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  • I know, I know first step is to make sure the app is allowed to use my Microphone......yeah been there done that.
    So my issue is that it doesn't even show up with the indicator that chat is going through the game. I turned Push to Talk off so voice is always on and there's nothing.
    I use a Yeti Mic if it matters, works for Discord and everything else I've used it for.
    I've been able to get my push to talk key to work sometimes but when the chat indicator comes up, it's blinking instead of solid in the top right corner. Friends say it's blinking over my head too but nothing is going through the game.
    I've tried just about everything I can think of and I cannot get this to work. It's like it doesn't even register I'm using the PTT key and I've tried different ones.
    When it does register, the chat indicator blinks instead of stays solid to signify I'm talking in game.


  • So, I guess this is the right forum to put this in as it does help with other people's voyages... I think.

    So me and the missus, we put all of our unused cursed cannonballs in a barrel on a jetty whenever we leave the game for other players to get. Or that's the intention. Would other players actually find these cursed cannonballs or not?

  • So today a friend and I were doing a stronghold fort and we noticed about every other round randomly one skeleton would glitch into a wall and disappear, and to kill him we had to swipe at walls with our swords. Strange, but we kept going. Then of course it happens to the captain, he all of a sudden disappears and then we have to kill him the same way, except when he drops the key it ends up in the loot room below the fort, with no way for us to retrieve the key, quite frustrating!(

  • I wanted to take a moment to thank you Pirate Legends out there who don't shoot/sink on sight. You don't flex your skills on new players, ruining the game experience. Whether it's dropping your Athena's quests or letting us tag along on a skeleton fort, you make us want to play more.

    I recently bumped into a legend who is turning out to be one of the coolest people I have ever met playing online. If he had wrecked me, like I know he can at any time, I would have missed out on a great friendship. So in summary; thank you. It's players like you who help build a strong community that will stand the test of time.

  • So I was solo slooping saw a wandering r skelly ship and decided to try my luck.

    I knew in a straight up fight I would not win as I had next to no supplies, so I did the ram and bucket move I’ve seen on YouTube.

    Sunk the ship, patched my holes and waited for my treasure to surface. Nothing came up so I looked under the cursed sails menu and noticed it didn’t even register that I had killed one

    Am I supposed to get atleast one cannon shot on it or something?

  • Does any one know how to find the megldon I’ve found it a few time randomly but it doesn’t attack and if I hit it even with a pistol it runs any suggestions

  • I do not use ASDW... I am old school and still uses the keyboard arrows and keypad. When I open up a barrel, I cannot reach the X button.. which you can't rebind via normal settings?? WTH?

    This means if I want to back out of the barrel, I have to move my mouse cursor and click on the bottom left button that says "button X to back"... which in a firefight stealing bananas doesn't work really well...

    I am looking into finding the config file and seeing if I can't manually rebind it... but if that doesn't work, I am hoping to find a solution with the help of this forum!


  • Olá Piratas! sou novo no game e gostaria de saber como ganhar patentes, no momento estou apenas como marinheiro.

  • Are commendations like "golden skeleton captain" and "mystical skeleton captain" not shared with crew? Is the person who hands in the chest/skull the only one to get progress?

  • Hi guys, wasn't sure where to post this. I have a dual pc setup for streaming purposes and for that reason I have my screen duplicated to a capture card. This causes the game to lock fps in full screen mode to 60 fps, and its not very stable. Putting the game in windowed breaks this frame lock, but leaves the game with a start menu on screen and white bar on the top.

    Is there a way to fix this or a borderless fullscreen mode I can toggle somehow?

  • Hello all! First forum post!

    I have to admit, I was poking around Youtube and got a suggestion for a video of Zylbrad playing this game, and instantly I was hooked! This is the best game I've ever played. Super enjoyable, balanced, and beautiful. One of the things I saw in Brad's videos were players talking on their mics a lot. Now, he plays in Australia and I guess there are different servers for different regions, and people are different. But I've played for about 20 hours now (living in the North East America region) and I have not found anyone who does anything more than Pirate Chat. I've checked my microphone privacy settings, and the settings in game, but literally no one talks to me! Are there any other settings that I need to check, or are just North East American pirates not talkative?

    Happy Sailing,

  • For me skeleton ships are currently the most annoying thing in this game, even more so than other player crews.

    You can get out of the ink circle of a kraken, and it'll just sit there and go away after a while.

    A megalodon will go away if you get near any land mass.

    Both of them also hit very slowly. Skeleton crews on the other hand have a skeleton for every single interactable object on their ship, and they respawn ten times as fast as players. Skeleton ships are also always galleons, so whatever crew amount or ship you have, you always face the max firepower that is possible in the game.

    I always dread sailing out of an outpost after a resupply and hearing the slow base drop and the action music kick in. Not because I'm scared they'll sink me, but because it's such an inconvenience. I've learnt that if you sail right back to an island and wait there for a few minutes, then sail out, they will not spawn and the music will fade out (though sometimes I just get 2 ships in a row, and end up fighting the second).

    In my entire time playing this game (and I'm almost pirate legend with no level purchases), I have never been able to "escape" a skeleton ship. They keep following me at 3 times the speed of a normal galleon until either I or they sink.

  • Ahoy there,

    Was talking to a few guys on the official discord and they suggested I post here.

    Bought the game a few days ago along with some friends and while we love it, we all have issues with the way mouse input is handled - there is an absurd amount of smoothing/acceleration on any movement we try to make.
    I play at low sens (1.2 @ 800DPI) and it really gets in the way when trying to aim. Also, even at max scoped sensitivity the ADS sens is abysmally low.
    Is this an intended feature to keep console and PC players on the same page PvP wise or is there a fix anyone knows about?


  • Ahoy there,
    I just recently hit PL and purely out of curiosity, does anyone know what it takes to hit Grade V in each of the PL commendations? Thanks in advance to anyone who knows!

  • Hello peeps

    I've only done two cargo run voyages in the game.

    And I don't understand how you can interact with plants.

    I drop water on it, and nothing happends (not even a short animation)
    I let the plants in the water in my ships hold and it still get brown.

    And once your plant is brown, water has no more effects on it !

    Can you explain me how to take care of plants without having to be a gardener ?

  • I stopped playing a while back during a content drought and was at level 6 Athena's. I got back into it recently when I saw a video of people just stuffing a ship full of loot. In the video there's a part where the guy digs up 3 chests of legends on one island. Is there a certain level where the quests improve? I haven't been able to find anything about it online, and before I have done voyages with crew mates who were level 10 and I don't remember getting more than one. Any info is appreciated.

  • Hello, so today me and 2 of my friends went to do the cloud ship battle event, where enemy ships come out of the water and fight us, we managed to get all the chests and skulls from them until the last fight where we lost our ship but we had a rowboat, and 2 of us survived, we got all of our loot on the rowboat and sailed to the nearest island, eventually the guy with me on the rowboat somehow bugged out and re spawned on our ship with my other friend, eventually I almost got to an island "Lost Gold Fort" but saw an enemy player ship so I retreated to close by where my friends were in sight already, players didn't see my rowboat, my friends and them fought, I retreated to Old Salts Atoll where I hid my chests on the plants on the left south side of the island away from the pirate wrecked ship, in case my friends lost, we would go back there to get the loot, but we won, so I told them I was at Old Salts, we put the chests back onto the rowboat and docked it on our ship, and made our way to the Plunder Outpost, where we tried to sell everything but nothing of the loot gives any XP or Gold.

    Here's where the battle happened it's the circle, my rowboat trip to both islands

    Here's me trying to sell stuff and getting no money

  • Ahoy Mates!
    An old sea dog like me should know this but where can I find the Text Chat size slider?

    I've looked all over for it in the settings menus, but no luck, hope ya can help!
    alt text

  • Does anyone knows if we are going to have the opportunity to buy the Bone Crusher ship set once again ?

  • Hello!
    So, recently I've been hunting megs. I killed one today and one yesterday, and one the day before. For the past two days, I've been solo hunting, but I haven't been receiving any loot for my kills. Yesterday, it did attack my ship and caused some damage, but today it didn't. It has been so annoying not to get any loot, and I really just need help with it.
    Thanks in advance!

  • I've just jumped back into SoT (only played it for a few hours when it released on game pass) after seeing a lot of positive comments about it's knew updates, and decided now would be the time to rejoin with the festive quest from Duke. However, because I am a massive noob I voted for it on the table whilst playing alone and couldn't understand how to actually find the quests then accidentally cancelled it and it disappeared... is there a quest bin or something where I can recover my quest??? It just dissapeared from my table and my inventory so I guess I must have cancelled it or something :( Please let me know if there is any way to recover it! Thank you in advance!

  • I'm realy trying to find Out how to find all the diffrent Megalodons, so Please help me to find the yellow and white One!!

  • I was wondering if you could still collect the flames from the Festival of the Damned. If so how? I tried dying through all the different ways but I could never collect the flame from the ferry of the damned. It never let me take it.

  • Hello Dear Brothers and Sisters of the Coast , oh i love that saying...No , i can't drift off already...For the Pirates that don't have much time : this will be TOO LONG TO READ!!!! .Am i going to bore you with one of my toecurling stories? Well...No. A thought has crossed my mind and has been growing the last week , but before i start i want to add one more thing, i will try to explain as good as possible what i mean, this week has proven to me that i have to do more my best into coming over as clear as possible, yes i'm a foreigner that hasn't got English under his arm but i really gonna try to make sure i ,hopefully ( * You wished , moron), can't be missunderstood...Sea Gods , i will need yer help...So let me begin ( * Yaaaaaawn, okay , you there , that one loyal reader , make yourself comfortable , take a pillow , because the nag is going to start his verbal chainsaw so..." Enjoy" this ....Poor soul, i don't envy you...)

    SOT has had a fantastic week thanks to the release of Schrouded Spoils.Schrouded Spoils offered so many new things , thrills and commandations and so on...This made that many Pirate Legends 10 came back since they could gather new Commandations, other Pirates came back because their road to the Legendary Status will be shortened quite a lot with all the new earnings and rewards dropped by killing Krakki, Meggi, Skeleton Ships, Skeleton Fleets , Fortresses , Mermaid statues and so on and on...For some the " grind " will feel not so heavy . Oh , many of you ( * Like many will read this written rubbish , moron - And ooh, it's Sunday and our little lovely Sunshine is cranky again...* Little ? LITTLE!!!??? keep yer tears inside , Captain crybaby ...moron) know how i feel about " grinding" but no, i won't crawl in my frontline trench...for once...Other Pirates came back after sailing " foreign shores " , other games i mean , and heard that SOT has a lot more content then at the day they gave up on this game...
    All of them are welcomed back...
    Many New Pirates also found their way to SOT, and that is very ,very good...

    Now , we go to the Geniuses behind this game , Rare ...Rare has been working on this for so many years , and are planning to add at least one more year to that development and enriching of this game . In secret i hope that Mr Spencer orders them to keep developing this game for many years , but ssssstttt, that's the egocentric illegal son in me ( * Huh, what , this has nothing to do with me , moron - " He ,who fits the shoe, has to ware it too" * Did someone asked you to open yer drafthole Captain ? No? Then close it , it stinks). But along the way , i fear that Rare has forgotten just how rich this game has become...Hold on...i will try to explain better...

    Rare decided ,from the very beginning , to only give a tiny little tutorial ,wich is woven in the game , the rest would have to be discovered while playing...That's great and i admire that tactic , and it's a gift to the PvE players but....Since SOT has grown exponentially in content ,mechanics and so on, the new Pirate may feel that he or she got struck with an avalanche. i have met many Solo Sloopers this week , and very many of them are New , they don't have Friends that want to play Pirates or ...Don't have Friends at all.But Solo Slooping is already very hard for the hardest, battle experienced knucklehead Pirate around, what will it do to the playing joy of a New Pirate?. New People are too much unaware that Solo Slooping is the " Nightmare "mode of this game.Only the strongest and most experienced of us can pull this off and many lose ships or die trying...Nothing good can come from this if this continues to the unaware New Pirate...

    i am a lucky fool ( * Oh wait, the last time i saw the mirror , i more thought of you as an ugly fool...hihihihi) , i was part of the first 1000 Alpha Players , way back at the end of 2016. In other words , i have grown along the game and i too, have forgotten how hard it may be for the New Pirate...Since i play every time i can , i seem to not realize anymore that player who don't play that much may struggle with , what i feel ,so" easy" things to do on the ship...

    Is the Tutorial , once made at the beginning, the release of this game i mean, still adequate enough to actually let the New Pirate grow , or is it just a little tiny flame that ,in some cases , can't ignite the Big Gutfire it supposed to ignite?

    Another thing that i read on these very Forums , and since it's so massive , i cannot read alot anymore, was : A guy and his wife decided to tackle a Skeleton Fleet , in the hope that the man could convince his wife to play together .They used the sloop but forgot or didn't realize to stock up as much as possible . Result , losing of the ship, discouraged feelings and a possible a shame.
    Is there no possible mechanic , warning , or line of text that could warn people ...i know it could break the immerment of the moment , but seeing people leave upset, frustrated ,angry and so on , on this beautiful game hurst me in a way too...

    Many people seem to have given up on communications, please don't shoot me , i'm not aiming to people that don't use the microphone for many reasons, there is the Non Verbal mechanism and PC players can type whole letters if they feel the need ...But...i am talking about the Pirate that doesn't talk at all...He / She mostly runs along like a fifth wheel on the wagon, doing things without knowing that it could hurt the crew ...They are not "in " the game ...And many of them don't really know very well what is expected or what they are doing?
    What has happened in so many other games that made people so quiet? Is it shyness, fear of talking, fear of talking to randoms for a posiible verbal beating?
    No, i'm not mocking the silent Pirate , i was once silent too, for a very long time and it almost killed me mentally because if i wanted to talk i simply couldn't anymore...That may sound funny but i can assure you that these kinds of reality checks really give you a mental punch...

    i do understand that people are cautious but if you play an hour with a crew that Friendly tries to make contact with you , then please give a sign of life out there , write something , listen to what others ask and please ,if you have a microphone , and would love to talk, then please take the jump...After an hour, the chance that people would still verbally attack you is very tiny...Many , not all unfortunately i know that too, Pirates try to learn from each other , enrich themselves and others by meeting, bounding and talking...You ,too, can be part of this if you take the jump...

    Now , this game is made by people ( * Wow, get the Nobel Price ready , because Old George has just invented warm water...moron)...but is people who "make " yer game ...Confused ( * Who wouldn't?, if they read yer garbage...dufus)...Let me tell you a little story of two days ago from the Seas, no i promise ,it won't be a long one ( * We all hope...).
    It was around 5.30 am my time , when Mr Xbox Geek and Mr Jay4dio, Boatswain of the Forum and one of the only two Crewbinders i have ever met in this game ,came to our " last " Island...
    We had been doing a lot of stuff, Skeleton Ships, fortresses , Meggi's and so on and on, while doing an Athena voyage. We finally came to our last place, Snake Island and our treasure was completely West.On the other side , however , was a mast ...The Plan was simple ( * yes , of course , otherwise you couldn't understand it , baboon), i was guarding the ship, Mr Xbox geek was digging and Mr Jay4dio would spy upon them...

    The treasure was fetched and we took off and left Mr Jay4dio on the island, he could take a Mermaid ....But ...Mr Jay4dio is Mr Jay4dio so he sneaked on board entered their crowsnest and observed the Pirate ...We will call her a she as it was a female Pirate character because it could had been a guy that just like a female character to play with....It didn't took Mr Ja4dio long to recognize a new Pirate .No shipcostumization, default sailor dress and the Sailor title above her head ...She didn't use a microphone but that doesn't hold Mr Jay4dio back...He talked pointed her to a few points in wich she needed to be more on her guard for and while we were cashing in he took her to our Outpost...He promised her to not ambush ,betray and steal from her...She made it to the shore , we said hello , helped her taking her stuff to shorten the time to the Factions members ...

    Mr Geek gave her a Fine Sugar box and i quickly gathered 50 bananas from our barrels and the islands and gave that to her to add to her Merchant Ranks...She thanked us and i went to sleep...
    i think , in total humbleness , that our approach to her , although you could feel that she was totally new and not comprehended what was going on , made her to come back the next day for a new adventure ...

    Now pretend , we didn't repected her "newness" ...Oh , we wouldn't had any problem of killing, her robbing her , sinking the ship and so on...But ...Ask yourself this question...Would she have come back to this game the next day?...Would she have felt this game was "fair " to her?...
    What i am trying to ask is that all of us , experienced players , that don't get attacked ,first take a little look to who is standing before you...Somebody wrote this week " The Game is dead" ...No ,this game isn't dead but we have the potential to kill it , or...not...and make it so that we first spend some of our time to train a new Pirate , it doesn't have to take much time...
    Give some tips and tricks , help with a ridlle ,or search for the place of the X on a map for him or her....There is no doubt that the next day , this person starts Sea of Thieves again...

    Do i ask you to become a " hippie Pirate " ...No...i just ask you to not destroy the new Pirate ...Is it really that fun? Is there any honor or pride to take down and destroy a person that isn't even aware of it's surroundings...Come on Pirates , we all learned this game by falling and getting up but we all have recieved help when it was needed or when we didn't expect it...
    Play sometimes with yer Heart ...And give a New Pirate a chance to find him/herself in this game .In time you have helped to create a player that can take a dissapointment and comes back because he/she has recieved a bit of kindness in the past from a total unexpected corner...
    New Pirates have a lot more to learn then the New Pirate from the release ...Most people of our Forum grant sunlight in other persons eyes , but we are 300.000 at the maximum while there are five or more millions of Pirates out there....

    A game can die because of many reasons, Server shutdown and so on , but we too have a responsibility to keep it alive ...i don't ask much, just try to lend a hand or be mild on a New Pirate, that you may have recognized from afar and who hasn't attacked you first , share a bit of yer knowledge , make them feel welcome and wanted in this game...And yer reward ? ...Well, if you feel the same Warm Glow in yer Heart as i do then i bet you will become addicted in helping new People . And you too will have contributed on the fact that this game will simply live longer because you gave a New Pirate a chance to learn and adapt to this world...

    Sure , the chance that they become frustrated ,angry , fed up after meeting stronger players will always be there but the first impression of a game is sometimes so strong and good that they learn that gaming is like life: Get downed , but get up again...Tomorrow , is after all , a new day and a new oppertunity for a new Grand Adventure...

    i'm sorry for this long text ( * No you don't...beanstake) but i hope you realize what power each and everyone has at his or her disposal to "make or break" a New Pirate's first day at the Sea ...Please be gentle because players are the LIFEBLOOD of a Game...Any game ...Thank you for reading...

  • I'm quite sure this is just me being a moron in some way, but I have accepted the merchant's guild gilded voyage, placed it on my table, and I have a scroll that reads, "By the order of the merchant alliance ye are hereby requested to collect 50 crates in the name of Willow from Galleon's Grave Outpost"

    Now my conundrum is that I am currently standing on the dock of Galleon's Grave Outpost, and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to acquire 50 crates. I went to a different outpost and talked to the merchant representative there and had no luck either. I am only level 10 merchant and have not done any missions specifically for them yet (thus me selecting them to catch up on rep) so I feel like this is me being a dummy, but I can't find anything online to help me figure this out, so I thought I'd turn to the community.

    -New Guy, Totally Confused and Somewhat Ashamed

  • So i bought a legend guilded voyage about 2 days ago now and suddenly my voyages have all disappeared from my inventory and my friend (also a legend) accidentally bought a gilded gold hoarders voyage and his has disappeared aswell. Not worried he accidentally got gilded gold hoarder but the fact that both of our gilded voyages were wiped totally sucks Rare :'( and everyone else,. Any ideas how to contact Rare anyone :( im totally gutted . Or any ideas at all. Im stuck and not happy at all

  • I would like to know if u guys know of a way to somehow retrieve discarded voyages.
    I got the gold hoarders gilded voyage from the bilge rat as a gift, but i was dumb to accidentally discard it !
    Any help is welcome !

  • I disconnect after starting the voyage and now I've lost my guided voyage.
    So I got the merchant gilded voyage, started the voyage and read the page. I couldn't figure out where to pick up the crates so I ALT+TAB to look it up. Game disconnects the second I ALT+TAB and I've lost the voyage before I even lower the sails or touch a crate.

    Please tell me there's some way to recover it, I can't get a new one and it doesn't show in any of my menus. I get that it's like a one time thing but it'll be a real let down if I don't even get a chance at it.

  • Hi guys,
    I just bought the game and of course its a bit of a Learning curve.
    So i talked to the Duke and got his festive voyage.
    I went to the boat and put it into the captains table.
    I set it to vote and was waiting a long time, so the only option i had was to cancel it.
    Now i cannot get the voyage again from Duke its chained out and nothing on table...
    Is the quest/voyage gone now?
    Probably my noob approach nuked out this once off festive voyage?
    If so then it should be described a little better as i have no crew...
    Thanks for your input.

  • I have completed every portion of the riddle and just need the chest however it says to find a lost soul to the north west? I have searched every corner of the north west of this island along with every other skeleton or point of interest with no luck? What gives there is literally nothing in the north west of this island been searching and digging for hours?

  • I spawned in and saw a ghost ship coming close to the outpost I was on. Btw I'm playing solo. I was like what the heck, might as well shoot at it. I eventually sunk it after using all my cannonballs. And there wasn't any loot. Is this normal? I think you should get SOMETHING for defeating such a hard challenge, especially on solo.

    Edit* Just checked Bilge Rats, still showing 0/50 skeleton ships destroyed...

  • I've been having trouble with the ladders ever since I got the game a week ago. None of my other friends have a problem with them. I swim up to a ladder and attach myself just fine. I climb up to the top - whether it be on a boat, dock, or Crow's nest. And as my character finishes climbing and goes through the stand up animation sometimes I'll just fall straight back down. No matter how I approach it - it still happens. Literally just holding W to climb up and looking straight forward and will sometimes just fall back down when I reach the top.

    I've searched the forums and read that some people have had this issue but never found a solution. Someone attributed it to lag or packet loss but using the Xbox App determines I'm not having any connection issues and my ping is fine. So not sure if that's the problem.

    Anyone have any solutions or have had this problem as well?

    Love the game so far! Would love it more if I wasn't falling off of the ladders 30% of the time.

  • Hello,

    I've been soloing Skelly ships for the past few weeks and more then often after I sink the ship my commendation progress in curse sails does not budge! I've been sitting on 43/50 for a while now, does anyone know what is causing this to not count? It's driving me insane I'm well beyond 50 ships sunk solo, which is a feat in it's self! Any real suggestions or actually fixes for this would be great.

  • So, a couple of days ago, i was completing a gilded voyage with a friend (In a sloop) and with a couple of islands worth of chests on board we got Krakened. We took out a couple of tentacles then a meg spawned and we gave up. We had a rowboat attatched to the back and I was wondering if we put the treasure on the rowboat then released it, would the Kraken/Meg attack it? On another note, is there any trick to surviving the Kraken in a sloop?

  • So I logged on starting at like 11:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time and I'm pretty sure I had a dead server which is good for me because I am still a low-level player (17, 26, 20) and I wanted to get a decent amount of gold and rep while I was playing tonight so I loaded up an OOS voyage from the Devil's Roar, after about two hours or so I had already gotten maybe about 8 skeleton skulls, I found a treasure chest and I had a couple of gems on my boat so I started heading back to the Outpost to turn some of that stuff in and on my way back I got attacked by both a skeleton Galleon and Meg at the same time. That is way too much for a solo player to overcome. I lost all but one skeleton skull. It is so incredibly frustrating to put in that much time and have it all be worth nothing just because the game completely out numbers you. I would not be mad if another crew made me lose all of that loot but just because it was AI controlled enemies and they stacked the game against me, I'm completely frustrated right now. Honestly it makes me not want to come back and play this game.