks to this Forum because my poisoned mind ,that was on the healing could become sick very easy again...

    But once again, Love crawls where it can't run...Last week i played with Mr Dreifois. A perfect example of a Non English/ USA/ Australian and so on, pirate. He is Italian, speaks fluid French too and is perfectly understandable in English if you accept his accent...Accent , dirty word, i have and will always transfer that word as Colour of the Voice in my mind. And he possesses a very beautiful Colour, he too pours his Heartscontent on his tongue. He talks in the way that he is...We are both average pirates , you won't hear us brag about the Fleet of ships we have sunked , about the massacre we have dealt into the pirate ranks, totally none of that.We lost so many ships and melee fights that our name must be somewhere mentioned in the Guiness Book of records as the Most Lousy Pirates Ever. We are down to Earth and in all honesty, we talk more than we play focussedly. We sometimes sail by an island where we need to be without knowing because we talk so much.
    Mr Dreifois got the Talent to be a fully passionate Storyteller, he puts himself short because of his accent , but he can entertain like nobody else , he is...just like all of us, unique in his way...You love him hate him. He told me he had a lot of haters towards him and although i believe him , i still wonder why you would hate a person while playing a game...Don't worry, i will never find that answer as every person is unique, in also the less friendly behaviour...

    Our conversation, however , triggered something in me. We are both foreign towards thy wonderful English language and although we do both our stinking best, nomatter what we try , we will always sound foreign because of our accent. For many pirates ,this is no concern, they take us on the journey nomatter what we are or where we hail from...For others we are the red cloth that wakes up a bull...So be it, we leave ,start again and hopefully find understanding people in wich this game is rich in...
    But he told me two things that stung my Heart...We all have heard the prejudice that French, Italian, Spanish speaking, German,Russian, and so on and on like to talk only to the people that share the same language or same country with them. i too, thought that, since English is a Germanic Language and French, Spanish and Italian are Romanic Languages wich is a very steep slope if you want to go from Romanic language towards germanic language. so i too thought that that was the reason why so many , above named languages , were playing together...
    But Mr Dreifois , and for that alone , he should get a statue , made me something very clear. All those people aren't shallow or arrogant as we, wrongly, call them...They have ...fear. Fear to talk their few words of English and be laughed upon...Fear to be called names of things you don't even find in the gutter...It is time that we all learn that other languages are an enrichment!...i play with a Russian Friend, Mr SovietUnion207, who only talks through the Non Verbal Communication wheel and the Xbox Live message service but we have found a way to have fun...i know 5 Russian words and those were enough to close a massive wide river between us. We don't care what Europe thinks about Russia , nor does he care what Russia thinks of Europe. We are both human, breath in the same air and when cut upon we bleed the same colour, Red.We ARE PIRATES, gamers that just like the game with whoever they come across...An Old, Legendary saying , of an even Legendary Pirate ,called Marek1408 comes back into my mind..." At the Sea of Thieves ,there are no nationalities, because we are all part of one nation, ONE, the Xbox nation...". Okay , see this a bit wider , since back then , the Alpha was only open for Xbox and not yet for PC...He would never exclude a person ,because he know how much it hurted to become excluded since he has Polish Origins...
    Please think of that line when you next time come across a person that speaks his native language , throw a few words you know , and you will see that this person will try to throw a few English words back at you...
    Your Friendship may start slow and sluggish but when both sides can wipe away the prejudices then you will see and feel that your inner self had become enriched...After all, you are playing a game and not living together...Give eachother a chance to grow out of your shell , reach out that verbal hand towards those " that only speaks their own language and refuse to talk something different", give them a chance and learn a few things and words from them too and you will see how Rich this Sea actually is....

    Please...Do NOT commend yet, since i have to write this in two seperate topics , i know it's way too long , but i never forced you to read my misspelled attempts of writing...

  • I'm a partnered streamer on Mixer, been playing SoT since the very first Alpha several years ago. Was in the whole Mixer stream the other day and all my friends got their figureheads and not me. I did watched the entire live cast but still no huntress figurehead my mixer account is already linked as I am a partnered streamer & have had no issues with any other MixPot reward. Any help getting this fixed would be great as I'd like to show off this beautiful figurehead to my community.

  • Hi pirates!
    Im on mermaids hideaway and my map says to find the "drunken sailor on the north shore" but i've searched the north shore, and the shore as a whole, and theres no drunken sailor or skeleton?

  • My friend just started a new session and when I joined him I instant spawned in the jail. He did not put me in here, the game decided to put me there for some reason. When my friend want to free me it says that I must be in jail for a minimum time. Do you guys know why ? Any clue ?

  • Is anyone else having a problem with the cursed ships resetting mid fight? Over the last week I have not been able to complete the black viper cursed ship due to it resetting. In my 10-15 attempts I have had it reset once while being on the captains ship, once when going two feet out of play area and sailing back in, and once from sinking and sailing back from mermaids hideaway ( since this captain is west of sharkbait cove its not far). Has anyone else had these issues? It’s really frustrating me since it my last accommodation needed for this event.

  • This is like my 20th request for help! I'm playing this game since December 2017 (I'am a pioneer), and i'm always frustrated while playing. Why? Because I randomly crash! Only a message appear "Video driver crashed and was reset!" I've read all this page ( and followed every instruction with no results. Can someone help me with this? I've payed 70€ for NOT playing this game!
    If you can do something, anything, it would really help! Maybe I'm lucky and someone important will read this post! XD
    Thanks for reading this help request, Alex.

    P.S. I don't know if this is the right place to ask but since not even support helps me I thought it was the best choice.

  • Anyone happen to know if the crew of the Black Viper is still West of Shark Bait Cove this final week eg 22-29 Aug. Need it to fill commendations