S8 is awesome!

  • But not why you think.

    Super Early Reveal Because Going to Be TL:DR
    I got my Legend title lol.

    The part you don't read:

    Trying to secure as many new emissary rewards as I can. Athena is in the bag. OoS needs cushion. Can maybe do 2 Vaults and 2 Manifests and get the other 2. Reaper? 2nd tier is best I can (foreseeabley do).

    TL:DR stop 1, doing emissary stuff.

    I forgot to put up the emissary for OoS, and a voyage so yeeted off from Plunder Outpost to Sharkbait (ooh-ah-ah)...

    Realizes what I forgot.

    TLDR 2... Pithy's kinda forgetting.

    Decide to Red October it and dive to give away a very exclusive and hard to obtain "Sank Pithy" I did the pvp...thing... (I need another shower) Grog doesn't have an effect when diving or traveling to/from SotD. Time to slam grogs and get those refill milestones farmed!

    TLDR3 : I reenact that scene from She Hulk...

    So frigging MM times. My title pops. I'm bored. Cancel search. A bAtTlE mIgHt StIlL oCcUr...

    Sure. An' Stitcher Jim will gimme that 5 AC I loaned 'im.

    TldR 4... ummm... yeah. I got Legendary Rouge


    Mateys.... why?

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  • Congrats!

    I'm not into drinking but I am into banjo playin'! Rogue is great, I like glassin' rogues probably the most

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