Voyage into the Dark…

In this month’s update, the Order of Souls has a special request for brave pirates! Skeletons have stolen a trove of dangerous artefacts, known ominously as Dark Relics. For the next few weeks, assist in the urgent recovery effort and you’ll be well rewarded, but you’ll have to butt heads with some skulls along the way. Find the Relics to earn Commendations and gold, while boosting your reputation with the Order on your path to Pirate Legend!

Dark Times

The Order of Souls is very troubled that the skeletons have swiped these Dark Relics and escaped into the night – who knows what they have planned for such power? So Duke has been entrusted with retrieving all the Relics, after rebuilding his relationship with the Trading Companies last month.

That’s where you come in: during the Order’s hour of need, Duke is hiring pirates who don’t mind a tussle to take on Dark Relic Voyages, which will involve smashing skellies, taking their Relics and returning them to the Order. Find him in any tavern to lay claim to a Voyage!

Relic Recovery

There are five types of Relic to look out for: the Enchantment Vessel, Hexing Skull, Evil Eye, Mutinous Effigy and Bewitching Doll. The Order of Souls assures all pirates that they won’t get horribly cursed just by handling the Relics. There’s a special Commendation for finding one of each type – so consider trading your spares with other crews!

Over the next few weeks, Duke will offer Dark Relic Voyages in The Shores of Plenty, The Ancient Isles and The Wilds, with special Titles and Commendations to earn. There will also be dedicated Devil’s Roar Voyages for Pirate Legends, which are riskier but reward more Relics…

How To Get Started

Duke is more than happy to reward pirates for their trouble, in addition to the gold and reputation that you’ll earn from the Order of Souls. Earn Commendations by completing Dark Relics Voyages in each region to unlock items from the highly sought-after Mercenary ship livery set: the cannons, capstan and wheel!

In these strange times, skeletons are also dropping Ritual Skulls, for which the Order (and, for Pirate Legends, the Mysterious Stranger) will pay well. Lastly, but perhaps of most interest to some pirates, there’s a new way to earn Doubloons from Duke – by cashing in Reaper’s Chests.

How To Get Started

New Time-Limited Cosmetics

Permanent Feature Additions

Rope, Rope, Rope your Boat

Even dark times must have a little sunshine. While the skellies have been up to no good, pirate tinkers have begun attaching harpoons to Rowboats throughout the world! Just like the harpoon on your ship, the Rowboat version fires a sturdy rope that attaches to large objects or pulls in small objects.

Perhaps this mobile harpoon will prove useful when retrieving Dark Relics and Ritual Skulls from defeated skeletons… or thieving them from the hands of other crews! Have no doubt that mischievous pirates will find many shrewd uses for this device.

Rope, Rope, Rope your Boat
Doubloons and Danger

Doubloons and Danger

Meanwhile, Duke also wants pirates to watch out for Reaper’s Chests – strange new treasures that have just begun to surface around shipwrecks. Cursed with the Reaper’s Mark, these chests show up on all pirates’ maps!

Getting one of these back to Duke won’t be easy with all that extra attention on you. What’s inside them? Not even Duke knows yet. However, he’s willing to pay Doubloons for each Reaper’s Chest returned!