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  • I haven't played SoT in a while now and I was wondering if they've "fixed" the respawns during naval warfares near skull forts. I used to hate how those battles would go on forever until one crew simply gives up out of boredom. It was all because of sunked ships spawning with their crews on nearby islands and getting back into the fight in minutes. Have they changed anything or is that still an issue?

  • Why does my ship’s customization reset every time I play the game? Is it part of the game or is there a setting that keeps this from happening?

  • So... do $10,000 swords work better than the stock cutlass we start with? How about all of the other weapons we can buy ingame?

    Or is it just cosmetic?

    I am hoping not.

    Also, why is this game not on Steam?!? They really need to strike a deal there, because a lot of players feel like they need to stay with one game vendor and we're missing out on extra players.

  • La verdad es que el juego está muy bien y la suerte es que se puede mejorar infinitamente una idea sería echar un vistazo al assassin's Creed black flag porque yo estuve horas y horas navegando estaba muy bien y seguro que se puede sacar algo de el para el sea of thieves ....

  • I love Sea of Thieves and was so excited to play the Hungering Deep content. I finally got on with my brother last night and worked through all the initial quests.


    However we were very frustrated to find that in the end we need to somehow team up with 3 other people, and in the world of Sea of Thieves that is extremely rare.

    The speaking trumpet doesn't help, because even though we've tried multiple times moving from Party to Game chat resulted in us unable to hear each other, let alone anyone else. We fooled with settings to no avail.

    Then everytime we head to Merric to see if anyone wants to team up there are ships there that are only interested in killing us.

    Asking for help on here or in looking for group doesn't help either, as even though I can get a 4 man crew together I have to work with someone else for the 5th, and you can't meet someone in game, because there is no guarantee you'll end up in the same server.

    Setting aside the other numerous issues with this new content, my question is how am I supposed to complete it? How did others do so without being able to set up a meet online AND in game chat not functioning?

    We only have two weeks to complete this and this is looking less likely by the minute. I find my enthusiasm for the game, and upcoming expansions, greatly diminished.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • I know that there have currently been 3 ways to earn the doubloons (thrones, gunpowder skellies and cursed statues), each part of a special event that lasts / lasted for a limited time. My question is: Can I still earn doubloons by killing the gunpowder skellies, or is that event completely closed now? I've been looking for statues and sometimes I come across gunpowder skellies. Makes me wonder if it's still worth the trouble of grouping them up and blasting them to bits.

    I'm not crazy about the limited edition items, but I like earning some money with these quests while sailing solo. :) If you're just sailing around, looking for statues, you've kind of got nothing to lose which is more relaxing imo. ^^

    Also, if it's indeed the case that the skellies still count, another question is: are the thrones still up?


  • Figured I would create a topic here to help people getting started or who might be starting their search soon.

    1)They seem to be scattered randomly around islands/uncharted islands with a cap at 3 statues per island (from what I have seen thus far). They also have an audio cue to help locate them.

    2)*Sapphire and Emerald statues are soloable, the Ruby statues are duoable they just take a bit longer.

    3) Sword+Blunderbuss seems to have the best initial dmg output and there is a sweet spot you can find with your sword where the statue can't damage you, but you can damage it.

    4)I have found statues at N10/K14/Cannon Cove/Lagoon of Whispers before I had to leave for work

  • Hello everyone, I’m here to help anyone with anything in game (unless I’m sailing with a crew already)
    It doesn’t matter if you need help with Gold hoarders, Order of Souls, Merchant Alliance or even Athena’s. Just send me a message on the forums or on xbox (gamertag: Deac977)
    And I’ll be sure to try and help. Have a nice day :)

  • I have found pig crates and chicken cages randomly on islands. But never, not even once, have I found a Snake Basket. Are they out there? Has anyone found one just lying around? I don't mean one a player dropped. You know half buried like the pig and chicken crates?

  • Ayer tuvo un bug el juego y mi barco salio volando y luego el juego me llevo a la pantalla de inicio....llevaba horas atesorando cosas en mi barco....sabéis si me compensarán de alguna manera?

  • Are you still able to complete the skeleton thrones?

  • Does Meg only eat ships? I fell in the water while dancing with her last week, our cheeks brushed, but she left me to be devoured by her little sisters. Do I stink that badly?

  • Im 70% Solo Gamer, are you able to complete the Voyage Solo or is it very very hard?

  • "Find the Eagle Hunter high to the East no turning back, when this is done then read this map."

    This is the third time I did this riddle and despite being at the rock engraving of the eagle hunter, or the eagle cages nearby, or even the eagle statue slightly lower on the hill, I have never been able to trigger the next part of the riddle. I'd upload images but don't know how here. This riddle requires me to read the map at the location which I have been reading while walking all around. Anyone else having this issue? Like I said, this has happened now for the third time for only this particular riddle, all other riddles I have had no problems. Thanks!

  • So this is about sloops. A great little boat that's easy to pilot, maintain, and get knocked off of. Was sailing solo when a duo crew decided they weren't going to give up the chase, so I turned around and gave them a round of cannon fire. A decent long fight went on for about 20 mins, until the fools rammed my ship and jumped off theirs. One of the two exceptionally bright bulbs jumped clear over my ship, hope he became shark or kraken food. The second landed and I ran up to give him a taste of blunderbuss, but he was still going after a solid hit. Swords it was then, I blocked a few of his attacks and lunged, he recovered and jumped over my anchor, outside of where I'm swinging the cutlass like a madman. I move over to finish him, but he gets me with a lunge and sends me flying off my great-in-spirit-not-in-size vessel. Now I can take a loss, and as far as losses go this one didn't even sting. The only treasure in the boat was a foul skull, disgraced skull, and 2 seafarers chests from a shipwreck so whoop-de-doo. What I didn't like was how I lost it. I really feel I outperformed the other sloop, I knocked them off their boat multiple times just with cannon fire, I killed both of them during a previous boarding attempt, but one hit from them cost me the fight? Not even that hit! As I floundered about in the water, a merman swam up to help me.... After about 1:30m. The screen went black, about another 20 seconds later I was dropped into the ocean where my boat had just sunk. Literally seconds away from saving it. Funny thing is, the other crew was splashing in the water looking for merpeople too, so I'm assuming they lost their boat in their poorly-devised boarding attempt. I guess the great moral of this too-long tale is Rare please please please make it harder to fall off the sloops in combat. Or at least have mermaids arrive to help before the ship gets 3 miles away, filling with water the whole while.

  • Hi, my game is crashing in random times after I get into the game, either in the menu or in-game. Sometimes it takes 30 minutes, 40 minutes, 15, it's a Russian roulette. I never know when I'm going to lose my loot. I bought the game recently and I'm pretty upset about it.

    I've tried all sorts of instructions, such as:

    • Updating the driver version (currently it's on Radeon ADM 18.7.1)

    • Turn off Shader Cache in AMD settings (Radeon Settings -> Click on Gaming -> Global Settings ->Turn off Shader Cache)

    • Turned off vsync in SoT graphic settings

    • Turned lightning detail down to cursed in SoT settings

    My specs:

    AMD FX(tm)-6300 Six-Core Processor

    Video Card
    AMD Radeon R7 200 Series (260X)

    8.0 GB

    Operating System
    Microsoft Windows 10 (build 17134), 64-bit

    This does not happen with any other game. Please help me!

  • Has anyone else had their pirates model appearance change recently or in the past?

    Last night my wife's characters model is different than today's; the hair color and face structure has changed since yesterday. I cannot speak towards smaller details until I find old images with her model in them and compare them to the changed look.

    But the issue is plain and obvious, we're not hallucinating.

    Yes, I appreciate the likely : Submit a bug report comments. Got it... thanks. I am simply wondering if this is a known issue I missed somewhere or if unspoken, have others encountered it?

  • Hello guys

    need some help with my quest : A prize raided by the prominent Cheat Daniels.

    I found the island, but for the next part i m going crazy like really crazy.

    " They'll not find the cave mouth looking to the north west sea my captain scoffed, nut should you do hold the lantern aloft "

    If someone can help me thx you

  • Newb here. Just a few questions.

    Just started playing a few days ago. Died many times and spawned back, but seem to have lost my history. My achievements. First time I lost my clothes and had to start from scratch and redress my pirate guy. What do I get to keep and what do I lose when I die? There doesn't seem to be any save game option. Also, starting out I play solo, but each time I die, and respawn, my option to go solo changes back to matching me with a crewmate. Since I'm starting out I'd rather learn the ropes, then once I feel competent at the basics, then I'll start looking for crew. But the game doesn't seem to want me to play solo. Also, I lose my missions and start it seems randomly in other places, completely different to where I started before...

    Can anyone explain what's happening and how this works? I'm kinda confused. Thanks in advance.

  • When you’re on a Legendary Voyage and the Merchant Voyage expires? Do you still get the Legendary Chest?

  • I'm looking for a crew to finish the event this afternoon (GMT+1). I'm currently going for red mermaids but I won't mind helping with all the others either.

    I speak fluent english and native italian, and I have xbox, so mic is required.
    Friend me using my gamertag if you're interested. :)

  • Anyone have any suggestions on the fastest or even just the most fun way to grind merchant alliance? I’ve reached lvl 50 in gold hoarder and order of souls but I’m only lvl 38 in merchant because I just don’t find the voyages that fun. Love the game and its events though.

  • Hey pirates, any of you sea dogs having issues with game crashes? I am!

    I'm using an Xbox One X so it's a standard configuration, it's a digital download so no disc, no other game (disc or otherwise) does this. This first started happening on the 22/03, since then it's happened more and more frequently, in total the game's crashed on me 6 times, booting me back to the dashboard each time. For the first two days after release day it was smooth as a whistle, no issues whatsoever. Both me and my housemate using the same internet connection (200mb fibre) played for hours on both days.

    It's driving me nuts, I've lost over 15 chests because the game keeps freezing up. I'm currently re-installing in the hope that may fix it.

    Is anyone else having this issue? Is it just me or is this widely known with a fix incoming?

    Any help would be great!!

  • Today, climbing ladders is hazardous on the ship. When at the top, it throws me backwards into the water or onto the deck, depending on the ladder. It takes several attempts to board. This is very frustrating when trying to load snakes onto my ship. I don't know what changed, but it makes the game hard to play.

  • Does anyone know what this is? A serpent statue with glowing red eyes that causes damage when I get close to it. I couldn't find a way to pick it up. Thanks all.

    alt text

  • This topic is deleted!

    Will Bilge rat adventures be available again in the future for pirates who haven't been able to complete it within the limited time period? If so, when will these adventures return?

  • Have you ever experienced a skelly despawning with a green ghost fade as players due when they are killed?

  • Will there ever be a fix for miles sailed towards commendations while on an Athena voyage? NON legends can get legendary gear, but ACTUAL legends cant get credit for sailing? Silly Pirates.

  • Encounters with the megladon sometimes cause the game to freeze. Last time I was in an open crew Galleon just outside a storm and shot it with a sniper rifle. CRASH.

  • I have already gotten all the gunpowder skelly weapons, but not all the commendations.

    I was wondering if titles and dabloons would still be obtainable if you obtain the commendations after the event.

  • I just soloed a Meg tonight and I did not see any chests or spoils come from where the Meg died. So if there is no loot from killing one, is there actually a point other than needless combat?

  • I am fully aware that this is a stupid question... But when factions are maxed out, where do I turn in skulls, chests, and all that?

  • Hi all,
    Was wondering if anyone may have some info on this. I’ve recently switched back from using my t.v screen to now using my benq gaming monitor. I would like to re adjust the margins & gamma. The screen you usually see when initially setting up your profile. I can’t seem to find how to get back to this anywhere in the game settings. Does anyone know how I can get back to that screen?

  • I have been attempting to complete all of the Gunpowder Skeleton Commendations since day 1. Our first attempt at the gunpowder plot gave us a small number of points towards the Legendary Commendation. How ever... I have done 3 more skeleton forts since then, and I am getting nothing. I currently have 4 points in it, but shouls have near 15 by this point. I have these instances recorded if proof is needed. Help please, I really don't wanna miss out on this. My crew man who has been helping me is also being screwed over by this...

  • So just got off tonight while trying to do a OOS mission to complete some GPS challenges. Had two islands in my contract, apon anchoring on both islands and locating the music where to find the skeleton I found nothing. Explore both islands for a good bit. Nothing. I did however find stacks of gun powder barrels. 9 all in one location. Could this be a bug where instead of skeletons spawning GPB take their place?