Want to find the right Sea of Thieves community for you? Look no further than the Affiliate Alliance, launching today! Whether you’re tackling a Tall Tale, raiding an Ashen Fort or heading out in search of treasure, Sea of Thieves is an incredible experience when shared with others. That’s why we’ve started working more closely with community leaders to highlight the events they organise and support the content they deliver to their fans. Many of these groups also take on other tasks like translating our release notes, offering localised versions to followers in different countries!

Sea of Thieves recently passed 10 million players, with new pirates from across the globe constantly arriving to create new stories with friends. The Affiliate Alliance will help you find like-minded communities and crewmates using a filter that lets you choose platform, age and language.

Community-driven events have seen great success over the past few months, as we've witnessed with such things as the incredible Race of Legends and Sea of Champions, and other events spotted on social channels and featured in the Pirate Times. We even put our own crew, the Shrouded Ghosts, up against the Crew of Legends in an intense race across the seas to see if our pirates were up to the test! We truly love these sorts of events and want to support them in whatever way we can so that there can be more in the future.

By teaming up with leading members of Sea of Thieves communities, we’ll help to showcase events in all their glory and give fans a taste of what these groups are doing. So, what are the benefits of being in the Affiliate Alliance? There are many, but here are just a few:

  • A spot on the Sea of Thieves website where players can find links to your community

  • Special area and titles in the official Sea of Thieves Discord server

  • Contact with the Rare Community team to help raise awareness of events

We are excited to share this initiative with you all and can’t wait to welcome more of you into the ranks. Do you run a Sea of Thieves community and want to see if you’re eligible to join the Affiliate Alliance? Head on over to www.seaofthieves.com/affiliate-alliance for more details on how to apply!