cool ideas for S.O.T (sea of thieves) please vote for me

  • cool ideas for S.O.T (sea of thieves)

    1. add a new traitor that sells bananas wood all cannons and all the cursed cannons you can all so sell all all that stuff back to him for cash and buy full crates as well

    2. potions things light night vision jump boost health speed potion ect and a potion shop

    3. lanterns that you can pick up and move around

    4. catapults on island so you can put thing light chests so it is more easier to get it back to your ship

    5. change inventory so you can carry 10 cannonball 10 bananas 10 wood

    6. have a chest that drops snakes randomly

    7. have a chest that make a tiny storm around your ship randomly

    8. monkey that gather bananas and stash them some where and then you can take the stash but the money will try to kill you

    9. once you have reached level 100 on gold hoarders you can make your own sail skins

    10. once you have reached level 100 on order of souls you can make your own Figurehead

    11. once you have reached level 100 on Gold Hoarders you can make your own ship skin

    12. to trade money between players through the gold holders

    13. a take all button for the barrels

    14. a discord sever for all

    15. and a place to submit ideas on the discord severe as well as the web page

    16. able to customise the steering wheel on the ship like different skins for it link for image (

    17.wooden swords to battle your team mates for fun

    18 to change your eye colour of your character

    19 to change your character like at the start of the game when you first log in but you can do it when ever you want

    20 a big crab boss that pick up your ship and throws it and it has a small skeleton fort on top of it and you get a cool crab chest for defeating it

    1. for forsaken shores need to have less Volcanic rock (the rocks that shoot out of the volcanoes) there are to many
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