[Mega Thread] Barrel 2.0

  • Barrel 2.0 - Barrels in the world have been upgraded and can now contain more than one kind of item. Barrels on ships will still remain single item barrels.

    Barrels are such a hot topic in our community, so we're collating all the feedback in this megathread.

    Senior Producer Drew has some additional information to explain this change.

    @sonicbobjr said in [Mega Thread] Barrel 2.0:

    Hey Everyone,

    With Patch 1.2.4 along with our new Cursed Crews Adventure, the Return of Skeleton Ships to the seas and a raft of other updates - we’ve introduced our new Barrel and Inventory system out into players hands.

    The improved Barrel system gives us much more flexibility in delivering a range of resources to players. Previously a Barrel found out in the world was locked to a specific resource type (Banana’s for example), however in the new system this Barrel can contain a range of different items. Right now expect to find Barrels holding Bananas, Planks, Cannonballs & Cursed Cannonballs – but will allow us to easily extend this to more items and resource types in upcoming updates.

    We’ve seen the feedback from Pioneers and now with the wider playerbase that this new system does take a little longer to stock your ship, we’re monitoring this closely and will be balancing and tweaking the quantity of resources found in Barrels to account for the slight delay in future updates. We’re confident that we can strike the right balance here – but we will continue to review this new system over time and make changes to improve the experience as needed.

    With the introduction of our Barrel & Inventory systems alongside players gaining Cursed Cannonballs for the first time, we know this is a sizeable change to PVP in Sea of Thieves. We’re reviewing how these encounters change with the introductions of these new systems and making improvements from player feedback.

    We know that these are some fundamental changes to core systems players use every session, but this sets us up well for some of our exciting new updates coming down the line that are going to require players to have plenty more storage space!

    Thanks for all the passionate feedback on this, we’re watching the feedback closely on these new introductions.

    Mike has also added a post explaining the changes -


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  • Patchnotes...

  • @fearthebeardig Will be posted when they are posted. Stick to the topic at hand mate.

  • I think that a quick take feature should be added, as before you could take from barrels whilst in combat/moving. This could only be implemented on the ships barrels (as they can only hold one type of item) and would make the system just that little bit smoother for people that like to restock mid battle.

  • They take some getting used to and it isn’t as quick and simple as before but I can see the potential. It might just take time to get used to the new way of interacting with barrels.

  • we feel the potential with this new barrel system. The main defect is slowness, opening the barrel to see what is there while it may be empty or nothing interests us.

    here are some suggestions for improving it.

    If a barrel is empty write "empty" below "Open Barrel"

    If a barrel has a single type of item, write the item (eg if there are only bananas, write "banana".)

    If there are 2 or more items to write: "several supply" or the name of the first items and more. (ex: banana and woodplank, write "bananas and more" or "several supply").

    We should also add an option to take everything. Use the "Y" key of the controller.

  • Awesome how the mega thread about barrels come before the official patch notes.. you know you made it this time, and want to avoid the spread of complaining...

    At least you recognized it.

  • @murkrage написал в [Mega Thread] Barrel 2.0:

    @fearthebeardig Will be posted when they are posted. Stick to the topic at hand mate.

    Thats a Blizzard words ! :D

  • its awfully slow and clunky compared to previous system. Does not allow to loot and steal supplies while moving, so during combat.
    It takes time to check whats in the barrel, instead of just looking.
    It's much less dynamic. Revert to previous system, which simply work better, and just add a new type of barrel or chest for the cursed cannonballs, with this type of inventory.

    Also, cursed cannonballs should not be that common, theres too many of them around, i found 4 in the tavern only. This will make PvP less skill based, and a bit more towards luck.

  • Here is a list of stuff that was not implemented or is in the game for no reason:

    • Barrels aren't labeled Empty
    • No function to deposit/take stuff quickly from outside the open barrel menu
    • There is no automatic cycling through the items in the barrel when pressing the "grab" key if you already are full of the first type of material on that barrel
    • Slots cap at 99 instead of 100 or 300 which were divisible by 10 or 5
    • Barrels of bananas hold more than 100 bananas, implying that so do the cannonball barrels and the wood barrels... aka 3600 cannonballs, 1200 wood planks and 1200 bananas on a galleon or a brigantine.

    All right so I am a bit angry. Not only did the more basic stuff like showing that the barrel is empty from a glance is not in the live build, the biggest and weirdest design decision of increasing the storage cap from 300/100 to 3600/1200 is beyond me. Sure we got shiny new cursed cannonballs but couldn't the barrels cap at 100 or even 300 in each slot? Boy I sure can't wait to turn on the black hole glitch and just wipe the storage inventory of other people, because I'm willing to bet that wasn't fixed either.

    edit: yeah black hole wasn't fixed at all, but I already sent the bug report in hopes they fix it before I start ruining peoples games with it.

  • @vladokapuh To be clear: You are okay with the way the new inventory system works, right? I didn't quite gather that from your post :)

    1. I can't see when a Barrel is Empty before opening it: WASTE OF TIME.
    2. No option to grab everything at once: WASTE OF TIMEd
      3)There are less resources than before overall.
      4)I need to go through 3 screens to select the cannon balls.

    If your pioneers did not give you feedback on how cr*p this new interface is or you didnt listen to them, you should reconsider the whole program.

    To fix this:

    • Allow to see if Barrels are Empty before opening them.
    • Add option to take all & Store All.
    • Change (in PC at least) the key to leave the barrel from X to R per example (or allow us to bind the key).
    • Communicate on the fact that pressing multiple times the allocated key for a Cannon Ball allows you to cycle through the different types of cannonballs.

    Just imagine running arround an island or PVPing on a ship & trying to take bananas while fighting, it's just not possible anymore, this is game breaking :/

  • @khaleesibot Please use the old syste, for Cannonballs, bananas and planks.. You can´t steal bananas in PvP anymore.
    The cursed cannonballs might as well use the new system since there are plenty diferent types of them.
    Definetly need to change this asap!

  • (Reposted from another closed thread)

    How to fix it

    When walking past a barrel tap X to grab an item make it prioritise bananas if you don't have 5, after that random item. Hold X to bring up the new interact with barrel interface.

    When using the cannon hold left bumper to being up a new radial with your cannon balls on it. (At the moment it brings up the standard radial, you don't need that while on a cannon)

  • @teh-magnus As long as you don't know what's going on inside the programme, I feel you should refrain from making comments about the pioneers themselves. The one thing you can count on is: Pioneers are always giving feedback. Before, during and after test builds.

  • @teh-magnus написал в [Mega Thread] Barrel 2.0:

    1. No option to grab everything at once: WASTE OF TIME

    There was never future like this in game, 1 tap = 1 item
    For all other, i'm not in game yet but if it like you say thats bad

  • @murkrage said in [Mega Thread] Barrel 2.0:

    @vladokapuh To be clear: You are okay with the way the new inventory system works, right? I didn't quite gather that from your post :)

    No, i am not. I dont like it. It's too slow and inconvenient to use.

  • As things are now on launch it will be a pain to do any battle, repair or even just stocking the ship up.

    Having F (on keyboard) to be a "withdraw the most basic" from the barrel without going into the menu would be great.
    And having R be go into the barrel to fill it up or pick out specific things.

    Since you also don't know what barrels are empty you and your crew will have a hayday telling what barrels you already explored.

  • @vladokapuh said in [Mega Thread] Barrel 2.0:

    @murkrage said in [Mega Thread] Barrel 2.0:

    @vladokapuh To be clear: You are okay with the way the new inventory system works, right? I didn't quite gather that from your post :)

    No, i am not. I dont like it. It's too slow and inconvenient to use.

    Your post reads:

    ...just add a new type of barrel or chest for the cursed cannonballs, with this type of inventory

    It's that last part that got me confused. While I agree the current system isn't efficient, the old one doesn't work with more items of the same type either. We need an interface to swap the item within it's type. Imagine having other types of food in the future, they need a place and we need a place to select them.

    The current system is a step in the right direction, but there's so many issues with it's implementation. It can be so much better with a few tweaks here and there.

  • @teh-magnus

    Agree on #1.
    #2. Grabbing things should be easier. Agree
    #3, there are more resources.
    #4: I think that grabbing special cannonballs should be a little more difficult.

  • @phantaxus You have just inadvertently said what you was testing Pmsl!

    But OT: Litrally the changes mentioned above:

    Number Of items in Bannana and Planks Crate, Maybe default cannons to.

    A quick take button, maybe fill or Take 5.

    The new inventory system just feels very Un-user friendly :/ Think they all need some tweaking.

  • So the barrels on the ships can hold 1188 items 12 slots , can be filled to 99. Also. What is going on with this new inventory system guys? this is a game breaker !

  • Immediate changes to make this less worse:

    1. Allow to see if barrel is Empty.
    2. Allow to grab all Resources.
  • (Re-post from game discussion thread because barrels are super hot)

    Just logged in to check out the update and was immediately stuck by the change to the barrel interface. Don't get me wrong, I think the new system is definitely a step in the right direction. However what concerns me is the potential that the new interface will drastically impede the flow of the game in intense situations. It could be that I have yet to get used to the new system but I feel like it will likely result in a fury of avoidable deaths. For example, while battling a skeleton fort it is vital to keep moving as well as staying stocked up on bananas, to avoid being executed by a firing squad of angry eye of reach wielding skeletons! Or perhaps you are running out of air while stocking up from a shipwreck, being held in place by an interface could waste valuable time.

    I feel like these situations could be easily avoided if a few changes where made to the system. My original idea was to included dedicated barrels like found on ships that use the old system, scatted around various places like skeleton forts and islands. That way you know for sure that what you are looking for will be located in that barrel and that you can easily grab it and run.

    However the inclusion of a take all feature would probably be much easier to implement and allow for a quick grab and run. The only downside I see to this option is that you will likely be picking up multiple items so how will the game prioritise which item to equip?

  • Anyone else discovered the Stucking bug? I can put Over 99 normal cannonballs into the Barrel. 12 x 99? I dont think that should be?

  • this barrel thing gotta go!! game changer! PVP is gonna be so much more annoying with quickly trying to grab bananas before the crew spawns back! (Which spawnback issues are allrdy ridiculous (for ships)) this barrel thing is just awefull...Same with not showing amounts unless u open it....Its gotta go!!

  • @noisa1992 It is intentional matey, not a bug... You can now store 99 of each item in each slot.

    So you can now have a LOT of resources.

    For those of you asking for a take all button - would we be happy seeing this if another crew member could use the same button to take what they can out of your barrel instantly?

  • @jejesasa %100 agree with those ideas.

  • The Pioneer program did not prevent this atrocity?

    Or, is it because you just ignored Pioneer feedback on this issue altogether?

    I am not happy with these changes. Honestly, I don't know who thought it was a good idea. You want the food crate to be able to be opened and for various types of food to be put in, fine, but don't also mess up cannonballs and planks in the process.

    I am with the vast majority, and have similar if not identical complaints about this terribly implemented barrel/inventory system redesign.

  • Just before we start a Pioneer riot here guys... I have to stick up for my fellow pioneers and say...

    You can be 100% proud of the work/feedback the pioneers gave during our/their time testing these features.

    So let's remember we are all here providing feedback to make this game better, it's better to unite than start mudslinging.

  • Really dislike this new barrel system. Tried to get used to it but hate it. It's all so time consuming. And there are times in a pirates life that require quick responses. There are plenty of empty barrels on all 3 ships that could've been used to store new & different items. During the heat of combat now as it stands, it's really hard to get anything out of a barrel or even put it back in whilst a pirate is shooting and slashing away at you.
    "Excuse me Sir! Please cease hostilities whilst i spend 30 seconds in this barrel screen!"

  • @musicmee said in [Mega Thread] Barrel 2.0:

    Just before we start a Pioneer riot here guys... I have to stick up for my fellow pioneers and say...

    You can be 100% proud of the work/feedback the pioneers gave during our/their time testing these features.

    So let's remember we are all here providing feedback to make this game better, it's better to unite than start mudslinging.

    To add to that:

    Count on Pioneers to spend their time testing new features and giving an incredible amount of feedback. A lot of time is spend on that part of our forums, trust me.

  • Please incorporate a "take max" and "store all" button. I think that would be a huge improvement over how it is now.

    Also an "empty" prompt when walking up to an empty barrel would be a huge plus!!

  • @murkrage

    But then we get official releases like this one. I'm not discrediting pioneers, I'm discrediting Rare and their misuse of the program. Surely the same feedback that we are leaving in here was addressed and discussed at length by pioneers. What I'm saying is, Rare deliberately ignored that feedback and pushed this build out, and LATE, I might add.

  • This is awful and making it unnecessarily more difficult to stock a ship and gather supplies. Add a new barrel for Cursed cannonballs fine, but you’re adding more steps then there needs to be. Please revert it back. This is awful!

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