Reaffirming our Community Policies

  • At Rare we’ve always been clear about our values and what we stand for. We absolutely condemn any form of bullying, harassment, hate speech or discrimination and have always been proud to call the Sea of Thieves community a welcoming and inclusive place.

    We always aim to provide a fair resolution to those who submit reports of harassment or abuse. All support tickets submitted to us are treated confidentially and are reviewed in line with our Code of Conduct with the evidence provided. Every case is considered with the care, gravity and diligence it deserves, and if there is a breach of our Code of Conduct, we take action.

    Creators within the Partner Programme are held to the same rules as players; we do not make exceptions, and the integrity of the game and our message of inclusivity are our foremost concerns.

    We do understand that there are some concerns in the community about toxicity. This is an important discussion at Rare and we are treating it as a top priority, with our goal being to review and ultimately improve our policies so that everyone is working together to uphold what makes the Sea of Thieves community so special.

    We have already implemented changes within the Partner Programme to ensure that our creator community remains a positive and welcoming space, we’ve tightened our processes for player recruitment in invitational events and we will be making wider community-facing changes in future.

    Rare also has a duty of care to protect its own staff against personal harassment, abuse and other behaviours which may endanger their physical or mental wellbeing. Our policy is to disengage from conversation with anyone who chooses to take that approach during discussions.

    We take all complaints seriously and we treat all our players fairly. As always, we thank them for their continued support, for their trust in the value they know we place on them and for making Sea of Thieves both the game and community it is.

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  • hi I'm here to inform you that in the new missions of The Summer of Sea of ​​Thieves the prize-winning pirate title is not obtainable as the site does not count the challenge of catching 20 trophy fish for which the prize-winning pirate title is not given, I hope that you solve the problem and I apologize if I wrote directly to inform you, good day

  • Is there a way to file complaints against players who are being harrassing or using hate speech from inside the game itself? my impression has been that the only way we can report is through the site.

  • @timeylives Ahoy matey!

    For the time being, it can only be done through the site - but feel free to submit an Xbox player report too via their Xbox profile.

  • @musicmee
    Thank you! Wondering if you guys are considering making it in game at some point soon. I set things up so people can't hear what others are saying in game but my crew mates have told me about alot of toxicity lately & It would def help to be able to report

  • @timeylives No worries matey!

    I know this is continuously being worked on... so hopefully soon!

  • Then why is it ok for someone to sit on my boat, camp my respawn, and continually kill me while talking trash about my pvp skills? That is pretty much the "harassment" that you say you don't allow, but here it is, all because I can't move the first second I spawn in.

  • @cultofwar99 Ahoy matey!

    The only way we can deal with this kind of play is by using the inbuilt tools to scuttle or change server... and then head to report these players.

    It is only by us working as a community and each of us playing our part that these players will be rid from the seas!

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