Capture a Code (UNOFFICIAL) Community Competition. Your Best 'Faced with Fog' Screenshot.

  • "A special atmosphere"

    Capstan: T Sensha
    Six-Pack: T Sensha

  • The tavern formerly of Golden-Sand abandoned by the tavern owner

    Capstan : FOU Furia
    6 pack : BB Murdock

  • A playful and mysterious depiction of Shores of Gold.

    obsidian six pack and obsidian capstan: UndeadPuga

  • The bones crusher boat emerging from the fog

    Capstan : FOU Furia
    6 pack : qentaa

  • l
    Its the fog (scary)

  • Capstan: Th3 L3G3ND 1660
    We found veiled meg?

  • Alt. Text

    Capstan @ Cpt Bl4ckScr33n
    6 Pack - Willy Copta

  • "Silver Shores"

  • "into the fog"

    Capstan : FF BroKen
    Six pack : Axelotl3881

  • "The sniper in the fog"

    Capstan : Axelotl3881
    Six Pack : FF BroKen

  • 6-Pack: SilverLunaStar
    Capstan: GET S0ME 4025

  • The first time I faced the fog, I never imagined that my life would change when I got on this sloop and sailed to the Sea Of Thieves.

  • Spoiler Alert: I do get one balled from the fog x3

    Capstan: Vixen Yoshi
    6-pack: RegentRuby5245

  • The sloop in the rain and fog

    Capstan : FOU Furia
    6 pack : LamabsoO

  • Fog looming over Smugglers’ Bay…

    Capstan and 6pk to AlliasEl

  • 6-Pack: LadyTyto6023
    Capstan: HeyMilku

  • 6 pack: tmsaaa7
    Capstan: Tekz Xi

  • 6 pack: tmsaaa7
    Capstan: Krass66

  • Capstan: Atomixx37
    6-pack: Axelotl3881

  • Lovely jubbly!

    Dropping anchor as it’s time but remember to pop back tomorrow for the usual honourable mentions and the winning screenshot. Plus your next mission… should you choose to accept it.

    Fair winds!

  • Don’t panic but no winner chosen yet.

    New competition will start Tuesday 28th November.

130 out of 132