My future figurehead

  • Once Season 7 realeses my first ship will be called the dark eagle and will mainly have red and black collors(mainly reaper and ashen cosmetics) but im not sure which figurehead to use does anyone here have a suggestion(i am pl and i dont have ancient coins)

    Ps i hope this is in the right part of the forum this is my first time posting in here

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  • I would save up ancient skelly coins for the black phoenix

    until then I'd go Merchant Ambassador Figurehead

    gold with a red/black goes alright, helps it pop

    in my experience sea forts are a decent place to hunt around for ancient skellies to get some coins.

  • You get 250 Ancient Coins for free each season btw...

  • @wolfmanbush thanks!!

  • @pithyrumble i know but for something like a collectors figurehead it would take me multiple seasons and i want to buy my ship the same day the update drops

  • @ultimatex50
    Adding to what @wolfmanbush suggested, another alternative that could work is the Rare Legend Figurehead (I'm not sure if you have that or not, it was a part of a time-limited event). It's gold as well and it would be unique as I have not seen that many other pirates with that figurehead equipped. With that said, I would agree with @wolfmanbush, I think the Black Phoenix Figurehead would be the best option.

  • @lucky11 i sadly dont have the rare legend figurehead so i hope i will get lucky with some ancient skelletons😊

  • Or (not that I’m advocating one way or another) you can buy ancient coins with real money or Xbox Rewards (honestly not sure if/how to accomplish the latter but it seems possible).

  • @sn0kanon i know but i dont want to spend any money💸🤑

  • @ultimatex50 I’m with ya, just wanted to make sure you knew you could; Ancient Skellies are far from a Sure Thing 😁

  • I would absolutely say black phoenix is your best bet just by ship name, but if you need a placeholder until you get the ancient coin, ashen dragon or forsaken ashes are probably your best bet for just a red figurehead.

    Also im not sure if tavern tales is the place for it, but most probably arnt bothered by it.

  • Omen Figurehead is a good one for Red/Black cosmetics

5 out of 12