Are you in need of help with a Tall Tale? Then look no further! - Spoilers ahead!

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    • Tall Tales – Shores of Gold introduces a new epic storyline to the world of Sea of Thieves, delving deeper into the lore of our favourite pirate paradise. Follow a series of narrative adventures surrounding existing and all-new characters, taking you to undiscovered places and revealing surprising new gameplay features.
    • Enjoy a series of narrative-led adventures across the Sea of Thieves.
    • Meet new characters and fan favourites, including some from the official Sea of Thieves novel
    • Encounter deadly traps and puzzles
    • Delve into the lore of the world and the characters who reside in it
    • Utilise new features and new ways to use existing items

    Don't forget to check out what the Release Notes have to say about Tall Tales!
    Release Notes 2.0

    Are you stuck on a specific tall tale? Take a look at the links and information below, and post in those threads if you are struggling, and maybe, just maybe, together we can work it out!

    I would also advise not to give the whole game away, and so, in the spirit of exploration and adventure... try by cryptic with your help and give to the point answers.

    If you find any of the posts in the threads below useful please give them an upvote so we can find the working solutions.

    For now, I will wish you the best of luck on your Tall Tale voyage!

    Choose your tale below...

    1. The Shroudbreaker

    Starting Location: Any Outpost Tavern - Mysterious Stranger

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    2. Cursed Rogue

    Starting Location: Plunder Outpost - Order of Souls Tent - Maddame Olivia

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    3. The Legendary Storyteller

    Starting Location: Ancient Spire Outpost Tavern - Tasha

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    4. Stars of a Thief

    Starting Location: North Star Seapost - Sudds

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    5. Wild Rose

    Starting Location: Sanctuary Outpost - Order of Souls Tent

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    6. Art of the Trickster

    Starting Location: Plunder Valley - Salty the Parrot

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    7. The Fate of the Morningstar

    Starting Location: Ferry of the Damned

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    8. Revenge of the Morningstar

    Starting Location: Daggertooth Outpost - Shipwright

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    9. Shores of Gold

    Starting Location: Morrow's Peak Outpost - Grace

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