'Making Our Mark' - Discussion/Hunt

  • Pioneers - any community marks you find while playing should be discussed in the Pioneer forums until it is available to the public. At that time I will add them to official list. Please consider the NDA before posting.

    The Hunt has begun Continues!

    Ahoy thar Fo'Rum!!

    Here is the perfect place to discuss/strategize/congregate on the topic of Sea of Thieves Community 'Easter Eggs'.

    Rare decided early on in development of Sea of Thieves that they wanted to continually honour select members in the world as we, the pirates, 'Made Our Mark' for various feats within the game and within the community.

    These marks come in all shapes and sizes.

    For the full list of discovered in-game marks - Check out the topic below.

    Making Our Mark - Official List of Community Influence

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  • Bring on the beta!! Egg hunt... Do we get any hints?


  • @mrbrojangles87 - No hints. Not even the @Deckhands know where they are.

    We too will be on the hunt.

    Good luck finding them during the Closed Beta.

  • @pikaaroon What do you think about assembling a crew to find the last three tags? Or, probably, you have one already?

  • @jcmdeadpool - I'm happy to crew with anyone from the Crewmunity.

    But as for planning a crew? I'm a very last minute plan kinda person. Also being in Australia I normally get time to play when the rest of the world sleeps haha

  • @pikaaroon Ah. Who needs sleep. We will hit up at least once to find these :D

  • @pikaaroon Did you ever manage to finalize your 'race' idea matey? I know some "mischievous" souls teased yer..... ;p but are the ideas/plans still floating around somewhere?

  • @pikaaroon We also be needin' and official update soon! We now have eggs for @Tartansnake-8 and @Capta1n-Cr0ss :D

  • @musicmee Wait. You found two of the three left?

  • @jcmdeadpool Not me personally (although maybe Cross' I did), the pioneering community have.

    There's still plenty more to find... so when you get into the beta keep yer eyes peeled.

  • @musicmee I hope so :(

  • @jcmdeadpool I know so :D So chin up and dust off that spyglass there's lots of treasures still unfound.

  • @musicmee Updated here so far -


  • @katttruewalker No Captain Cross egg mentioned on there though :(

  • @musicmee At least when I will sail with @Pikaaroon. Otherwise, I will have to enjoy this game I think.

  • I think I've found another one in m... but I prefer to give the beta players the opportunity to find it.
    Although maybe they add more for the beta :)

  • @musicmee Not yet - but you've seen it - post the link in here and tag @Pikaaroon ?

  • @el-espectro-0 DM Me matey :D

    @Pikaaroon Here is Captain Cross' easter egg thread:


  • @musicmee What happend when I saw this link.

    • oh, Musicmee posted sth.? The Link?
    • It really exist, I missed a topic :o
    • press on the link
    • bad internet, site takes it time to load Wait, they have a Founder only forum section, don't they?
  • @jcmdeadpool Ooooops sorry. Yeah its a Pioneer only section, sorry about that. When the build goes into beta you will be able to do your own hunting for that easter egg. Keeping a surprise but also letting you know its out there.

    Sorry to be a tease. But at least it won't give the game away and you can go hunt it down yourself.

  • What a beautiful thing. Helping develop a game as best as you can and proving yourself a good member of the community, knowing you've left a permanent mark in the game. :)

    Beautiful, Rare.

  • @musicmee No problem matey :D I'm sure that there plenty undiscovered marks for me/us :D

    I know the spots by heart from the post, so I will also see our cross there. Really no problem, just thought would be funny enough to share.

  • @pikaaroon as a fellow Ozzie I'd crew with you anytime!

  • Will the non-pioneers have a chance to find them too? Because we have to wait until the Beta starts and then have only 5 days of searching time.

  • Picaroon Palms is that in reference to you m8???
    K4 on map ;)

  • @musicmee Your being a total tease with this Easter egg like
    alt text

  • @pikaaroon If somewhere in the game i don't see a skull in a cliff named Murray, i will be very disappointed

  • The hunt for community inspired easter eggs was always a fun addition when sailing during the Alpha, best of luck and happy hunting to the Pioneers out there already looking for other Easter Eggs!

  • I have found one (Mod Edited)

  • @nuclear-duke37 we are aware of a few other Easter Eggs that have been found, due to NDA were unable to discuss them until Beta, including that one ;).

  • @nuclear-duke37 thats, uhm... Nice?

  • Ahoy thar Fo'Rum!!

    Now that we are in the Closed Beta and the NDA has been lifted for the session, I've gone crazy and running around the world taking screenshots of the Easter eggs to add to the Official List.

    Here's a sample of one of the new pictures. I'll slowly be adding them to the List mentioned in the OP above.


  • Thanks, @pikaaroon!
    Nice Screenshot mask too :D

  • Got a good picture for @DuMy2008

    Thoughts mate?


    A certain snake loving person requested I do it...

  • @pikaaroon That's the way @DuMy2008 would have wanted it!

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