Athena's Fortune Contest - Fan Art extension

  • Athena's Fortune Contest

    To celebrate the launch of our lore-expanding novel Athena’s Fortune, in true Sea of Thieves spirit, we wanted to squeeze in a cheeky contest. We know that your pirates and their crews have a tale or two to tell from adventures out on the seas, so now’s your chance to tell them!

    What we're asking for
    From January 28th to February 4th, we want you to submit Sea of Thieves fan art!

    Why are we looking for fan art, we hear you ask? Well, we're aiming to put together a very special physical book comprised of short stories (all non-canon of course) that tell tales of our community’s time at sea – and a community-led book wouldn't be complete without some awesome artwork, right? Yes, your fan art could feature in a Sea of Thieves book that we're calling… Mariners’ Myths!

    We’ve already selected the short stories but are re-opening the contest for fan art entries for an additional week!

    We have quite the bounty up for grabs in this competition. The winning artist will take home the same haul, with their art featured on the front cover of Mariners’ Myths. Not bad, eh?

    The Rules
    Members of the Sea of Thieves team will be judging your written and artistic submissions based on the following criteria: Creativity and Originality.

    There are a few rules you must stick to for this competition:
    Submission must be family-friendly.

    1. Submission must be family-friendly.
      Your art submissions should also be free from bad language and sexual content.

    2. Submissions must have been created by you.
      Please only submit pieces of work that you yourself have created.

    The Prizes
    There will be one main prize winner from the fan art submission pool. This main prize includes the Athena's Fortune novel signed by Chris Allcock, a Sea of Thieves Limited Edition Controller, 20 Bilge Rat Doubloons, your artwork included in Mariners’ Myths and a copy for yourself.

    There will be two runner-up prize winners from the fan art submission pool. This runner-up prize includes the Athena's Fortune novel signed by Chris Allcock, 10 Bilge Rat Doubloons and a copy of Mariners’ Myths.

    How to Enter
    Fan art: Tweet your submission to us on Twitter, post it on Instagram or leave it on our Facebook wall. Include the hashtag #AthenasFortuneContest to ensure we see it.

    The winners for the short story contest have already been selected. We will contact winners and runners-up on February 8th and announce winners of both short stories and fan art on our social channels and website on February 13th.

    This extension of the fan art contest opens at 00:01 GMT on January 28th 2019 and closes at 23:59 GMT on February 4th 2019 (the “Entry Period”). Entries received outside of the Entry Period will not be considered. Click here for full Terms & Conditions.

    Good luck, pirates!

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  • @muse986 nice miss

  • @Muse986
    If we have already entered the contest, do we have to enter again?

  • @erinom3 If you entered the first time round we have your entry :)

  • So... there is no way to join the contest with a story?

  • Will fan art that was submitted for other contests have the chance of being included in this book or is it only fan art from this competition?

    I know that the winner of the competition has the chance of being on the cover but I was wondering if other fan art would be throughout the rest of the book possibly.

  • @bbeanasaurus If you'd like a piece to be considered for inclusion in the book you'll need to submit it using the instructions above!

  • Have the winners for this contest been announced yet? I might just be a bit blind but I can't find any tweets/posts about it.

  • @captain-conroar

    They have and you can read about it here - Congratulations to all the winners!

  • @katttruewalker Thank you very much

  • WOW! I WON?!

  • @targasbr


  • @katttruewalker Correct me If i'm wrong... They Will contact me by e-mail. Right?

  • @targasbr Congrats!

  • @targasbr Congratulations mate!

  • Thank you so much! This is so overwhelmingly exciting! I am glad the community can finally know the legend of Gran!

  • Congrats all!

    I wish there were links to the stories on the article.
    For those searching:

    LongLiveCayde6 with “The Old Gran and the Sea"
    MageSentron with “Lost and Found”
    Katt Truewalker with “The Seas are Calling”

    Manix Ebonfire with “The Ebonfire Chronicles”
    TargasBR with “Run, Honest, Run”

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