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  • Unknown Tale of The Legends fall
    Yarrrr fellow Sailors.

    I wanted to share with you a story and adventure I had today. It will be a long read but bear with me, because after playing this game for over 400 hours I have to say it was the most exciting thing that happened to me so far :D

    So today's morning I was bored and decided to sail a bit. Started looking for a crew, but couldn't really find anyone so I decided to sail a bit as a solo sloop. I spawned at the Ancient Spire outpost. I gathered resources and see what else to do. I saw Fort Skull to the North (Skull Keep). And I'm just thinking "Hmm - solo fort with a sloop? Yeee, what the hells. Let's try it". So I set sail. On the way, I found 3 wreckages with some loots. When getting closer I saw galleon docked at the fort. I decided to first sail to the outpost then to sail this few loots and then try the fort. Maybe we can do the alliance and do the fort together (who am I kidding, but well). I sold my small loot at the Galleon's Grave Outpost and set sail to the fort.

    As I was getting closer, the galleon turned around and started shooting at me without any hesitation. I tried talking to them, that I don't wanna fight, that maybe we could form an alliance and do the fort together. They refused, they tried to board me, so I'm "ok". So I killed both boarders and started shooting back at them. But I didn't really care at this time so I just shoot at them without steering the sloop. I hit the fort, they killed me with cannonballs and before I respawned my sloop sank. I respawned at Old Faithful Isle. I look to the horizon - the skull is still there. So I hop back on the sloop and set sail back to the fort thinking "Hey. I still got nothing to lose."

    Meanwhile, the Fort got covered by the Storm. But I decided to try it anyway. Besides, what chances have a solo sloop vs storm, fort, and Galleon? Non existing :D

    So I'm sailing bravely into the storm, trying to somehow navigate, fix the holes while taking out the water. When I reached the fort, The Storm almost passed over - we were at the edge of it. At that time I realized two things:

    They didn't saw me coming, thanks to the Storm.

    They finished the fort because the skull was gone.

    So I raised the sailes, sailed to the back of the Galleon, docked right next to it, jump to the Galleon, and one shot first enemy I saw. I quickly glanced if there is any loot available - but there was none. But I see at the beach of the fort rest of the Galleon's crew with the rowboat and the loot from the fort. So I quickly jump down, hit another guy from the crew, but since they were 3 at once, they killed me right away. At this moment I also realized another thing - the whole crew of the Galleon was composed of LEGENDS (you know - shiny clothes, shiny ship etc. :D)

    So while resting at the ghost ship I'm just thinking like "Well. I tried, but I think it's over." Yet I knew I'll have 1 more shot, because they couldn't sink my sloop so fast, due to it being docked (on anchor) right next to the Galleon. Ok - my time is up. Time to respawn.

    When I respawned on my sloop I saw the enemies took my sloop and hit it on the rocks next to the fort. I could tell they didn't take me seriously, because they crashed my sloop RIGHT NEXT to the Galleon. Seeing that I realized it's pointless to save the sloop, I'll just go for the ONE THING THAT COULDN'T WORK.

    I'm gonna kill them all and steal the ROWBOAT full of the loot from the fort.

    It was hell crazy idea but I went to execute it. I quickly jumped to the water, swim underwater to the rowboat. Then I emerged and quickly one shoot closest enemy from Blunderbuss. Right after that, another enemy came same story - blunderbuss to the face. 2 down - 2 to go. Okay - I can do it. I take out a banana and I see the 3rd enemy right in front of me. "Frack, too close, too fast". But I was lucky and he takes out the sniper rifle.

    "Poor guy" I just think while blunderbussing his face to oblivion. Three down, 1 to go. I can't see him - okay. Quickly - the rowboat. I jump into the rowboat, and I receive hit. I look around - I spotted the 4th crew member on the ship aiming to me from the sniper rifle. 2nd hit - I'm barely alive. Quickly - banana. I jump off the rowboat and just move left and right while healing myself. Once fully healed I quickly jump back to the boat and try to barely maneuver it to the open water (it was locked between beach/tower and the Galleon. Another shot - missed.

    "Damn - quick. My time is running out". I'm thinking to myself. My hands on the keyboard are shaking like crazy. My heart is about to jump out of my chest. "YES. I did it". I finally managed to free the rowboat and sail to the open seas. But I'm thinking to myself again "Okay, let's be honest - it can't work. I'm gonna swim a bit away, but they 'll respawn, lower the sailes, quickly catch up to me, kill me and get the loot. But even so - I managed to do the impossible and make a fool out of the Galleon full of The Legends. I'm proud of myself".

    alt text
    Sailing away from the fort and the Legends galleon in a rowboat with full loot (except exploding barrel)

    At first, I started sailing to the nearest outpost - The Galleon's Grave Outpost. Just to get to any outpost as fast as I can to sell those things before they catch me. But while sailing away from the fort and seeing the Galleon lowering the sails to chase I started thinking "But wait a minute. That's exactly what they'll think I'll do so they will sail in this direction as well." So I immediately started to turn and swim random other direction.

    I look to the horizon. I see the Galleon closing. "Damn - it's over. But I'm not going down without a fight". So I keep swimming quickly thinking what to do. Finally, I decided that even if they catch me - I can't allow them to get all the loot back. So I get up from the boat - look around, take some "middle range chest" and throw it aboard. And I keep swimming. I turned and started swimming back to the fort. Few minutes pass, and I keep turning left and right, getting closer to the fort. And this point I realized something weird - "They can't see me. They really don't know where I am!! WTH??!" I'm starting to analyze - because they rowboat is so small, I got often covered by waves and those hid me away from their prying eyes of the Legends (just like the Eye of The Sauron").

    I get to the fort and I keep swimming West towards Isle of the Last Words. My hands are still shaking, my heart is pumping and all the muscles in my body are tight. When I reached the Isle, I look at the horizon and froze. "Oh my God, no". Luckily it wasn't the Galleon since they were still searching for me but couldn't find me. But I saw another Fort Skull. DIRECTLY the same way I was rowing. I quickly started panicking and turning to a random direction (it happened to be North) just to leave the path of the doom. Because I knew if the Galleon will give up looking for me, they will just swim directly to this skull and find me "by the way". So I swim north, and I see The Galleon going this way. "Damn - I'm screwed." - I think to myself. So I quickly sail to nearest rock to hide behind it, wait a bit and then keep sailing north.

    While rowing north and being almost at The Sunken Grove I see the Legends Galleon swimming towards the skull directly through the Isle of the Last Words. As I predicted, If I would stay there they would catch me. When I decided that I'm relatively safe, I started to calm down and look for the nearest outpost. "Yes - I found it. It's The Dagger Tooth Outpost".

    I take out the compass, and I start swimming towards the outpost.

    alt text
    A rough estimation of my escape in the rowboat.

    After a while, I got into the outpost and I sold all the look for almost 20k gold.

    Hell - it was the most exciting 20k gold I ever earned. And the rush of the adrenaline, while sailing the rowboat alone and running away from 4 man crew of The Legends, was super stressful. My hands were shaking and my heart pumping. I'm sorry I don't have more screens or recording of it, but I was too stressed to think about that in the heat of the moment. I was just praying to pull it through.

    alt text
    Overview of the rowboat after reaching the outpost (The Stronghold skull is under the plank)

    If you guys managed to read up to this point I hoped you enjoyed the story.

    And if this crew by some chance read this post - I'm sorry guys for stealing the loot but I tried to approach peacefully. ^^ Thanks for the encounter tho ^^

    And to the Rare crew - thanks guys for such a "lack of content and no emotion game" that after over 400hours of playtime this game still can bring so much excitement :D

    Keep sailing guys. Sea is vast and full of adventures :D

    Yarrrr! Ninja Panda Inquisition out ^_^

    alt text

  • Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus have been seen attempting to deliver Holiday cheer as well as some gifts to unexpected pirates on the seas. One poor ship scuttled out of fear of their cheer, while others tried sinking them for the presents! Santa Claus said "Many received cannonballs this year due to their pirate naughtiness".

  • I had been running a mobel outpost. Filling my ship up with supplies and animal crates. I pick up one quest from each trading company and head out into the sea flying the reapers mark waiting for ships to come along. even camping just outside active forts so players can come and stoke up on supplies before taking on the forts.
    I would ally up with them and place quests down of their choosing too.

  • So since shrouded spoils you may have been noticing a lack in washed up loot?

    ...that would be me, as ive abandoned my sloop and taken to living in a rowboat.

    washed up loot? abandoned merchant crates at outposts?...if its there and i find it its going in the rowboat.

    the MVP of this happened late last week when in rowed ACROSS THE MAP from mermaids hideway in the shores of plenty, to glowstone key in the devils roar (and back)
    alt textalt textalt text

    -aoelord4, resident rag and bone pirate

  • January marks the launch of Season 1 of the Race of Legends! Our first race was held in December and was every bit as thrilling and violent as a race full of Pirates should be. Our first crews to ever compete fought a long and hard battle across the Sea of Thieves. Cursed cannonballs rained down as the two competitors fought to make it out of Smugglers Bay one piece.

    A brief but deadly struggle broke out at Golden Sands as the competitors arrived at the Tavern at the exact same time. A similar scene played out at Hidden Spring Fortress as each crew refused to give an inch.

    Finally, a victor emerges as one crew is forced to repair their boat while the other pushes towards the finish line!

    January will see a rematch between these two legendary crews as well as new competitors, new race routes, and new challenges for crews to overcome as they fight for glory and honor in the Race of Legends!! Our first competitorsMap of the RaceRace of Legends Code

  • @muse986
    With Greetings from Rogue Legends and the Fortune Union!

    Fleet Leaders spotted to be plotting again!

    alt text

    During a busy night at the famous George and Kraken Tavern on Sanctuary Outpost legendary Captains Captain Jenova, from the Rogue Legends Fleet, and Captain Sirio Neruda de Bastille, from the Fortune Union, have been spotted to be talking quite enthusiastically!
    We can only guess what exactly they were talking about, but it would not surprise us at all if it would be about more Events for the new year!

  • My crew and I beat a kraken without a ship.

    'Nuff said.

  • reapersrowboat
    The Reaper's Mark has been sighted, raised above blackened masts... treasure reported plundered across the shroud in the Devil's Roar.

    The infamous Cpt. Wicked Waters and his crew of cursed reapers have been accused of piracy and murder. It is rumored they have stolen the life changing chest of legends. They were last seen speaking with the stranger in the Charred Parrot.

    alt text

  • I was on a sloop. I set five gunpowder kegs at the front of my ship in an easy-to-shoot location, and then sailed towards a nearby galleon. Once my ship was right next to the galleon, about to ram into it, they shot the kegs with a cannonball. My ship sank, but I did manage to respawn right before my ship sank completely. I was left in the water, near an island.
    The galleon had sailed away, and a brigantine pulled up to the island. I sneaked onto the ship, and found a Sapphire Mermaid Gem. I grabbed it then climbed up to the crows nest, and slept on top of it. Eventually, the brigantine started moving. I was just looking around, until I start hearing a bell ringing behind me. I stand up and turn around to see the captain of the brigantine in the crow's nest looking at me. I waved at them, hoping that they weren't about to pull out a blunderbuss and shoot me. They just grabbed the gem and hid it in the hull of the ship.
    I climbed down from the crow's nest to see the galleon that I had charged at before, stopped at a nearby island. I launched myself out of a cannon and landed near their ship. I managed to grab their ladder just as the ship started moving. I held on for a while. Eventually, I decided to run onto the ship, so I did. Everyone's backs happened to be turned to the ladder that I was climbing up. I ran onto the second level to see four villainous bounty skulls and a treasure chest there.
    alt text
    I had a plan in mind. I would wait for the right moment, and then grab a skull and get to the rowboat that I saw on the back of the ship when I was swimming over to it.
    I looked at the map to see what direction the nearest outpost was from the island that they were going to. I quickly hid again. The ship soon stopped. I waited until I no longer heard any sounds on the top deck. Once it was quiet, and I had heard the crew splash into the water next to the ship and swim to the island, I ran towards the group of villainous skulls.
    I was startled to see a pirate standing right there. I quickly grabbed out my blunderbuss and fired a shot without aiming. The pirate fell to his knees and faded away. I knew this was my chance. I grabbed one of the skulls and headed for the rowboat. I got to the back and set the skull in the rowboat.
    I was then surprised by being shot off the rowboat. I ate a few bananas, and then swam to the ladder and climbed back up. There was another pirate waiting there for me. I did another blunderbuss shot at them. They fell to their knees and faded away. I ran back to the rowboat. The skull wasn't there anymore. I ran around the corner to see the skull on the opposite side of the balcony. Right before I grabbed it, I was shot off the ship again.
    I ate a few more bananas. I climbed up the ladder and charged for the rowboat again. I ran to the balcony and around the corner to see a pirate standing on the skull holding a blunderbuss pointed directly at me. BANG! That was it. It was an adventurous day of sneaking onto player's ships and almost succeeding at taking treasure. At least I had fun.

  • Settle yourself below deck and grab some grog, this’ll be a lengthy one! Ye hath been warned! Below lies the tale of the beginnings of the seasoned pirate, captain of the Wayfarer’s Gambit, Black Iron Hade

    Upon setting sail I was met with a trio of fairly adept and sociable crew members. We chatted and performed our typical pirate duties. After a round of looting we set our course for the nearest outpost, Golden Sands. Treasure traded, and loot acquired, we returned to our ship and were having a quick chat before sailing off when we heard it.

    Amongst the banter and laughs we heard a voice. One most of us, if not all, should be familiar with. We were met with a young pirate who was new to the sea. We feared the worst. However, we were met with a very polite person who simply asked that we not shoot or sink his ship. We kindly agreed and offered him a gift.

    During our travels that day we had acquired a couple of chickens. One being a golden chicken, quickly named “Dennis, The Golden God” by myself, and a red speckled chicken named Sherbet, named by a fellow crew mate. Before the young pirate scurried off I jumped ship with Sherbet and handed him off as a sign of peace. Thanks were exchanged and he was off on his way, presumably to spoil his new chicken with gold and adventure.

    No more than thirty seconds later, he appeared running back along the beach, insisting that he pay us for the chicken. For the price of our dear friend Sherbet, the lad offered us one ancient goblet, which we promptly accepted as he ran back to his ship, again asking us not to attack while his voice trickled out of earshot.

    The crew laughed at the friendly enounter and we set sail for our next treasure’s destination, but our fowl dealings were far from over.

    As we were ready to leave the island where our treasure was kept, we saw a lonely sloop approaching. Alerts were made, and scopes were drawn. The crew unanimously recognizes it as the young pirate who had traded with them, not but twenty minutes ago. As he drops anchor, he waves and climbs aboard with Sherbet in hand, exclaiming that he was returning the bird, as he would be leaving the sea and he needed someone to care for the chicken. We offered his goblet back to be fair, but he refused, scuttled his ship, bowed, and waved as he faded from existence.

    We continued our plundering for the next day or so, but couldn’t help but feel a bit sad that Sherbet had lost his new friend. Agreeing that something should be done, we returned to Golden Sands and left Sherbet and the goblet on a bench in the tavern for all to see as a tribute to our young pirate friend. Grog and shanties were shared, and off we went on our next adventure.

    During our travels we found uncharted lands and coral reefs, and came across a new friend.

    While swimming amongst the vibrant corals, another sloop approached. This time, captained by an old man, presumably mute, as he spoke not a word. We shared the tale of Sherbet and the Goblet, and invited him to share some grog with the chicken, should he pass Golden Sands.

    Later in our travels we conquered a skeletal fortress with the aid of two other galleons. Upon victory over the undead we invited their crews for a gathering, though they seemed uninterested as they were too distracted by their glorious bounty.

    More travels and troubles ensued, and in between we checked back a few times to see if Sherbet was safe and sound, even bringing him a new friend to share stories with, a black chicken named Drumstick.

    Continuing our looting rampage I was met with a near death experience. The crew was distracted and drunk, and we sailed further than any pirate had been known to sail. The sea turned red, and it began to rain heavily, the only source of light being the sudden flashes of lightning and the chatter of the rain being drowned out by only the thunder. With the waves crashing heavily against the hull, I was thrown overboard, unbeknownst to my crew. Alone in the ocean, I swam for hours with and against the waves. Half way through the journey I was met with a shark that I managed to fight off, but not before he took my leg, just under the knee. After hours of unrest and terror, I finally made it to the nearest island and swam ashore, coughing up sea water and gripping the sand with my nine fingers. Looking up, I was met with a miracle of a sight. There stood one of my crew mates, extending their hand to help me up and back to the ship. I was given a new leg in the form of a piece of the ship’s railing and we were off again.

    As our adventures were nearing an end, we decided to make one final stop to check on Sherbet and Drumstick. This time bringing Dennis into the tavern as well. Putting Dennis on the floor I turn, and shout in terror, as I find that both Sherbet and the goblet were missing! In a fit of panic I scoop up Dennis and run back to the ship yelling that our poultry had been pilfered. The ship gasped as a whole, and as I climbed into the crows nest I spotted a sly sloop, drifting into the horizon. I shouted “The old man! He’s stolen Sherbet!” And we sail off after him.

    Catching up to his boat, we play it cool and ask if he’d visited our friend. He nodded and gave a smile while we casually glanced about his ship for any avian evidence. We asked him the color of the bird and he responded by opening his mouth and pointing straight at his gnarled black tooth. It wasn’t him. He had seen Drumstick. The poultry purloiner was still at large!
    The only other likely suspects were the galleons who had aided us at the fort. No longer than a half day later of searching we had found the galleons and discreetly followed them to another fort occupied by skeletons. With their crews distracted with the undead we climbed aboard and were met with no signs of any fowl play. Discouraged that we’d never find our feathered friend, we decided to part ways. As it was just myself and our crew mate who had met me ashore after my overboard swim, we took Dennis and Drumstick out to sea and set their fates to the ocean before we went our separate ways.

    And that is the tale of one of the early voyages set upon by Black Iron Hade...

  • Ahoy! Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures to share. I do have a pretty epic story, though. Cheers!


  • There was a young pirate from Scorched Pass
    Who liked to roll about in the grass
    One day by mistake
    They rolled on a snake
    And got a nasty bite on the arm

  • Aboard the Brig-Mac, an intruder was spotted. It was none other than the Colonel himself! We can't have the competition coming aboard selling his caged chicken in our ship so we captured him. He was even trying to palm gravy off for our banana fries! When interrogated, all we could get out of him was "It's Barrel licking good!" and "Don't forget to try the new Hot Parrot Wings!" Business was able to resume as normal once we put him back in his row boat with his chicken.

    alt text

  • This is my first visit down to this here local, but what called me in here was not the grog but a tale to tell. A tale of a success, then failure, then redemption, then fickle fate, then revenge and finally reward! A story of which I imagine is what this Sea of Thieves is all about. I sailed here back when it was less explored, but now…I think I'll be sailing again on the regular, seeing all the adventure and coin to be had.

    Captain Bot and myself were sailing upon our sloop the "Black Nancy", its black sails and flag furling in the wind, as we sailed to an actively defended Skeleton Fort. Tucked in the hull was a small haul of golden chests and mermaid gems, but the skeletons there had been multiplying unchecked for some time, but it seems no one had risen to the stand against them. We were not sure just the two of us could clear the threat from Shark Fin Camp, but we decided to try our luck. We were under cannon fire as soon as we tried to make land fall, and fought four our lives, back to back outside the fort for what seemed like an eternity, until finally the skeleton Captain came out from his den to face us!

    That's when we heard the unmistakable sound of cannon fire from the far side of the island. With just the Cap'n and myself, we needed all hands in the fight - and no mate could be spared to watch the Nancy. We retreated and scrambled over the rocks to see water already running over her deck at the hands of some thievin' pirates! We leapt to attack and try and save her, but it was in vain - weak from our battle at the fort the fort, she was lost.

    Finding ourselves back at Dagger Tooth with the "Black Nancy II" ready for sail we had but one choice. Revenge! Without preparation we sailed out, hoping to catch the scoundrels, which we did in short order. They were still at Shark Fin Camp, busing loading up the booty they'd taken from the Nancy. They hadn't finished handling the skeleton captain yet, and we laid into them. We believed one to be on the island, the other began to circle the island and run with their ship. Recklessly launching myself from a ship's cannon, propelling myself onto the island and engaged the pirate there. It was clear early on that he had the advantage, his Aye of Reach raining down upon me from the skeleton fort tower, while the undead focused only on me. Hiding around the side out of his line of sight, I suddenly found myself face to face with the feared Captain Quick Dickens himself. I brandished my admiral's cutlass and showed him why I'm one of the most feared blades from the Wilds. Grabbing from his corpse the key to his vault, I sprinted away, leaping the fort wall and swimming to the Nancy. Cap'n Bot set sail before the pirates knew the real prize was gone.

    The pirates raised their Reaper's Flag and gave chase, and quite a chase it was - across the entirety of the Wilds. By the time we neared the Ancient Isles it was clear this cursed brigandine would eventually catch us, even though our Capn' is the best there is, the brig just had too much sail with extra hands on deck. As we sailed south, another sloop with what looked to be an inexperienced crew sailed within range and began firing upon us - unprovoked. This was the stroke of luck we needed to pull of the most daring of pirate maneuvers. As we sped by, we watched, until the reckless sloop began firing on the chasing brig. It was a small distraction, and we executed a quick turn around Crook's Hollow taking us out of view. I'd already made ready loading all the prize loot and the Stronghold Key into the dingy, leaving behind a selection of Castaway's Chests and other objects of lesser value. The brig tuned to the north side of the island, looking to cut us off. Launching the dingy on the far side, I furiously rowed and tucked in close to the shore. I watched the chain of three ships sailing off on the chase. Silently wishing the Cap'n luck, I hid the rowboat near a waterfall on the other side of the island and proceeded to hide in a cave, presuming he would return for me.

    Well, as it turns out, we had taken a contract out some days ago to engage in a deathly fight against a skeleton crew here on Crook's Hollow, so my stay was less than peaceful. I dispatched some, and then holed up in a cave system out of sight. The dead don't care particularly about dying it seems, and they'd send in a skeleton sailor with a barrel of lit explosives every so often to try and deal with me. I had to stay on my toes - without food, without a ship, and out of ammo, clutching the precious Stronghold Key.

    Eventually I saw the most beautiful sight. Capn' Bot at the helm of a new ship - the "Sleight of Hand", painted in vibrant blue colors. The Captain had even dyed his hair and taken off his admiral's jacket! Seems he had led the crew on a merry chase to which he was finally "caught", spilling the shiny "loot" I'd left in the hull into the ocean. He could see on his map the blasted pirates were still searching the waters, flying their Reaper's Mark.

    I made my way to the shore, hidden behind a waterfall to wait. The captain pulled the ship into the bay and anchored. And this is where fate took an ugly turn - as she tends to do in the Sea of Thieves. I took that as a signal that I was to swim out to the ship. I was wrong. It was a sign that he needed to make a quick anchor turn from a ship approaching around the far side of the island. It seems a different band of pirates in a sloop were there at the worst possible timing. It rounded the island - with me swimming like blasted fool out in the bay with a bright shiny Stronghold Key in my hands. The captain tried to fight, but without me on deck to repair and work sail, it was ending. The pirates sunk the ship and chased me across the island, and then found me hiding swimming in the rocks, and killed me.

    Scraping together another sloop, the "Redemption" we set sail immediately for Crooks Hollow. The rowboat was still there laden with loot against all odds, but the Key was gone. Crestfallen, we sailed north. The skies were dark as we headed into the Wilds, my homeland, and our mood was just as dark. We sailed up upon the first sloop we sighted and I hit it with a half dozen hull shots before the Captain even began shouting "Where's the key!!?!?!". A confused female sailor emerged upon the deck of her sinking ship, and feeling embarrassed at what we'd done we sailed off quickly.

    The next sloop however, we spotted being pursued by a skeletal ghost ship. Looking from the nest, I peered through the spyglass…could it be? It is! The pirates we have been seeking! Engaging in a long spinning three way battle between the "Redemption", the second set of pirates, and the ghost ship, we ended up sinking both our opponents. The hull was battered with cannon holes, the supply barrels empty, but we did it. Revenge was ours.

    Then, Captain Bot came climbing back up the ladder of our ship. He'd been loading up what loot he could scavenge from the sunken ships, while I readied the ship rigging and prepared to sail on. Soaked and dripping with sea water, he had a broad smile and a Stronghold Key in his hands. We began to sail, faces into the winds with smiles, looking for the next harbinger cloud in the sky that would lead us to the vault of a skeleton fort captain. Though that treasure would be sweet, the revenge and redemption was already the sweetest.

    As we smiled a cannon ball whizzed right over our heads landing with a splash on the far side of the boat! It was that poor sailor woman whose sloop we sank, and she had rage in her eyes. And we had a Stronghold Key on board. The chase was on again.

    (All this and more is completely true and happened to me and my friend playing Sea of Thieves this weekend. For the sake of storytelling, I actually left out a section where we lost the "Redemption" after the ghost ship fight to a kraken and Captain Bot had to wait with the key in a rowboat while I got yet another ship. This is a crazy game!)

  • Playing around and decided to try a raid solo. First time doing one at all. Died many many times. Finaly was able kill the Captain. Opened the vault and seen the great loot. Checked where my boat was and started taking the loot to the ship. There I saw them. Another ship coming to the fort. I hoped they would sail by but they didnt. Sank my ship then killed me. Took all my. Sucks being a pirate sometimes.

  • Hi everyone!
    I just recently turned into a ghostly pirate in the realm of the living.
    I've told my story in my blog which you can visit here:

    This is the top read post on my blog, followed by the one where I declared Sea of Thieves, GOTY 2018!
    Go check it out! :)

  • @chenmasta The seas have been favorable for my journey to Pirate Legend. However with the new year I passed the torch to a new pirate. Under the name CommodoreMynuku I am sailing to become a two time pirate legend. I am cataloging the adventures, even letting people glimpse the journey. Meeting others along the way and sailing with a wide variety of sailors.

  • We were on a quest for fortune and fun. Two legends and on one "why aren't you a legend yet" sailed to toward the setting sun. Guided by our charts and maps we found our way into calm and clear waters. Calm became choppy as we entered the realm of the dreaded megladon. With nerves of steel we looked to the challenge of the great beast. Cannon fire blasted in the air, but it was not from our ship. A ghost ship with yellow cloth emerged from the sea firing at the monster to our surprise. The ghostly ship's attention quickly turned to us. A duo of evil. Teeth and metal aimed for our destruction. They were no match for the legends and the why aren't you a legend yet. The bounties were ours. We continued to dig and solve the mysteries of the sea. Smooth sailing you would say until a rival brig began to follow us. These scallywags were tenatious, but we could not allow them to take our loot. As they gained on us an old friend emerged. The kraken. Sailors from both ships were knocked into the water. The ships and lives were lost, but the treasure was bobbing in the waves. Only two sailors survived, myself and one of the rivals who managed to board a rowboat. As the kraken's ink poisoned and water's waves grew larger, I took my trusty sniper rifle and killed the rival with a single shot and commandeered his boat, retrieving as much as I could. Meanwhile, islands away, the legends, DoveUncaged: the Hunter of the Shadowmaw and the Sailor of the Whispering Bones MybaeMei, powered toward me but the rivals were already in pursuit. They could not lead the scurvy scurves back to the treasure, that I was rowing to an unknown island for pickup. The legends lead the others to the red sea, a suicide mission of distraction. The fools followed and died. The loot was ours, because we are the Freemen of Nassau. We sail together, we die together, and we harbor no fools.![alt text](image url)

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  • Twitch Streamer turns Guardian Angel for a six year old playing Sea of Thieves:

    It was just another day for Twitch streamer ZGPHOTO when he snuck aboard a Galleon attempting to complete a skull island challenge in Sea of Thieves. He hid aboard the ship in hopes of snatching away any treasure the other player might earn completing the challenge - a practice known as “tucking” to Sea of Thieves players.

    ZGPHOTO commented on several oddities about the situation, but didn’t think anything of it until his first encounter with the other player, when it became immediately apparent that the other player was a young child - a six year old home sick from school it would turn out.

    ZGPHOTO expressed immediate regret to his viewers about unknowingly trolling the kindergartener, and turned Guardian Angel for the youth, working from hiding to keep the young player’s ship afloat. When it became apparent that more help was needed, ZGPHOTO revealed his presence to the kindergartner and offered his help. The young player joyfully accepted the offer, declaring ZGPHOTO his “friend”, and the two worked together to clear the skeletons on the island.

    The kindergartner’s father, watching from the background commented, “It was pretty incredible. The guy not only kept an eye on my son’s ship, making sure no one took advantage, but also did the majority of the work beating the island. It was an impressive thing to see, and clearly the most fun my son’s ever had playing Sea of Thieves.”

    Once the challenge was completed, not only did ZGPHOTO help the boy load the treasure onto his ship, but also helped him sail to a safe outpost to offload it, insisting that the young player keep all the loot.

    An act of kindness like this is rare, and especially impressive in a game notorious for what some would consider a toxic player base - it is afterall called “Sea of Thieves”. ZGPHOTO acknowledged to his viewers during the livestream that plenty of other players wouldn’t have been bothered taking advantage of a young player, but he was glad to be a positive influence when possible.

    The boy’s Dad noted that it may not seem like such a big deal to most people, but ZGPHOTO was a real hero in my son’s eyes at that moment - a true Pirate Legend!

    IF anyone chooses to watch the full video, this event begins around 5:20:00 and goes to around 6:44:00

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  • Returning player back after a lengthy break and exploring all the stuff I've missed.

    I happened to wander into the Forsaken Shores, somewhat ill prepared. After a few quick hops from island to island for a little sight-seeing, I found a message in a bottle alerting me of a delivery of 5 crates of goods to Fetcher's Rest to be picked up from some pirate named Brian. A quick sail to Brian's Bazaar and my sloop was loaded up with three crates of devil's cloth (nothing ominous about that) and a couple of weird plants that made it very difficult to see the ground in front of my feet.

    Fetcher's rest was just off to the West so another quick sale and I docked my ship in close to the island, figuring to make it easy to deliver the goods. As I unloaded the first crate of devil's cloth to Walter the Feared (with a name like Walter, how could he not be feared?), the island began to rumble and geysers erupted all around me. I rushed back to my ship to deliver the rest of the goods (U.S. Postal Service has nothing on my dedication to delivery). As the last plant was unloaded, the island decided it was time to show me why I shouldn't have parked my ship so close. The volcano erupted and large chunks of rock and ash reigned down fire upon my poor little sloop. I scrambled back in time to see it taking on water and being peppered with holes. One plank after another, one bucket after after and a few bananas later, and my ship was... sunk. The island was too much for the poor thing and well, Fetcher's Rest now has one more pirate resting on its shores.


  • So close yet so far away.

    While sailing into the Devils Roar me and my sailing mate noticed the skull fort was active in the Devils Roar. Knowing few tread those waters we decided to go for it. Being a duo sloop we knew to stay on our toes.

    We get though almost all the waves when the volcano erupts. I have my friend take the sloop out to a safe distance and I stay behind. Much to our dismay though, a Brig makes a charge for the fort and my friend wisely takes off.

    The volcano stops and the Brig hits landfall. I've been hiding and watching the whole time. Once they stop both pirates cannon launch onto the island. This gives me the chance to keg their ship. I sink their ship and hear the skull captain music play and then instantly end. They have the key.

    I know they can't leave but I want to stop them from taking the key and hiding. To my surprise they open the fort door and I realize I have the perfect opportunity.

    I run down and wait for them to enter the vault. I take aim at a powder keg inside and BOOOM! All kegs go off killing the duo. True we lost the skull fort keg but it was a calculated loss.

    We load up all the good loot leaving behind a few low end items and high tail it East.

    After an hour or so we decide to see if they went back and surprisingly they did not. We were able to pick up the few scraps left behind and besides loosing the skull keg we made out quite well on what was our riskiest skull fort attempt to date

  • I posted this on reddit but I guess I could share this story on here as well :

    "Let me tell ye the story of one of my cheekiest steal. I was with my friend on our good old sloop, and we wanted to clear the seas of all those pesky skeletons that had taken our forts. With our small sail fully in the wind, we rushed towards the fort where they had been last seen.
    As we approached Skull Keep, we could see the massive cloud above the island confirming us if their presence. Unfortunately, there was also a gallion who had dropped anchor near the fort ! Near OUR fort ! We were no match for it's firepower, so we chose to act in a sneakier way. As I flew past the gallion and shot a few cannonballs to draw their attention, my crewmate jumped in the water and hid in one of the towers surrounding the island. I then pretended to sail away, but I hid both of I and the ship behind one of the nearby big rocks around the fort. Afterwards, we both waited in silence until the cursed cloud disappeared. M'y crewmate heard the gallion crew open the fort's door and, knowing that nobody was on the ship, he jumped out of the tower with a gunpowder barrel he had stashed there. I immediately lowered the sails and before the gallion crew could even understand what happened, I was shooting at them all the cannonballs we had and my friend prevented them from repairing theur ship. The gallion finally sank.

    We were happy with our achievement, but we knew that the gallion would come back soon, and with a very angry crew. We took all of the fort's loot and stashed it in the rowboat and immediately began sailing away. Being the expert sailor I am, I figured out that staying in the Wilds was a good way of being seen, so we decided to sail towards Sanctuary instead. But, the gallion was way faster than what we expected and saw us. We were right in the big rocks surrounding the Isle of Last Words, so we didn't see it coming until the last moment. Before we could even react, one of the gallion's crewmember jumped on our sloop and knocked us both with a gunpowder barrel, giving us a taste of our own medecine. We knew that our boat would not survive such damage, and we told ourselves that "oh well, they got back their stolen loot, at least we tried, etc". Luckily, i woke up back at my now sunken ship, and I saw in front of me the rowboat, with still all the loot on top of it ! I began laughing as I rowed behind a rock and the gallion was approaching the remains of our sloop.

    And so I rowed, and rowed, and rowed. I finally hit another island that I recognized as Kraken Watchtower. The shroud set in, and I thought that it was great because the gallion would be able to see me even less ! Little did I know I wouldn't be able to spot the gallion as well. I was happily rearranging the loot on my rowboat, waiting for my friend when I looked behind me to see with horror that the gallion was sneaking it's way to the island. Someone jumped in the water, and panicked, I rowed as fast as I could in the unknown. I rowed out of the shroud and, with a sigh of relief, saw my sloop sailing towards Blind Man's Lagoon. I managed to attach the rowboat and we began to sail away towards Dagger Tooth.

    A sloop is obviously far bigger than a rowboat, and the gallion didn't miss that. They began chasing us again, but this time we were prepared. We circled Dagger Tooth and the gallion nearly crashed itself on the island to see if we had left one of us to sell loot. No one. They then followed the sloop thinking it was still on the ship when it was, in fact, on a rowboat with a pirate about to row for the longest distance he had ever rowed. While my friend was dragging the angry gallion crew towards Gallion's Grave then Morrow's Peak, I rowed on the opposing side, towards Sanctuary. And when I finally arrived and began to sell our hard earned loot, my friend dropped anchor at Morrow's Peak, and the gallion crew stormed the sloop and the island only to look back and see my friend clapping at them at the front of their gallion."

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