[Suggestion] Sitting Expressions/Emotes

  • Hello,

    Just to start off I want to say that I love that sitting has been added to the game, a great feature for taking screenshots and just chilling in the tavern after a good grog.

    But I also think that this could be expanded on more.

    A current issue I have with the sitting mechanic is that the player looks down most if not all the time they sit so its hard to get screen shots with face in it if I'm taking a screenshot of my friend sitting especially if they are wearing a hat. If they player looked up more this would help fix this issue.

    Sitting Expressions and Emotes
    I think this sitting mechanic can be expanded on by adding expressions and/or emotes to the mechanic. Just like performing an emote normally, when they player is sitting they press Z or what ever their normal emote bind is and it brings up the expression menu which a player can select. This will provide the player with more variety for taking screen shots but also give more expression to players who create content or players who RP.

    Emote/Expression Suggestions
    Drinking Grog
    Roll Dice
    Story Telling Emotes
    Playing with miniature ships

    These are just some off the top of my head. I would love to hear more suggestions if anyone has any

    Thanks for reading,

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  • Sure! For those who want to take screenshots or just roleplay a bit, emotes like these could be cool.

  • Here here

  • I'm here for it! Also would love to strum my banjo while sitting on a perch :)

  • Was heartbroken to find I couldn't drink or play instruments while sitting.

  • This would be awesome.

  • Aye, good suggestion!

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