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  • Ahoy maties!

    • Tall Tales – Shores of Gold introduces a new epic storyline to the world of Sea of Thieves, delving deeper into the lore of our favourite pirate paradise. Follow a series of narrative adventures surrounding existing and all-new characters, taking you to undiscovered places and revealing surprising new gameplay features.
    • Enjoy a series of narrative-led adventures across the Sea of Thieves.
    • Meet new characters and fan favourites, including some from the official Sea of Thieves novel
    • Encounter deadly traps and puzzles
    • Delve into the lore of the world and the characters who reside in it
    • Utilise new features and new ways to use existing items

    Don't forget to check out what the Release Notes have to say about Tall Tales!
    Release Notes 2.0

    Are you stuck on a specific tall tale? Take a look at the links and information below, and post in those threads if you are struggling, and maybe, just maybe, together we can work it out!

    I would also advise not to give the whole game away, and so, in the spirit of exploration and adventure... try by cryptic with your help and give to the point answers.

    If you find any of the posts in the threads below useful please give them an upvote so we can find the working solutions.

    For now, I will wish you the best of luck on your Tall Tale voyage!

    Choose your tale below...

    1. The Shroudbreaker

    Starting Location: Any Outpost Tavern - Mysterious Stranger

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    2. Cursed Rogue

    Starting Location: Plunder Outpost - Order of Souls Tent - Maddame Olivia

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    3. The Legendary Storyteller

    Starting Location: Ancient Spire Outpost Tavern - Tasha

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    4. Stars of a Thief

    Starting Location: North Star Seapost - Sudds

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    5. Wild Rose

    Starting Location: Sanctuary Outpost - Order of Souls Tent

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    6. Art of the Trickster

    Starting Location: Plunder Valley - Salty the Parrot

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    7. The Fate of the Morningstar

    Starting Location: Ferry of the Damned

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    8. Revenge of the Morningstar

    Starting Location: Daggertooth Outpost - Shipwright

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    9. Shores of Gold

    Starting Location: Morrow's Peak Outpost - Grace

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  • Ahoy maties!

    • The Arena is one of the starring content releases in the Anniversary Update. The Arena allows you to get straight to the heart of the action. Pit your ship and your crew against others in a distinct game mode which will continue to grow in parallel to the Sea of Thieves adventure experience.
    • Join on-demand matches with other players
    • Focus on competitive play and sporting rivalries
    • Play in various world regions
    • Featuring a new Trading Company, the Sea Dogs, starring characters from the official comics
    • Visit the Sea Dog tavern between matches to share a grog with rivals

    Check out the Release Notes for more information on how to play Arena!
    Release Notes 2.0

    Have you got some vital tips and hints you can share to help out your fellow pirates with The Arena?

    Are you struggling with a certain part of this new feature? Let us know below! Hopefully one of our more experienced pirates can help you out.

    Drop any help or questions you have below!

  • Ahoy maties!

    • The Anniversary Update delivers a host of general gameplay features that offer new activities and ways to play. The Hunter’s Call Trading Company, led by fan favourite Merrick, is here to reward pirates with gold and cosmetics for fishing, hunting and cooking. Find and catch rare fish or cook up new fruit and meat edibles.

    Don't forget to check out what the Release Notes have to say about Fishing, Hunting and Cooking!

    Release Notes 2.0

    Have you got some vital tips and hints you can share to help out your fellow pirates with Fishing and The Hunters Call?

    Are you struggling with a certain part of this new feature? Let us know below! Hopefully one of our more experienced pirates can help you out.

    Found a good place to fish for a certain breed?

    Found some benefits to some of the new fish, meat or fruit?

    Drop any help or questions you have below!

    The Great Fishing PSA

  • Been playing since day 1 , but started hearing something in the game that I’ve never heard before. Here is a game clip where I hear a short music clip near the very end. Can anyone tell me what that is, or what it signifies? Please forgive me if this link doesn’t load correctly. Trying from my phone, and I don’t post often.


  • The name of the Island, and what tipe of object can we sell to him?

  • Hi all, wondered if anybody knows if there are still 5 sketches to find on the reapers hideout. I still need one more but my whole crew searched multiple times and can only find four!?

  • Ahoy maties!

    Are you stuck? In need of a helping hand? Or have some pearls of wisdom to share with others?

    Well, look no further...

    And remember, if you are offering help, I would also advise not to give the whole game away, and so, in the spirit of exploration and adventure... try by cryptic with your help and give to the point answers.

    Post below and collectively we may be able to guide each other through...

    The Revenge of the Morningstar Tall Tale!

    (Ps - If we have redirected you here, please don't be offended but we are trying to gather all the hints/clues and tips into one easy to read post)

  • So me and one other are currently doing the trader gilded voyage, it is their voyage not mine.

    We handed in the first 5 silk boxes and she got some reputation and gold, I got just gold. After that we handed in the next 5 silk boxes and neither of us got gold or reputation for the trading company. What gives?! IS this a glitch and a waste of the only gilded voyage?

  • Inspired to help out... by @ps4isbestlul

    From 5PM GMT today... or shortly afterwards (Wednesday 22th Jan)... with a small break for food :)
    I will offer my services to open up that "Legend Door"... for those not yet at Legend Status, for a few hours.
    So you can get that journal.

    I intend to start a galleon that remains at dock.
    If people are interested.... Join Me.. Join the Crew... then rotate the crew in & out as required.

    Let me know sure.... forum name is my gamertag.
    (drop me a message either here or on the xbox app)

  • Hi, im a new player. I literally started playing today while looking for a new multiplayer game for me and my friends.

    At first I really enjoyed the game. I thought I picked up the mechanics pretty quick. Having sailing experience I found it easy to maneuver my sloop. I did the maiden voyage and started my journey. I turned the first Gold Hoarder quest and everything was fine. I started out on my next voyage and was sailing around having some fun. I killed some npc's found some loot and even escaped from a group of hostile players on the sea.

    Eventually however things turned sour. I went back to the nearest outpost to sell my loot. I anchored my ship as a solo player I really have no choice. I grabbed a captains chest I found and went to go find who to sell it to. It was only about a couple seconds after hoping off my ship when I heard a gunshot and got hit, I looked around and saw nothing. Then I heard another shot and this time I died, about 30 seconds later while waiting to respawn a I got an achievement for another player cashing in my loot. I respawned on my ship which was completely on fire with two guys standing on the docks beside it who then killed me pretty quickly.

    I respawned again on my ship which was in new waters and continued my adventure. I got some more loot and went to a different outpost. I sailed around the Island and saw no other ships so I assumed it was as safe as it gets. I anchor my ship and start carrying off my loot. I made to the end of the docks when some guy decked out in sweet gear came up behind me and started swinging his sword at me. I dropped my stuff and fought back but he got the jump on me and was more experienced. I respawned on my ship and the guy was sailing it around. I killed him this time and took my ship back.

    So once again I had to start over and go find more loot. I have been playing for a few hours since and keep getting attacked at or just outside the outposts. It has already happened multiple times where I have been attacked by player at an outpost with no other ships around it. So now im wondering if camping around the outpost to attack people is a common tactic? Is it also acceptable? Can I report players who do this?

    The pirate code says to respect new players and their journey but I cant even start my journey without getting killed whenever im about do anything. As it stands I wont be telling my friends to download this game and If I cant ever turn in loot without getting attacked by other players then I don't think I will be playing much longer.

    I really like the design of this game and was really hoping for a fun experience but so far my initial experience has been full of frustrations and headaches, the exact opposite of fun. I don't want to quit just yet so Im hoping someone has some advice for me because I really cant get anything of any importance done on my own.

    And before you mention it... No Im not interested in teaming up with ramdom people on xbox live or joining some control freaks crew. If I cant play solo or just with a couple of my gaming friends then im not interested in playing.

  • so this is one of the last journals i have to collect for all of umbras commendations. however this one is permanently non accessible to me unless i achieve pirate legend (which i havent done yet) it would be great if i could add anyone that is pirate legend so i can join them and allow them to open the pirate hideout for me to collect the journal. thank you!

  • My fellow lads and lasses. I understand the Pirate Code and have no quarrel against those who sink the lesser or the less fortunate at sea. I do however wish to make this thread a guide to those who want to be safe, and most importantly, keep their loot safe from others who venture. So I ask the veterans and strategists of these cursed seas to share your guidance to those a new, and perhaps lend a few new ideas to me and my new crew.

    Example of what I mean.
    "When In doubt, check it out"
    This can mean many things, but I refer to pirates who sneak on a ship and hide in the darkest corners, and shadows of pillars and barrels. If you see a ship in the distance, and your docked on an island or outpost. Odds are, they could be a master of deception and sneak on your boat while not looking. When in doubt. Check it out. Scale your entire ship with a lamp. Call out to your crew if your spot a sleeping or sitting stow away.

    "A Fort to plunder, no time to squander"
    When taking a fort. The enemies will be gruesome, hard to kill. Alas. It is best to position your ship against the island to kill the skeletons fast with your cannons. Lead them a shore and take them out quickly. Along with the bosses. As no doubt. Other players will sale towards the orange colored sky in search of the fort as well, and may very well hear the action. Leaving you with little option to engage while plundering for the vast riches of the fort. In most cases. You have already done the hard work, and are loading the precious cargo. A player from the distance may wish to take your hard earned loot. It is best to have a lifeboat with half the loot and have a contingency plan for the nearest outpost. Indeed to also to have someone stay behind and keep their ears and eyes open for a stow away looking to get an easy score from a tired crew.

    These tips are to help those seeking vast riches to be cautious. Eyes and ears open me lads and lasses. I would share more, but life out of pirating is more time consuming than the life at sea. I hope others share their guidance to those who seek. As new players arrive every so often looking up to those who have the scars from the Sea of Thieves.

    P.S.- (Sorry for the cringe)

  • A few friends and myself were attempting Shroudbreaker. We were also hunting down the 5 journals. One of our crew had to leave us and after a while and we were on a brigantine. We ended up getting a random third crew member. We were on Xbox and I assume this person was on PC. This makes it difficult to communicate at times. We tried to communicate that we were after the journals but I dont believe the message was received. This new crew member shot himself towards the next island on the Shroudbreaker quest as we were headed to the last journal. Not too long after this crew member left. We manage to find the last journal and soon after that we received a mission update, however it was informing us that we had failed and it had claimed that the totem had been lost. I'm just looking for answers to avoid this issue in the future.
    Is it possible this third crew member sabotaged us? Is the entire server in a race to complete these missions before one another? What caused the totem to be lost?
    Any answer would be appreciated as I don't want to have to run into this issue again if its avoidable.


  • I just downloaded the game on the XBone to play something different from the typical FPS games I have been playing over the last several years; CoD:MW, CoD: BO 1-4, Destiny 1&2, etc.

    The first couple of hours were pretty much just getting familiar with certain things in the game and running a few missions/voyages. Then I started getting hammered by larger more experienced players and having my ship camped so I could not return to my ship without dying instantly. I know this is all part of the game but pretty sad that people get their rocks off by mobbing an obvious new player.

    Anyway to my reason for posting. If anyone feels like helping a noob at Sea, please feel free to send me an invite or message on XBone at CURNtheNERD and I will do my best not to puke on the deck... or below it. Thanks!


  • I cant donwload the game in microsoft store... 0x803F8001 error

  • It took me 24 hours to download the game, because I live in Brazil and in my city my internet is 10 mb, I went to open it to finally play and this error appeared from someone who knows if you will be forced to download it again? please help me

    alt text

    Game in my disk D: Because my ssd has no space

  • I have previously seen different solutions which didn't help me. For example, whitelisting the file from my anti-virus software but the problem is I don't have this kind of software.Moreover, I also have the requirements needed to play the game. I know that reinstalling it would fix the problem but I would like no to because it took me nearly 24 hours to download.

  • So I finally hit Pirate Legend yesterday and after browsing through the new commendations I noticed that there is one for stealing an Athena chest. How does one determine which ship is on an Athena voyage? Do we just go around sinking ships and stealing treasure, hoping to get lucky?

  • I have bought the wrong gilded voyage on this new update.

    I haven't used it yet and was wondering if there was some way of exchanging it for the one i wanted? (im pirate legend and wanted the pirate legend one)


  • Can't seem to sell reapers chests with my crew. Have two and they won't sell to the mysterious stranger or Duke! Not sure who I should sell to then?

  • Ahoy!

    I'm simply wondering if anyone knows how to get the appraisal / umbra clothing that you are supposedly able to find and equip.

    All help and tips would be much appreciated.

  • Iam close in becoming a legend in sea of thieves, but therefore im asking if its worth to wait and start the monthly mission for the legends. Or should i just start one of the three other golden missions?

  • I thought she was paying double for loot... What gives?

    This is the only thing I had to sell... and she isn't taking it, did I miss something?

    What does she wants?

  • I've chosen the wrong gilded voyage, i wanted to choose the voyage of legends voyage but now it wont let me choose any, what can i do now?

  • Ahoy there,
    I am wondering if i can collect all the Journals for the story achievments without starting the mission. Did anyone already try this way to complete all the achievments for the Chapters?

  • I cant find this megalodon, i sail a Lot of milles every day and this shark is imposible to see...

  • Someone contacted out to me saying that I was invited to tourney about completing fort waves with 5 other ships battling for the Grand Prize, Your name in The Hall of Fame in the Golden Horizon Discord Sever, an exelsuve rank in the Discord, and A physical Trophy mailed out to you with your name on it. If you are interested, contact me on discord. Captain Narwha1#8033

    I'm 13 btwalt text

  • So there are many weapon skins in the game. Some of them we choose simply because we find them aesthetically pleasing whilst others we pick because we find them easier to aim, I'm not hear to argue about the placebo effects of that and what not, that's not the point of this thread. Point being there are some skins that we specifically want on specific weapons.

    Now I trust we've all been in situation during ship to ship combat and boardings where we're quickly returning to the ammo box or swapping out weapon sets e.g. perhaps ditching 2 guns to grab a cutlass instead or vice versa. As far as I understand it when you go into the weapon switch case you'll be presented with a vast clutter of all the different skinned versions of X weapon you own. Is this true? And if so is there any way of having your preferred skin for example as always in the top slot? Or say the most top-left? So you can literally quickly locate and swap it when needed?

    It's basically putting me off wanting to purchase additional skins at present, it's pretty much only relevant to the pistols and blunderbusses.

  • I'm not sure if this question has been asked before but..
    I always notice that sometimes certain outposts give a better or worse trade value for items delivered, is there any pattern to this or is it all randomised?

    Do some outpost reward a higher amount for certain items?

    Any thoughts on this?

  • Every time I connect to a server in SOT I get the AllmondBeard error. Sometimes it won't even load me in at all and I get the error. I have tried everything from uninstalling, reinstalling, resetting router, checking server status, restarting my xbox. EVERYTHING. This has been happening for DAYS. I have game pass and game.share with someone who has the game. PLEASE HELP.

    I know the error is a connection error.

  • Hi!
    Some jerks decided to kill me and with that I lost my "statue".. what are you supposed to do to get it back?.. re-run the voyage?.. restart with a new ship an re-run?.. or can I pick it up somewhere?

  • Ahoy fellow pirates, I hope this is the right place to post this question.

    I've been sailing a lot recently and fought the Kraken!

    I ended up unlocking this cool Achievement called "Kraken Good Job!" and the details say "You were victorious in a Kraken encounter and lived to tell the tale!".

    Once I unlocked it a notification came up and said that a "Title" was added to my vanity chest.

    I've searched relentlessly and can't find the said title. I've gone to the outposts and looked in the shops and still can't find it. I even waited 24 hours and still don't have it.

    Is this a glitch? Do I need to purchase it?

  • About a week ago i bought the Parrot Starter pack. I am yet to receive any loot and the pirate emporium itself doesn't seem to be working. when I try to buy coins it says unavailable now and there are no prices for any of the items. Any help would be appreciated. Thx!

  • A little bit of backstory: I was doing a voyage for the Order of Souls and ended up with like a dozen skulls (which IMO shouldn't glow through ships and make you light up like a lantern considering it's easily the most common loot in the game, but I digress) and I parked on an island to kill some more skeletons when another player came up and started throwing firebombs at me and lighting my whole ship on fire. I started putting the fire out and of course caught on fire myself, so I went to put the fire out and it did.

    The issue is that I kept taking damage even after the fire was put out. I dumped my bucket on myself, the fire on my character went away, but I still died. I couldn't take the lantern on the ferry, so the game didn't even think I died by fire. When I respawned, I immediately jumped off of my burning ship into the water and STILL kept taking damage. The other guy was easily able to shoot me once to kill me since I took over half of my health worth of damage after jumping into the water with seemingly absolutely no source.

    Is this a bug or am I just missing another weird obscure fact about that game?

  • That shark bit off more than it could chew, when it chose to mess with you.

    Anyone know about this achievement?
    Do I need to blow up a shark with a keg?
    I notice only 0.32% unlocked this.