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    • Tall Tales – Shores of Gold introduces a new epic storyline to the world of Sea of Thieves, delving deeper into the lore of our favourite pirate paradise. Follow a series of narrative adventures surrounding existing and all-new characters, taking you to undiscovered places and revealing surprising new gameplay features.
    • Enjoy a series of narrative-led adventures across the Sea of Thieves.
    • Meet new characters and fan favourites, including some from the official Sea of Thieves novel
    • Encounter deadly traps and puzzles
    • Delve into the lore of the world and the characters who reside in it
    • Utilise new features and new ways to use existing items

    Don't forget to check out what the Release Notes have to say about Tall Tales!
    Release Notes 2.0

    Are you stuck on a specific tall tale? Take a look at the links and information below, and post in those threads if you are struggling, and maybe, just maybe, together we can work it out!

    I would also advise not to give the whole game away, and so, in the spirit of exploration and adventure... try by cryptic with your help and give to the point answers.

    If you find any of the posts in the threads below useful please give them an upvote so we can find the working solutions.

    For now, I will wish you the best of luck on your Tall Tale voyage!

    Choose your tale below...

    1. The Shroudbreaker

    Starting Location: Any Outpost Tavern - Mysterious Stranger

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    2. Cursed Rogue

    Starting Location: Plunder Outpost - Order of Souls Tent - Maddame Olivia

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    3. The Legendary Storyteller

    Starting Location: Ancient Spire Outpost Tavern - Tasha

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    4. Stars of a Thief

    Starting Location: North Star Seapost - Sudds

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    5. Wild Rose

    Starting Location: Sanctuary Outpost - Order of Souls Tent

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    6. Art of the Trickster

    Starting Location: Plunder Valley - Salty the Parrot

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    7. The Fate of the Morningstar

    Starting Location: Ferry of the Damned

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    8. Revenge of the Morningstar

    Starting Location: Daggertooth Outpost - Shipwright

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    9. Shores of Gold

    Starting Location: Morrow's Peak Outpost - Grace

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  • Ahoy maties!

    • The Arena is one of the starring content releases in the Anniversary Update. The Arena allows you to get straight to the heart of the action. Pit your ship and your crew against others in a distinct game mode which will continue to grow in parallel to the Sea of Thieves adventure experience.
    • Join on-demand matches with other players
    • Focus on competitive play and sporting rivalries
    • Play in various world regions
    • Featuring a new Trading Company, the Sea Dogs, starring characters from the official comics
    • Visit the Sea Dog tavern between matches to share a grog with rivals

    Check out the Release Notes for more information on how to play Arena!
    Release Notes 2.0

    Have you got some vital tips and hints you can share to help out your fellow pirates with The Arena?

    Are you struggling with a certain part of this new feature? Let us know below! Hopefully one of our more experienced pirates can help you out.

    Drop any help or questions you have below!

  • Ahoy maties!

    • The Anniversary Update delivers a host of general gameplay features that offer new activities and ways to play. The Hunter’s Call Trading Company, led by fan favourite Merrick, is here to reward pirates with gold and cosmetics for fishing, hunting and cooking. Find and catch rare fish or cook up new fruit and meat edibles.

    Don't forget to check out what the Release Notes have to say about Fishing, Hunting and Cooking!

    Release Notes 2.0

    Have you got some vital tips and hints you can share to help out your fellow pirates with Fishing and The Hunters Call?

    Are you struggling with a certain part of this new feature? Let us know below! Hopefully one of our more experienced pirates can help you out.

    Found a good place to fish for a certain breed?

    Found some benefits to some of the new fish, meat or fruit?

    Drop any help or questions you have below!

    The Great Fishing PSA

  • So i went to crooks hollow and had to find the small stone mouth and play music at it. after a while i figurd it was the small cave mouth of the island as there are many. so i ran around the cave mouth playing an instruemnt...then i walked....then i slowly stepped everywhere areound the mouth. nothing i gave up and went to google to find an answer for the riddle. turns out I was right about the location only this quest is notoriously bad about activating. so i ended up trying to activate it again.....for about an hour and a half this went on....after that long. my crew and i gave up....this isnt the first time ive gotten this riddle and it always ends the same. in failure. which is great from a hiding spot point of view, but terrible for gameplay. knowing the answer is a round piece for a round hole and still not getting it to work just feels bad...

  • Real sailors used flags and morse code light signals to portray info about their situations. I was wondering if this game has anything sort of like that which there is some soft agreement on. Among other things, is there a way I can express "You leave me alone and I'll leave you alone?"

    If not, I hearby float the idea of crow's nest flags being used as statements of intent, of sorts. Of course, nothing's stopping someone from just lying, but that's half the fun, right?

  • So I'm brand new to this game, I just set sail and was doing my own thing, trying to figure out the game, when This one ship killed me and took all my stuff. I get that's what you do, but this one ship hounded me the entire time I played and continued to murk me and my ship and because of that, I have no money to upgrade my gear or ship.
    Just when I thought I was in the clear, that same ship found me again after I made port to sell the two chests I found to try and get some money- killed/robbed me and sunk my ship again.

    Is there any advice you can give to a new player, to help prevent this in the future?

    P.S. I stole their ship full of loot and sunk it in front of them for revenge :)

  • Ahoy maties!

    Are you stuck? In need of a helping hand? Or have some pearls of wisdom to share with others?

    Well, look no further...

    And remember, if you are offering help, I would also advise not to give the whole game away, and so, in the spirit of exploration and adventure... try by cryptic with your help and give to the point answers.

    Post below and collectively we may be able to guide each other through...

    The Fate of the Morningstar Tall Tale!

    (Ps - If we have redirected you here, please don't be offended but we are trying to gather all the hints/clues and tips into one easy to read post)

  • Hello, I was wondering if twitch drops are enabled every Sea Of Thieves weekly stream. I’ve already linked my account, so I’m just wondering the specific streams where I can earn some cool rewards. Thank you for answering if you do!

  • Hello, this might be the most noob sounding question in all of the forums, but I’m wondering what a “keg” is (idk if you spell it that way). I hear streamers say it all the time and have no idea what they are talking about. Is it a type of chest/item, is it some pirate slang, etc? I would love to know. Thanks for anyone who is willing to answer!

  • Alright I've had it with these bald lady rumors. I've visited several forum pages, and done how much research, but I still haven't really gotten any answers, is it real or no? I've visited Crooks Hollow and heard creepy stuff at night but is that just an easter egg Rare put in or what?

  • Hey guys, the last 20 or so ashen skeletons I have encountered on islands have been Ashen Guardians. No Ashen Key Masters. Are they no longer spawning on islands?

  • I have a key but can't use it because it says that the vault is "in use" we see no other ships around so we were wondering how long the time is between uses?

  • I haven't seen one since the event.. plus I cant remember the last time I saw moltress fortress up.. where are these located?

  • Hello, Today i did tale number 8 and the books are not appearing and I finished this chapter like 2 or 3 times and my game says I only did it once. Help

  • When i play arena i go in questwheel and i cant see the maps why is that?

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  • I cant find Captain of Silvered waters commendation in Commendations tab. Where is it? I looked in the Sea dogs ab but its not there.

  • Hello, I’ve completed majority of the Summer-Event tasks.

    The remaining two I care about for Titles are:

    • Gotta Go Fast — Turn-in Arena Chest under 5min
    • DeMarco Polo — Get 1 member of every crew into hot-tub

    Both of these I swear I’ve completed multiple times but they don’t seem to count. Some help playing in about 7hrs would be much appreciated!

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  • This is mainly a bug report.
    Spoilers ahead.

    I just tried to do the "Wild Rose" Tall Tale for the first time. I found the chest of memories. It only contained the pages for the "We survived our first ambush!" story. I found the "music box" from this story, and brought it to Madame Olive. She took it without saying a thing, and I was stuck like that. It is only after looking it up on the internet that I realized I should have gotten a second story allowing me to get the required "box of spices".

  • I get this message : i'm having some trouble preparing my inventory. Ask me again shortly"

    Please help me and comment below for a solution!

  • Does the timer on these vault doors differ for crew sizes or is the same set time regardless if solo sailing or with a crew of 4?

  • I used my Nightshine Parrot Bundle code on Steam version of the game. But it did not work. Is there anything that I did wrong?

  • How Do I quote People, I see posts where people are in the replies making peoples messages go into a white box. How do I do that. I figured out how to do a black box but that isn't what I need help. Plz help meh.

  • What are your favorite/least favorite tall tales? From any criteria-narrative, gameplay, just whatever.

    For me, my favorite is the Curse of the Morningstar. It's the only thing that made Old Faithful a fun island(except for that stinking map in the sand). The lantern as a means of an AR was a really neat mechanic(and I liked it in Seabound Soul as well).

    I also liked Revenge of the Morningstar. Using the costumes is a thing I'd love to see in more of the game-even if it's just a throwaway line from NPCs. And I liked the approach to puzzle solving with the decoder book.

    On the other end of the spectrum, Art of the Trickster is awful. I like the concept, but the execution is horrid, primarily because the clues you're given are virtually impossible, and the map pages are completely worthless. Instead of maps that don't resemble anything, the platform markers should have some sort of unique identifier.

  • Does anyone know how many things are in the new loyal to the coin voyage that you get from duke in the new update

  • I don’t know why I’m asking but are there ashen vaults in the latest update?

  • I’ve been at 24 out of 25 voyages for Mergen alliance for a while last few days I’ve been doing nothing but merchant alliance voyages today I didn’t know the one is seven please run from sanctuary to North star supposed sold everything I have not been getting voyage is completed at all has anybody experienced this and how do you fix this

  • My friend who is not PL has ranked up a bit of Athena emissary points and I'm wondering ... can he claim the sails rewards if he falls into those tiers, even if he is not PL?

  • I redeemed my Xbox rewards for a nightshine parrot bundle and I only received half of the items. I’m missing some clothing for my character and some ship customizations. I’ve looked to see if I can buy them or if I haven’t fully downloaded the bundle but haven’t found anything of the sorts. Any help?

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  • Just wanted to share what fixed stuttering for me and probably will work on all games. Be sure to remember this fix as Windows could undo this fix when an Update is installed.

    Disable the Superfetch and Prefetch in Windows which will always keep your ram pre-filled with data from most used applications, this fights with currently running games to constantly fill up any free ram causing stuttering.

    Goto your services and disable the Sysmain Service

    Open Regedit
    Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management\PrefetchParameters
    Put a 0 next to prefetch and Superfetch

    Profit from stutter free gaming.

    Went from 84% used ram in Taskmanager before running games to 15% and nothing fighting for that ram in the background that's with 16GB installed Ram

  • is there a commendation or a title for getting every single commendation in the game?

  • I play on PC. Tonight, I joined someone playing else playing on PC who did not have a working mic. However, everything he typed was converted to speech (even that which was rendered as ***** in the text chat.) Is this new? I have never encountered it before. I recently upgraded to Windows 10 version 1809 (the "October 2018" release).


    Former 'day one' player here. I initially got the game with a free two week trial of the game pass thingmebob but decided to 'walk the plank' and finally grab the game after seeing all the new content that's been added over the last year.

    Game was already updated... (err, thanks... windows store???) so I loaded up and everything seemed fine.

    Got to the splash screens, had the famililar music playing in the background of the bar while it connected to servers. This is where it all goes wrong.

    The very moment it switches to 'zoom in' if you will to my character screen the audio completely cuts out and just turns to almost a static sound. Constant crackling. Entering the game itself doesn't solve the issue. I tested hitting my sword against some objects and could hear a change in pitch of the indiscernable crackling, so 'audio' is playing but it's completely borked.

    Running a brand new Steelseries Arctis 5 RGB headset, audio is absolutely fine in everything else. Been playing The Division 2, DCS and War Thunder for a couple weeks with absolutely no issues.

    I had a tinker with the audio settings in game, nothing seemed to have an affect.

    After finally getting the game 'proper' I would be grateful if someone could give me a hand (or a hook) here. Really eager to jump back into the open seas.

    System spec:
    Intel i7 5820k
    16Gb Corsair Vengence DDR4 (2400Mhz)
    Nvidia GTX970 4Gb
    Win 10 Pro

    Cheers o7.