2017 has been a year of shows! We’ve traversed the world map, receiving air miles as a modern form of loot, but the most precious treasure was seeing the excitement in your faces when we met you all! No, really.

If you missed us at New York Comic Con 2017, don’t worry as we’ve got you covered with a recording of our panel packed with tasty morsels of information on the new and exciting updates we’re developing for Sea of Thieves! Curious to what they may be? Well, ask yourself, have any of these ever happened to you?

  • Do you long to live the pirate life, but are just not quite ready to be part of a large crew?
  • Have you had a lightbulb moment about a Riddle Quest but can’t use your mic to tell your crew?
  • Got a troublemaker on board who keeps dropping the anchor, but no-one is sure how to handle them?

Sea of Thieves New York Comic Con 2017 Panel

Dauer 1:04:41

We certainly have, and from your feedback we know some of you have too. Watch the full panel video above to see how we tackled these scenarios in the most piratey way we know.

Whether you’re an explorer in search of treasure, an adventurer in search of battle glory or just keen to sail the seas, there is a place for your ideal pirate story in Sea of Thieves. We’re developing a new type of multiplayer game that’s about more than the pursuit of individual skill and rivalry. All these features will help us to achieve that, so they’re well worth checking out!

If you haven’t got time for the full hour-long panel, our Executive Producer Joe Neate and Senior Designer Shelley Preston also offered a one-on-one rundown of the highlights in our most recent Inn-side Story video. To us, being in a crew is not a forced necessity to boost your stats, but a bond that is sacred with shared sacrifice and shared reward – so watch here to find out how we’ve been experimenting to find the perfect balance of crew harmony!

Sea of Thieves Inn-side Story #22: A New Type of Multiplayer Game

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We’re always looking to our community for feedback, and this topic is no different. We’ve even drafted a Pirates’ Code as a set of community-led guidelines on how all pirates should treat each other in Sea of Thieves. Want your own input to be heard? Register as in Insider here and head to the Forums to give us your feedback!