[CLOSED] Festival of the Damned Creator Contest

  • Festival of the Damned has arrived so we're lighting the beacon and calling all our creative pirates to action! Seeing all the explosive content you lot created for our Forsaken Challenge was a blast, but let's turn our attention to something a little more spooky. So grab your grog, ready your lantern and allow me to introduce our Festival of the Damned Creator Contest.

    Festival of the Damned Creator Contest

    From November 2nd to 14th, we want to see your best Festival of the Damned related content!

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    The winning submission will receive a bounty of Sea of Thieves merchandise! This includes a money can't buy prize in the form of a Sea of Thieves display cabinet! You'll also win the goodies to stock this cabinet which are a Sea of Thieves Limited Edition Controller, Sea of Thieves Controller Stand, Seagate Game Drive for Xbox - Sea of Thieves Special Edition, 30 Bilge Rat Doubloons and a Spinal Figurehead for your ship!

    While our runners-up will receive a Sea of Thieves Reaper's Glow T-Shirt, 15 Bilge Rat Doubloons and a Spinal Figurehead.

    We'll be looking for submissions in the following categories:

    • Best Festival of the Damned Video - This may be a horror movie style voyage with jump scares, a creepy homage to the likes of Frankenstein, a party video showing your glorious coloured lanterns and plenty of revelry, or simply surprise us with something spooky!
    • Best Festival of the Damned Fan Creation - Did you put together a Sea of Thieves Halloween costume? This is the perfect chance to show it off! Festival of the Damned brought with it the awesome addition of facepaint so if you and your crew recreated that in the real world, show us. If that's not your thing, we're keen to see all your awesome creations from fan art, 3D Models, cakes and spooky story. As long as it's Festival of the Damned themed we want to see it!

    The Rules

    As always, members of the Sea of Thieves team will be judging your submissions based on the following criteria: Creativity, Originality and Hilarity.

    If you've taken part in any of our other challenges, you'll be aware that there are some rules. If you're new to this then take a moment to familiarize yourself with the rules:

    1. Keep your videos and fan creations family-friendly.
      Please keep your entries free from bad language and inappropriate content.
    2. Keep an eye on video length.
      Please keep your video submissions to 10 minutes or under.
    3. Consider full crew participation.
      We actively encourage you to get your crew involved in this! However, only the account that submits the content will be eligible for the prize.
    4. Content must have been created by you.
      Please do not submit clips or creations that another pirate has made. The content you submit must be your own.

    The Prize

    There will be one main winner. This winner will be selected from EITHER the video or fan creation submissions. The main prize includes a Sea of Thieves display cabinet, Sea of Thieves Limited Edition Controller, Sea of Thieves Seagate Hard Drive, Sea of Thieves Limited Edition Xbox Controller Stand, 30 Bilge Rat Doubloon and a Spinal Figurehead.

    There will be Four runners-up in total and selected from BOTH video and fan creations submissions. The runners-up will win themselves a Sea of Thieves Reaper's Glow T-Shirt, 15 Bilge Rat Doubloons and a Spinal Figurehead.

    How to Enter

    • Tweet your submission to us on Twitter using the hashtag #SoTFestivalContest in your tweet.
    • Upload your submission to Instagram using the hashtag #SoTFestivalContest in your post.
    • Enter on Facebook by leaving your submission on our wall with the hashtag #SoTFestivalContest.
    • Submit your content here on the Forums. Submissions posted in this thread will not count as an entry.
    • If you're submitting video content to us it must be hosted on YouTube.

    Winners will be contacted on November 21st and we'll announce them via our social channels and on our website on November 26th.

    This contest opens on 00:01 GMT on November 2nd 2018 and closes at 23:59 GMT on November 14th 2018 inclusive (the “Entry Period”). Entries received outside of the Entry Period will not be considered. Click here for full Terms & Conditions.

    Good luck, pirates!

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  • @realterrortesin

    Now... those are prizes & a half.... good luck to everyone!!!!

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  • I can only dream. Never been much at creating for things like this, but thats a hell of a prize.

  • And The Winner IIIIS....


  • Challenge Accepted.

  • @muzackmann Now's your time to give it a try!

  • @realterrortesin

    Some mighty fine prizes up for grabs there!

  • @triheadedmonkey lol i have no experience in video editing so yea my bet is on this man to win.

  • A HUGE congratulations to the WINNERS and RUNNERS UP!!

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