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  • Aye sit back and hear my tale for this was a very fun night of misfortune turning into something unexpectedly wonderfully fun.

    The beginning of my story is going to start at the end of another, I had been sailing with my crew a good amount of hours and we had a fair amount of loot on us, but my one friend who was really the only reason the other 2 were on the boat had to get ready for work so he got off before finishing the voyage or even depositing what we had and it was a good handful of chests and such. So there I was I think at Ruby's(Craig's dog?) Island and my galleon turned into a crew of 4 to a crew of 1. Well I didn't want to end when I was so close to turning in some loot.
    So I finished finding the chest and got back onto the ship and started sailing towards the outpost. Remembering I am solo on a galleon I opened the crew to hopefully get some assistance turning in the loot and finishing the voyage. I was no more then 100 meters from the outpost when OF COURSE Meg is making her charge. I quickly grab the wheel knowing that if I get knocked off I would have no chance in saving my ship but not realizing I was just over half health and with no bananas. Meg took a CHOMP and I was dead with my ship surely sinking to Davey Jones locker.
    I respawned and sure enough the ship was sunk and I was too far to swim all that loot to the outpost, but what was this? a beacon of hope? my trusty rowboat which was already badly damaged from a volcano rock had survived! That's it I said I can hop on the rowboat and pile all the loot on. I am saved! I hopped on the boat and what do my eyes see? no not eight tiny reindeer but 4 names, a new crew for me. ermm sorry not sure why my inner monolog turned into the T'was the night before Christmas.
    Anyways back on track, I explained to my new found crewmates why the ship had sunk and the new plan, they were all on board(literally). We put everything into the little rowboat and I rowed us to the outpost. Even though they had not just gone thru that heck of a trial they all seemed pretty pleased with my ability to remedy the situation or maybe they were just happy to log on and be so close to an outpost without doing work. We got on land and a sloop was there, I don't remember her name but she was very nice and did not try to kill us. I explained the story to her too because she had just seen a Galleon not far off and was not sure where it went. So that is the first half of this lovely story I hope you liked it. It really was a roller coaster of panic and hope.

    And now for the second bit. I was so pleased with how this rowboat had saved me I actually decided to not bother going back to the galleon and to finish the voyage only in the rowboat and once more to finish anything I could and to do as much as I could in the rowboat for the rest of the night. I will give you a quick summary but I really hope it is something Rare could look at because I must say that was A LOT of rowing. I used the sloops map table to figure out my heading and we were off. One person left immediately. I don't think they had the passion for the rowboat like I did, but the other 2 became my new friends and we sailed... I mean rowed for hours.
    We kinda went off course and even left the Devil's Roar so we turned around and kept searching(really hard to navigate a giant ocean in a rowboat with no map) we found the island we needed (about 5 blocks north of the outpost and big) and a galleon was there. We explained what we were doing and they were nice to us. In fact right when we were docking a powder keg skelly came up and blew up almost killing one of them, but to my heartbreak the blast was enough to sink our rowboat. If you remember it was already smashed from a volcano rock before, so very weak.
    But this other crew was so nice they gave us their rowboat so we could continue our journey. We got our 6 chests off the island (2 were grog) and sailed to the out post eventually running into that crew again at the outpost and having a laugh. Over all We went thru 3 or 4 rowboats. It was a very fun night indeed. Well that was my tale for tonight I hope you enjoyed it.

  • @anubis316 Aye! This is a fantastic tale, and is inspiring me to do more with the rowboat!

  • Yesterday I had an amazing fleet with all the best Pirates of Instagram! It was the best collaboration I ever had in this amazing game. All us working on an Ashen Athena and scavenging every island in the hope of finding the Box of Wondrous Secrets.

    All the love to Cpt Kronk, Olivitess, @SneakyFERRiS, MoonsyCat, @CastleCrasher61, Marengief and @XIronEdgeX

  • Things looked grim for @creepyweirdguy2 and Barnacle Blake. At a place called Crows nest fort. Twas right after we fought off hordes of cursed skeleton pirates and killed their boney Captain.
    My partner Creepy was looking into the horizon and noticed a Brig lurking around the fort, soon as the Skull cloud dropped, they came right for us and our new found treasure.
    Creepyweirdguy2 and I grabbed the fort chest and Fort skull. Next we loaded it on the sloop, intending to head to ancient spire for quick payday and also before the brig could catch us. But wait! I Thought maybe Creepy could drop the new row boat, load it up with the rest of the fort loot and row it to ancient spire when coast was clear.

    As he rowed in for loot I ran the skull and chest to the outpost.Right after I handed both the fort chest and skull in
    the brig was on me. They did get a couple shots off as I pulled away but nothing that would send me to the sea floor.

    I sailed away from the area so Creepy could finish grabbing the last of our fort loot.
    The brig was sending up the TRUCE and WERE FRIENDLY chats as they take pot shots at me and miss badly. So I used the mega phone to yell back "I would be friendly too if I was as bad a shot as you!".
    (not great trash talk but it was off the cuff and without delay)
    They kept chase but once I was far away enough from the fort I did a hard turn into them and was able to land about 5 shots on lower section of brig. The brig cannons were above and behind my ship and they were unable to fire back. Im so close to the brig now I was slamming against its hull.

    At this time @creepyweirdguy2 was just pulling into the outpost and just started to turn in our fort loot.

    On our sloop I was battling all three of the brig pirates who jumped onto my sloop.
    I was slain and sent to the ferry of the damned but feeling better as I see our loot being turned in by Creepy. When I go back to land of living I see one guy on my sloop who I dispatch with a sniper shot in his back.

    As I look for brig I see it going under to Davey Jones locker from the shots I landed and them all boarding my ship while leaving nobody to repair brig.

    I bailed what little water I had and tossed up a patch. I ran up on deck to pull up the mega phone and laugh at the last guy trying to fight off sharks.

    They didnt have much to say back.
    Me and creepy had a great laugh and got all the loot thanks to the rowboat.

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