We’re back, fresh-faced from a long bank holiday weekend after wrapping up our Gamescom 2017 festivities, a barrage of Mixer streams and a five day-long cross play Technical Alpha play session. We’re excited about where Sea of Thieves goes next as we inch towards September, but before we get there, let’s look back on August, a month that was especially Windows 10 PC-focused for the team!

So with PC being the talk of the tavern, we had not one but two Inn-side Stories primed to get all you pirates pondering. We started out with a video featuring Windows 10 Design Lead Ted and Senior Windows 10 Engineer Ian, giving the community a PC progress report that included details on incoming features, what community feedback has meant for development and how we plan to deliver the Windows 10 experience that PC players expect.

Official Sea of Thieves Inn-side Story #20: Windows 10

Dauer 3:36

But that was the calm before the proverbial storm! This past week, we also officially announced that cross play had been enabled in Sea of Thieves and that it was ready to try out for anyone who visited our Gamescom show floor booth – as well as fans playing at home in our accompanying Technical Alpha play session. Ted sat down to talk about it on camera once again, this time with Executive Producer Joe, and the two reflected on everything that has led to the release of this highly requested feature!

Official Sea of Thieves Inn-side Story #21: Cross Play

Dauer 6:03

It’s safe to say that if you’re a pirate looking to set sail in Sea of Thieves on Windows 10 PC, there’s been plenty to raise your excitement levels this month. With cross play now safely in, we want to hear your thoughts on that or any of the other nuggets of info we shared throughout the week. Be sure to do just that by connecting with us via our spread of social channels listed below. We’ll see you next time!