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  • Ahoy maties!

    • Tall Tales – Shores of Gold introduces a new epic storyline to the world of Sea of Thieves, delving deeper into the lore of our favourite pirate paradise. Follow a series of narrative adventures surrounding existing and all-new characters, taking you to undiscovered places and revealing surprising new gameplay features.
    • Enjoy a series of narrative-led adventures across the Sea of Thieves.
    • Meet new characters and fan favourites, including some from the official Sea of Thieves novel
    • Encounter deadly traps and puzzles
    • Delve into the lore of the world and the characters who reside in it
    • Utilise new features and new ways to use existing items

    Don't forget to check out what the Release Notes have to say about Tall Tales!
    Release Notes 2.0

    Are you stuck on a specific tall tale? Take a look at the links and information below, and post in those threads if you are struggling, and maybe, just maybe, together we can work it out!

    I would also advise not to give the whole game away, and so, in the spirit of exploration and adventure... try by cryptic with your help and give to the point answers.

    If you find any of the posts in the threads below useful please give them an upvote so we can find the working solutions.

    For now, I will wish you the best of luck on your Tall Tale voyage!

    Choose your tale below...

    1. The Shroudbreaker

    Starting Location: Any Outpost Tavern - Mysterious Stranger

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    2. Cursed Rogue

    Starting Location: Plunder Outpost - Order of Souls Tent - Maddame Olivia

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    3. The Legendary Storyteller

    Starting Location: Ancient Spire Outpost Tavern - Tasha

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    4. Stars of a Thief

    Starting Location: North Star Seapost - Sudds

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    5. Wild Rose

    Starting Location: Sanctuary Outpost - Order of Souls Tent

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    6. Art of the Trickster

    Starting Location: Plunder Valley - Salty the Parrot

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    7. The Fate of the Morningstar

    Starting Location: Ferry of the Damned

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    8. Revenge of the Morningstar

    Starting Location: Daggertooth Outpost - Shipwright

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    9. Shores of Gold

    Starting Location: Morrow's Peak Outpost - Grace

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  • Ahoy maties!

    • The Arena is one of the starring content releases in the Anniversary Update. The Arena allows you to get straight to the heart of the action. Pit your ship and your crew against others in a distinct game mode which will continue to grow in parallel to the Sea of Thieves adventure experience.
    • Join on-demand matches with other players
    • Focus on competitive play and sporting rivalries
    • Play in various world regions
    • Featuring a new Trading Company, the Sea Dogs, starring characters from the official comics
    • Visit the Sea Dog tavern between matches to share a grog with rivals

    Check out the Release Notes for more information on how to play Arena!
    Release Notes 2.0

    Have you got some vital tips and hints you can share to help out your fellow pirates with The Arena?

    Are you struggling with a certain part of this new feature? Let us know below! Hopefully one of our more experienced pirates can help you out.

    Drop any help or questions you have below!

  • Ahoy maties!

    • The Anniversary Update delivers a host of general gameplay features that offer new activities and ways to play. The Hunter’s Call Trading Company, led by fan favourite Merrick, is here to reward pirates with gold and cosmetics for fishing, hunting and cooking. Find and catch rare fish or cook up new fruit and meat edibles.

    Don't forget to check out what the Release Notes have to say about Fishing, Hunting and Cooking!

    Release Notes 2.0

    Have you got some vital tips and hints you can share to help out your fellow pirates with Fishing and The Hunters Call?

    Are you struggling with a certain part of this new feature? Let us know below! Hopefully one of our more experienced pirates can help you out.

    Found a good place to fish for a certain breed?

    Found some benefits to some of the new fish, meat or fruit?

    Drop any help or questions you have below!

    The Great Fishing PSA

  • I have gone through the grind to achieve access to the Soul-flame Costume Cosmetics, however I have recently purchased all of the Athena cosmetics, and are quite broke. So the steep 1,000,000 coins I may not hit before the end of the event period. After the event ends, can I still purchase the set, or is it off the table after said grace period?

  • Every time I do the Shores of Plenty Bilge Rats Fate of the Damned Voyage from Larina... Gray marrow does not spawn. The Colored lights and skellies are not even there. This happens on Plunder. The X is there, but not the ritual or Graymarrow. The other voyages in Wilds and Devils Roar are fine. He spawns for me.

    Any suggestions?

  • So, I recently posted here about this but didnt really get a good answer after wonderful help, and after contacting support and getting nothing im thinking the location has been changed.

    This is now what the wreck currently looks like, the door stops you from getting in and the book no longer appears inside this area. I can assure you I have bought this game on steam during the sale on the 11th of november. If I could get some help on the new location of the book that would be wonderful, thank you fellow pirates!

  • so ive been playing sot for about a week now, and i find it really fun, however ive found something strange, after coming back to the maiden voyage to complete the quests for it, i cant get to the final journal about mermaids. In all the walkthroughs ive found the door and roof have been open, however for me, a door and roof are now in the way, I cant seem to get past it no matter what i do, is there any way I can get around it? or am i screwed?

  • When this update first came out it indicated that it would be open for quite a while. The events area also implies that the events are open for quite a while. But I just went in this weekend to do another of the Fate of the Damned voyages and the only one you could get was the Devil's Roar one. But I also wanted to do the one from the Shores, which I had not done yet. I could not find anyway to get that voyage an it acted as if each one of them was released during a certain week. Yet, in the events section each one of them says they are available for the same length of time. Is there a way to get the older voyages? If not, then I have to recommend to Rare that they watch they way they label these in the future because that is totally misleading. But if anyone can tell me how to get the older voyages again that would be great.


  • Hello, it is currently week 3 of the Fate of the Damned, and I wish to complete week 1 and 2's voyages to kill the colored skeletons for the commendations, is there a way to complete those voyages during week three? Or is there a better way to kill the 10 colored skeletons required?

  • So I'm brand new to this game, I just set sail and was doing my own thing, trying to figure out the game, when This one ship killed me and took all my stuff. I get that's what you do, but this one ship hounded me the entire time I played and continued to murk me and my ship and because of that, I have no money to upgrade my gear or ship.
    Just when I thought I was in the clear, that same ship found me again after I made port to sell the two chests I found to try and get some money- killed/robbed me and sunk my ship again.

    Is there any advice you can give to a new player, to help prevent this in the future?

    P.S. I stole their ship full of loot and sunk it in front of them for revenge :)

  • I haven't seen one since the event.. plus I cant remember the last time I saw moltress fortress up.. where are these located?

  • Real sailors used flags and morse code light signals to portray info about their situations. I was wondering if this game has anything sort of like that which there is some soft agreement on. Among other things, is there a way I can express "You leave me alone and I'll leave you alone?"

    If not, I hearby float the idea of crow's nest flags being used as statements of intent, of sorts. Of course, nothing's stopping someone from just lying, but that's half the fun, right?

  • Hello, I dug up the entire Internet but could not find how to get the achievement: "Keeper of the mermaid rubies". It is necessary to open the "bottom dweller" style on the ship (steering wheel, anchor, guns, etc.)Even in the Steam achievements, which are listed as I understand all the achievements there IS no such, tell me what to do, already nervous.

  • I’m unsure if this is the correct place to post this but I just need someone who has good experience with Sniper to Help me Out Here.

    I’ve been using the Eye of Reach for months now but these days it seems like I’m hopeless with it. I’ll have a really good day where I hit a lot of my shots and barely miss. And then the next day when I go to play, I can’t hit anything and I’m dying to noobs.

    I just unlocked theTriumphant Sea Dogs Sniper too so I feel like I should be pretty skilled with the Sniper by now. Yet still, I’ll hop onto Sea of Thieves one day and immediately start to hit my shots, and then other days, it will take me up to 5 matches to actually warm up my Sniper Skills which is annoyingly long. And then finally, the days where I’m just a hopeless case and no matter how many matches of Arena I play, I cannot warm up to the Sniper.

    It seems to me like my muscle memory is terrible, can anybody give me advice to help this problem. Did anybody else experience the same thing? (I play on Controller btw with Max ADS Sensitivity on All Weapons, Max Camera Sensitivity, and 2.5 Response Curve with No Controller Look Deadzone)

  • As i'm pretty much new to the game, there's a thing, that disturbs me about supplies.
    I played with my friend, found plenty of supplies (food, wood etc) and stored it into the ship's barrels
    When i came back later, everything was gone. The ship was like new, having some starter amount of stuff and nothing of what we've looted.
    So here's a question: Is this ok? Or did we do something wrong? Is it possible to save your supplies on the ship?

  • About a week ago i bought the Parrot Starter pack. I am yet to receive any loot and the pirate emporium itself doesn't seem to be working. when I try to buy coins it says unavailable now and there are no prices for any of the items. Any help would be appreciated. Thx!

  • Do all of the challenges have to be completed within the given week? Is it possible to complete week 1 challenges and buy the week 1 quest still? If so please tell me how.

  • I’m a little confused about one of the event challenges. I might be remembering wrong but on the fourth section there’s a challenge saying that I need to complete all of Larinna’s voyages. My problem is that this quest unlocks sometime mid November, won’t Larinna’s voyages cycle through before then? Should I hold on to one of each voyage until the challenge unlocks or do they count for the quest right now. Little apprehensive as I want to get the crew set.

  • I would like to know why the game keeps Teleporting me. And when I get to an Out post the game freezes causing my ship to sink cause it crashes. And I cant anchor cause it is frozen. Today it frozed and after it somehow killed me. Also when I die sometimes it doesnt send me to the Ferry of the Damned. It break and closes.

  • My friend was on the max level in all Emissary leaderboards but he says he still hasnt gotten the sails even though the month is over. How does he get them?

  • Hey everyone, I just completed the new mission of Shadows of Fare and this problem occured. I was intented to dig the spot after the Boss fight but it suddenly dissapeared. What would have I get if I digged it up. Was it something special? I'm curious.

    Sorry in advance if my English is bad. English is not my native.

  • So I'm tryna get legend and I'm pretty close, or at least I thought I was. The thing I read said the max level is 50 but I went on the wiki and it said 75. WHICH ONE IS TRUE?!

  • Well, I must say this is one of best games I've ever played, however time to uninstall due to the utterly toxic player base. I'd like to think it was clear my friend and myself were new players seeing as our boat was unadorned, and we were in starter cosmetics, but again and again we were camped out outposts, chased down, etc. Yes, I know it's a pirate game, but what an utter shame our experience was ruined by totally toxic players again and again, with frankly disgusting attitudes when in voice chat. I guess if you want to camp out outposts and steal the hard work of other players the game is for you, I'd love to continue another time if they actually implement PvE, but as it stands the whole experience was ruined.

  • So i went to crooks hollow and had to find the small stone mouth and play music at it. after a while i figurd it was the small cave mouth of the island as there are many. so i ran around the cave mouth playing an instruemnt...then i walked....then i slowly stepped everywhere areound the mouth. nothing i gave up and went to google to find an answer for the riddle. turns out I was right about the location only this quest is notoriously bad about activating. so i ended up trying to activate it again.....for about an hour and a half this went on....after that long. my crew and i gave up....this isnt the first time ive gotten this riddle and it always ends the same. in failure. which is great from a hiding spot point of view, but terrible for gameplay. knowing the answer is a round piece for a round hole and still not getting it to work just feels bad...

  • Ahoy maties!

    Are you stuck? In need of a helping hand? Or have some pearls of wisdom to share with others?

    Well, look no further...

    And remember, if you are offering help, I would also advise not to give the whole game away, and so, in the spirit of exploration and adventure... try by cryptic with your help and give to the point answers.

    Post below and collectively we may be able to guide each other through...

    The Fate of the Morningstar Tall Tale!

    (Ps - If we have redirected you here, please don't be offended but we are trying to gather all the hints/clues and tips into one easy to read post)

  • Hello, I was wondering if twitch drops are enabled every Sea Of Thieves weekly stream. I’ve already linked my account, so I’m just wondering the specific streams where I can earn some cool rewards. Thank you for answering if you do!

  • Hello, this might be the most noob sounding question in all of the forums, but I’m wondering what a “keg” is (idk if you spell it that way). I hear streamers say it all the time and have no idea what they are talking about. Is it a type of chest/item, is it some pirate slang, etc? I would love to know. Thanks for anyone who is willing to answer!

  • Alright I've had it with these bald lady rumors. I've visited several forum pages, and done how much research, but I still haven't really gotten any answers, is it real or no? I've visited Crooks Hollow and heard creepy stuff at night but is that just an easter egg Rare put in or what?

  • Hey guys, the last 20 or so ashen skeletons I have encountered on islands have been Ashen Guardians. No Ashen Key Masters. Are they no longer spawning on islands?

  • I have a key but can't use it because it says that the vault is "in use" we see no other ships around so we were wondering how long the time is between uses?

  • Hello, Today i did tale number 8 and the books are not appearing and I finished this chapter like 2 or 3 times and my game says I only did it once. Help

  • When i play arena i go in questwheel and i cant see the maps why is that?

  • This topic is deleted!

  • I cant find Captain of Silvered waters commendation in Commendations tab. Where is it? I looked in the Sea dogs ab but its not there.

  • Hello, I’ve completed majority of the Summer-Event tasks.

    The remaining two I care about for Titles are:

    • Gotta Go Fast — Turn-in Arena Chest under 5min
    • DeMarco Polo — Get 1 member of every crew into hot-tub

    Both of these I swear I’ve completed multiple times but they don’t seem to count. Some help playing in about 7hrs would be much appreciated!