Voyage Help

  • I cant find this megalodon, i sail a Lot of milles every day and this shark is imposible to see...

  • I have hit pirate legend before the 20th march, about a week ago, but I have gotten none of the cosmetics. Do I need to buy them from someone, or is this a glitch?
    Any help would be appreciated.

  • So i finished 4 out of 5 wanderers voyages and have the last one on my inventory so can i earn the commendations?

  • I have decided to chase the legend. As the title says I am looking to push out to Pirate Legend in a week. I am looking to double check my plan on the best method. I have a pirate legend who will be putting down DR athenas and that will be main method of leveling. When he's not on, i will be in the DR doing merchant voyages, as the are the hardest to grind. Worst case, i use some doubloons to but the last few levels that I need.

    In your opinion, is this the best method? Is there anything I am over looking? I am a 41, 37, 36. So please feel free to crush my dreams if it's in now way realistic. Thanks in advance.

    EDIT: Oh, i forgot to mention, my son is 7 weeks old. :D

    Second EDIT: I made it to 47, 41,47. I have decided to not use the doubloons to buy the level, it just seems like a waste. Congrats to everyone who was able to grind it out. I am happy for you guys.

    Also thanks to the random strangers i found online that helped me along the way. Overall , this weekend was one of the best periods for me as a player. Thanks again.

  • Hey,
    I just spent an hour in a solo sloop farming merchent quests.
    I get attacket by a 2 player sloop just before the outpost.
    I tried to talk to them in the chat and with the speaking trumpet.
    After 10 of my messages, one of them said "ohé"...

    They then boarded me, put my anchor and killed me.
    They spawnkilled me twice after that.

    I have only chickens on my boat (we all know that it cost nothing without doing a quest).

    So I have some questions about this bad experience :

    -How to improove/balance solo sloop game experience ?
    -How to comunicate with players ?
    -How to learn to battle royal people that sea of thieves is not ?
    -How avoid people who kills for the pleasure ?

  • Ahoy!
    I was just wondering if I have the commendation for doing the reapers run 5 times with the reapers mark, do the cosmetics it dukes shop go away today?

  • Been wanting to play this game again and decided i wouldnt let myself get mad but here i am after like a 8 month break im quiting again. I just cant take it. Why does everyone have to kill you and destroy your boat. I just want to play the game, i.e. explore collect and sail around. Why does that have to include losing my cool over bullies every time im play. Is it just me or is something wrong...

  • Hey friends. I finally got SoT last week after being gifted a laptop that should be able to run it better than my old potato PC while I save up for a new one.

    Now, this isn't a gaming laptop by any means so I'm fine with running on the lowest settings if it gets me in the game. My issue is, when I log into the game I'm at about 30fps, but within minutes it drops down to 9 and holds steady. I can't tell if something might be throttling it or what might be the issue

    I'm at Cursed settings. 540p. I've set the laptop to "high performance" and I've flagged SoTgame.exe as high priority in both the task manager and the graphics card. I turned my anti virus off, and made the exception with my firewall. Vsync is off, nothing running in the background. I also changed a few of the values within the SOT config file (Shadows + view distance down from 3 to 1)

    Is there anything I might be missing that might need to be tried? Anything that stands out?

    Or is this laptop just not up to the task? Here's my specs. (I can post more information if needed)

    Thank you!

  • So me and my friend were doing the wanderers refuge reapers run and joined an alliance mid game with the flag still on and it didn’t register with it as a completed run with the flag on, is that on purpose or did we just get completely robbed?

  • Today i was sailing with my friends and a weird riddle showed up on my screen It was "The world is changing, new dangers there be
    Between boundless sky and treacherous sea
    On rolling waves with sail unfurled
    Ships come to plunder this world new
    What is happening?

  • bonjour a tous,
    je suis level 50 (marchand , ordre des ames , et merchand)
    mais il met impossible d’accéder a la caverne légendaire !!! (pour info j'ais terminé mes derniers level grâce aux lettres de recommandations du fond e cale )
    aucun animations , pas de musique ......


  • I had spend 3 hours getting stuff going island to island finding chest and turning in a lot of loot till I realized I was not being credited for the reputation I only was getting gold, is there anyway to get this rep back?

    Update: I got my rep for my stuff when I logged in on Saturday morning

  • did 2 missions and 0 advancement in the mission thing. I had the flag up before and until the voyage was ended. Pls help

  • Please see below. This appeared yesterday when I was playing. Today when I restarted the game it was still there. What is it, and how do I get rid of it?

    Radar bug

  • Urghh. Super frustrated today. For some unknown reason my 4th Reaper voyage didnt count. Did everything right. Raise Reaper flag, put voyage on table, vote. Complete voyage. But the count stayed on my exisiting 3. Cant figure out why.

    Rant over.

  • Is there any way to unlock the cursed sails titles now?
    I now i don't have the "Savior of..." titles, but i rly want them.

  • I was doing a Mercenary voyage of the Ancient Isles and had only one thing left to do: A cargo run. Before I could complete it, I had to go afk to help with something important. I parked my ship at the nearest Outpost, went below decks and had my character do the sleep emote, just to avoid getting kicked, since I was still on the ship. Unfortunately, I took a bit too long. By the time I got back, it already disconnected me from the server. Now the voyage and my 5 Doubloons are gone to Davey Jones' locker. Is there a way I could get the doubloons back for a second chance? I don't like waisting them. I horde them in anticipation of new cosmetics coming out.

    Please, Rare. Could I have a second chance at it? Please?

  • So me and my friend were trying to do the “Legendary Reaper of Wanderers Refuge Commendation” while flying the Reaper’s Mark Flag. At one point there was another crew that showed up to the same island as we were and we decided to set our alliance flag up to join them but it took off our Reaper’s Mark Flag off. We did set it up again and continue with our voyage but by the time we complete it. It didn’t count the commendation. WE HAD IT ON THE WHOLE TIME. ALL WE DID WAS SET THE ALLIANCE FLAG UP FOR A SECOND TO JOIN AND THAT DIDN’T COUNT THE COMMENDATION. WHAT THE HECK!!!

  • I have been stuck on this riddle for about now, and it's really annoying me Please Help.

    "Seeking treasure left to gather dust, at the narrow stone pathway atop the island high ye lantern's thrust"

  • I just completed "the reaper’s run of wanderers refuge" voyage had the reapers mark up the whole time and it didn't go from 1 to 2 of the voyages completed. had the banner pop up saying the voyage was complete and still on 1 of 5.

    Edit: Even tried relogging and still at 1 of 5

  • im a level 4 athenas and want help to level up and complete voyages faster.

    now i simply just leave the cargo and that is it!
    any tips?

  • It happens when I join a server. Whenever I start walking, my player model starts glitching out, moving all over the place on its own. Like last night, I had spawned on Sanctuary Outpost and I was trying to walk into a shop and talking to the vendor, suddenly I was standing outside that shop at least 10 feet away. I then tried walking to the ship customisation stall and I found myself standing under the dock, in the water beside it, once again; glitching all over the place. I even get stuck climbing a ladder and take damage for no reason and finally, I end up disconnecting from the server. Could this just be bad internet connection?

  • I'd like to again mention the kraken covering access to belowdecks, and thus repairs. Happens on the galleon, and the brigantine, I've seen many complaints before. I'm unsure about the sloop. I like a good challenge, but here's hard, then there's cheap. That one is cheap. It prevents anyone above decks from getting down to bail and repair, and blocks anyone belowdecks from easily bailing water.

  • Can you beat skeleton ships once they show up, or are you just supposed to scuttle the ship and try again as soon as you see one?

  • I was told that not all Merchant voyages count toward the Voyage Completed Commendation. Is this true?
    I am a PL/Solo Slooper.

    Any tips to help me get my Voyage Completed Commendations more efficiently?

  • This island is like the shape of doughnut. It's all in circle but the map shows that the path is just one way. Not in circle. I am confuse. Please help!

    Sunken Grove

  • I wanna know how i can help with the Program

  • Hi Guy,

    Been at this an hour and cant seem to find it or trigger it. Any ideas were it is?


  • G’day all.

    If I’m doing the reapers run challenge and I’m sunk by the environment or other players will it void one of the five attempts if I sail back and complete the chapter I was on?

    I am doing it solo and there’s a high chance I’ll be sunk while on the islands looking for treasure.

    If there’s a delay getting back to a mermaid and my fresh boat spawn, will I lose that chance and have to cancel and start again?

    If it’s not voided and I complete a chapter after my boat has sunk will that also void the challenge? (Find a chest when my boat is in limbo awaiting my mermaid’ing to it)


  • Looking for some players to help me out with this reapers voyage. Anyone up for a run?

  • Hello all,
    I am wondering by what time do we need to get to pirate legend on march 20th, and in which time zone, is it by midnight, or by the release of an update?
    Any help would be appreciated.

  • So does anyone know how much the new cargo run items sell for? Also what do the patch notes mean by "Robust" when referring to cargo?

  • Reaper Voyage Fail
    Hi, I did this challenge twice today, I missed the first one because I did not equip the flag before setting sail. So I did it again, this time I made sure the reaper flag was up. I finished the voyage and completed with the banner of compete voyage, I went back to the outpost and visited Duke and to my surprise the cosmetics were still locked. Please help, I already spent 10 doubloons on the same voyage, I don’t want to spend 5 more.
    Thank you in advance

  • Any way to retry the mission again? Took almost forever it felt and then the game froze for me. He got the 50 doubloons while I didn't get anything. I can now choose the second harder version of that quest but would have liked to have the doubloons of the first mission. I kinda lost out on everything now.

  • I have gone through everything. I have given this thing permission, i have made sure my nat is open, i have checked every permutation of audio format quality, i have disabled every other audio device on my computer but my usb headset and other combinations, i have reset, reinstalled etc Sea of thieves, i have checked my privacy settings for Xbox Live. Ive set things to default etc. I have disabled the 7.1 on my headset. I have set everything back to how it was and back. I can not get In game voice chat working.

    I have a Razer 7.1 Kraken headset. Is this thing just incompatible with sea of thieves? Or is there some little trick i missed? I submitted a ticket to support and they just closed it with generic advice. I'm at my wits end.