Like the dashing, devil-may-care opportunity seekers we're so often called (don't question it, just go with it) we're still forging ahead with a brand new Sea of Thieves video every week. Whole new video series have been added to our arsenal in recent months, but in July we decided to pick up the thread of our old faithful Inn-side Stories, last seen with Phil Spencer in session in those misty days before E3.

The Inn-side Story setup comes into its own when we want team members to explain and expand upon Sea of Thieves' finest features – in this case, features added to the E3 2017 build of the game. And so it was that four more pairs of Rare developers were lured to the tavern, locked in and ordered to shower our viewers with fascinating facts on the workings of storms, shipwrecks and Riddle Quests.

Following that, we wanted to share our approach to one of the most crucial goals for Sea of Thieves since day one: creating a game that's not just a riot to play, but is also fantastic fun to share and even just watch others playing. Creative Director (and Rare veteran) Gregg Mayles joined Executive Producer Joe Neate to explain why this aspect of gaming is something that warrants serious attention in today's world. Watch and enjoy!

Official Sea of Thieves Inn-side Story #19 - A Game That's Great to Watch

Dauer 6:04

Hopefully you got a kick out of this latest insight into our Sea of Thieves hopes and dreams, with the bonus of a sneaky look at the game's prototype version in full swing. Feel free to share your thoughts on this – and anything else that caught your attention – via the social links below. We'll be back with more Sea of Thieves video info-bursts to analyse very soon!