Bugs and various improvements

  • Ahoy !
    Being a big fan of the game, I would like to share with you some points which, in my opinion, need to be reviewed.


    • Sometimes when we dive into the ocean, we have a weird bug sound.
    • Sometimes we have to take a loot several times before having it in our hand.
    • Cannons :
      Too often, we have to load ourself twice before being in.
      The selected cannonball isn't the loaded cannonball.
      Sometimes the cannon ejects us vertically and not in the chosen angle.
      Rarely, the cannon doesn't load any cannonball. (similar to the bug in which you can't pick up your loot).
    • Offer our soul : the action is cut when the camera switch to the third person.
    • Sometimes, the wind doesn't display on the boat. (it could be cool to know its direction on the ground as well)
    • Too often, the hitmarker doesn't display when we hit and displays when we don't.
    • Often, the top of the first ladder at Ancient-Spire push us back.


    • Too often, the barrels sink before we can reach it. If we see the birds, we should be able to get the stock.
    • It could be nice to have a special place to store the loot on/in the boat. And/or something like a flower box for the plants.
    • When we are stuck, we are teleported to the boat. Often, it's not the place where we want to be. I think it would be better to be teleported beside.
    • Loading time when we take a mermaid are often too long. And rarely, we are teleported to an island (but the boat is still ok).
    • Sunken boat should respawn on another server.
    • Sloop should not be on the same servers as the galleons.
    • It's hard to use the chest of the rowboat without sitting on it.
    • I don't like the volcano activity. We have nothing to do but wait. I would prefer a more aggressive ground or more skeletons to fight... Something like this.

    Thanks a lot for you attention and thanks a lot to the developpers who do a great job everyday ! This list has been created with the update "ships of fortune".

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  • @soraganx There is an update coming out TODAY in a few hours and it is all about bug. Probably most of these bugs will be fixed.

  • @jctc758 said in Bugs and various improvements:

    @soraganx There is an update coming out TODAY in a few hours and it is all about bug. Probably most of these bugs will be fixed.

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    h8 all bugs. how long we will find them L(

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