Ghost Meg

  • Has anyone found ghost meg yet? I take it you can only find it in the fog?

    Edit/Answer: So from what I have seen and what everyone else is telling me all of the megs are random no matter where you are..even the ghost.

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  • @nathanuserectus

    My crew sailed back and forth, slow and fast, loud and quiet, through the fog today for almost two hours. At one point we did encounter a meg, but it was the Hungering One and we killed it quickly. We neither saw nor heard the Shrouded Ghost.

    This was while the fog was in the far north-west corner of the map, around smugglers bay and keel haul fort.

    Good luck to whoever else is hunting her. I cant wait to find out what the trick is... if there even is one...


  • @nathanuserectus Sadly i did not and also my guess was about the fog but i saw a video and they found him just sailing around, no fog, no storm. Was night, i don't know if that matter or not

  • @klutchxking518

    The Megs spawn in deep water like the Kraken or Skull Ships. It's a random event.
    I haven't seen anyone say they have found this Meg. Everyone thinks that it only spawns in the fog.

    With the fog being a rare occurrence which lasts on average 20 minutes it will probably be a very rare thing to find this Meg. So here's your problem, you're across the world, you have to drop what you're doing to sail to the fog (roughly 10-minute journey - could be longer in the wind) only to find the fog disappearing. Or, you have a very short amount of time to run into the Meg when you get there.

    They need to change the fog mechanic or spawn this Meg outside of the fog.

  • @nathanuserectus

    I've found this video on Reddit:

    It was outside the fog in Devil's Roar, so it's probably just a rare random encounter!

    And here's the beast:

    But how it glows it's because it's during night so it might be different during the day :)

  • My crew encountered a green megalodon in the fog when approaching a nearby active fort yesterday, but I was outvoted 3 to 1 to not go after it - which meg did I just miss out on, and how much was it worth in dubloons?

  • @galactic-geek was it yellowish green? That's the Ancient Terror. I keep losing it to shallow waters when it spawns

  • @slipperycawk247 It may have been; it was hard to tell in the fog. ;)

  • UGGGGG… turn the spawn rate UP PLEASE!!!!

    I spent countless hours running around the Roar's shores looking for BOWS to no avail. It was a little disheartening.

    Now the Ghost Meg appears to be the same, except this time it feels unfair. Why make it a commendation that keeps me from defeating Shrouded Spoils?

    I've killed the other megs several times over (great for Athena) but haven't encountered this one. I've followed lore into the fog for countless hours. I've watched a few videos and aimlessly sailed the exact areas where they were found.

    --and before anyone says it's about the adventure and not the grind.... don't hate the monkey.

  • That's the shrouded ghost? I thought it was supposed to be completely white like in the trailer! This means I might've seen it and skipped over it! That's it, now every Meg dies! A new shark hunter is in town!

  • @galactic-geek ...maybe it is ALL of disguise Meg 😂 . Although it does seem to have pink eye, so maybe that's the clue🤔

  • @slipperycawk247 just anchor as soon as it spawns

  • My friend and I were slooping the other day and was being chased by another sloop in the vicinity of Galleon's Grave outpost. We were spawned on by the Shrouded Ghost but unfortunately we had neither planks nor cannon balls due to defending our ship from the aforementioned sloop and saving the skelly portion of our Athena's run for last. I fear this may have been my only Ghost sighting for quite some time and I was unfortunately unable to partake.

  • still can't wait to find this meg :D

  • @nathanuserectus I've run into two ghost megs, but killed neither of them. From experience, I'm assuming they only appear when you get a meg encounter while sailing through a storm. However, keep in mind this may not be accurate.

  • it is easier to win the lottery than to find this meg.
    I've played for several hours and I've never seen him, none of my friends, I'm in a Whatsapp group with 250 players, none ever found, another discord group with more than 500 players, and none of them ever found it either.
    There is something strange, we played in South America, at least here it has never been seen, we have only seen reports of players from other continents who have found and are few.

  • @brigs-maroon I once encountered the "Ghost Meg" with my crew of 3 while fighting a Ghost ship which we targeted over the Ghost Meg i tried to turn our targets but we didn't end up doing that because it was supporting us I have not encountered it since and I wish we targeted the Meg over the Ghost ship

  • Ok I’m freaking out but there goes nothing: I was on a brig with a girl and a guy friend and we were sailing in a crystal clear night with a white moon. We had all lanterns blue flamed. My friend was playing the sad shanty (dunno if the chanty is related but all of this happened together so). We didn’t plan this but all of a sudden we encounter a crystal clear white fin that is really hard to rattle or agro. We made circles and it comes an goes without being rattled.
    I have work to do but if someone cant try this method an can let me know if it actually works like that? It’s worth the shot!

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