Greetings / Grüße

  • Hello,

    I've been sailing the 'Sea of Thieves' since Season 3. The Update with Jack Sparrow, you know, yeah... :)
    (already in 2018 I was interested in the pirate game...)
    I haven't used the forum yet.
    But now I would like to introduce myself a little bit.

    My ingame name is 'Spielfee Blume'.
    Unfortunately, Spielfee was already taken, so I chose the addition.
    I'm a german PVE player, not really interested in PVP, but I like the game and the development so much. :) Thanks Rare!
    I often sail alone or with friends. :)

    Right now I don't know what else to write, hm...

    That's my avatar :)

    See you at the sea or read each other in the forum.
    Have fun and a good time! :)

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  • howdy ahoy

    nice to have you here.

    I hope you feel welcome while you spend time here and find topics and conversations that interest you.

    happy sails

  • @wolfmanbush Thank you :)

2 out of 3