Introducing the Boatswains

  • Ahoy there community, to celebrate the Pirates who are positive members of our community, who are fairminded but respectful of the Pirate Code and Forum Rules we have created a new title, Boatswains!

    This new title has no responsibilities, or official duties but we hope the Boatswains will play a key part in welcoming new players into the community. We will be adding to this group fairly regularly, and are always on the lookout for new Boatswains!

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  • @khaleesibot

    I like the name of the new title.

  • @khaleesibot

    Congratulations to all the new Boatswains!!!!

  • @personalc0ffee Is that a shiny new badge I see? Congrats!

  • Nice work :)

  • @mad-jack-ketch Congrats! It's looking good on you too :D

  • @katttruewalker I take it your badge is currently loading? Lol

  • @knifelife Haha! I'm happy being a lowly Deckhand, ye knows.

  • @katttruewalker Thanks! I kinda like having the 4 titles up there! Greedy Pirate! Err I mean I share! ;)

    Thanks again. It's a privilege to have such a role :)

  • @katttruewalker Maybe you are just not positive enough ;) :P

  • @knifelife Well dang it... I do me best... wanders off grumbling about grog swillin' pirates

  • @katttruewalker
    I'm sure it's just a four title limit, otherwise you'd definitely have five :)

  • Congrats to you all.
    Specially @Musicmee it's most than disserved, for all the community work here in the forums.
    Aye! 🍻

  • @personalc0ffee well Mr. C0ffee, @khaleesibot has five. You got the "gotta catch em all" vibe going?

  • @khaleesibot What a lovely idea! There are some truly helpful and friendly folks around here. It's nice to see them being recognised :)

  • What a nice addition to the forums! And bravo to everyone that has been making this community the best place to be a pirate!

  • There be a fine collection of scallywags in the group so far and all credit to them :)

  • @khaleesibot @khaleesibot A fine idea indeed! Looking forward to seeing how our new Boatswain's will help to the community!

  • @nunoazuldimeter said in Introducing the Boatswains:

    Congrats to you all.
    Specially @Musicmee it's most than disserved, for all the community work here in the forums.
    Aye! 🍻

    @MusicMee was the first person that I had in mind when I saw this post. For sure.

  • Well well...shiver me timbers! @khaleesibot truly a grand idea! Congrats to those mateys so honored!

  • It's an awesome idea! Congrats to the first ones! :D

  • @khaleesibot said in Introducing the Boatswains:

    This new title has no responsibilities, or official duties...

    Heck yeah, this is the type of group I like being in!

  • This is awesome!

    It's so amazing to see the POSITIVITY get recognized and rewarded, even if it's a simple title.

  • congrats

  • Paging @DrBullhammer, the Bootswines are assembling, this is not a drill!

  • This is a great idea! How do you sign up! lol. Always good to help keep this a friendly environment any way we can.

  • @lifewcoke Congratulations!!

    Grog all round!

  • @thor-von-blitz
    Boatswines assemble!


  • guess I'll just wait for a devil's advocate group to be made...

    cries in bucket

  • @triheadedmonkey
    Speaker of the Monkey Tower assemble!

  • Seems like I need to work on being more positive...The troubles of PTSD (Pirate Traumatic Stress Disorder) :P

  • @Erinom3 @triheadedmonkey @DrBullhammer @Thor-von-Blitz @Musicmee @Ever-Reddy @CaptnJaq @stacky-a

    Congrats to ye all!

  • @thor-von-blitz


  • @katttruewalker I'm wondering who is supposed to be who in that picture....

  • @triheadedmonkey Hahaha! I guess you get first pick? I'm pretty sure that's @khaleesibot right in the middle there with the mighty fine beard..... hides

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