Fight of my life (solo fort of fortune, ships stalking, galleon sink???)

  • So today I kicked off late, and with no friends online to sail w/ me I began solo.

    I was welcomed to the seas with the beautiful sound of an ocean horn (Fort of fortune). I promptly checked emissary tables, looted the island, purchased captains' loot, and began my journey. The only problem on the horizon was a lonely reapers emissary, far down below. hardly a problem.
    I sailed onwards--unknowing of the reason that such a good event was going down on the server--and began the fort. The fort took forever, as I was solo, and it wasn't long before I noticed a lonely sloop stalking my horizons. After many an attempt to board their ship, and many a shark death, they sailed away and I continued my clearing of the fort.
    The journey had been bland so far--naught but a small sloop and skele-galleons haunted my horizons. But before long I realized the reason for my good fortune.

    The reaper 5 was making its way up towards me, and as I continued my arduous clearing of the fort I barely noticed them.
    But before long...tri sails filled my horizon in a way the skull blotted the sun from the sky. I continued the fort, watching as they circled, then raised their sails to wait. Nervously, I sailed out to meet them. The galleon was boasting a PVP flag, but no prominent cosmetics I could see. We circled for minutes on end--me rationing my few cannon balls, while chainshots flew from every direction. Finally--our broadsides met. I flew to the cannons, begging for a good shot. I fired, hit, and was met with a barrage of three cannons bearing down on me. I desperately turned away, keeping careful to stay out of their own broadside, all while attempting to catch them from behind. A series of anchor turns and hopeful maneuvers followed. And finally I was blessed, coasting along partially in their broadside I landed many hits, sending them below to hunt out the repairs. I jumped from my boat, letting it sail off--and boarded their own.
    With their anchor dropped and 2 of three crewmates dead I took my battle to the decks, plunging in and out of the water. With the use of a fire bomb tucked in my invisible coat pocket I set fire to their cannons (always, when boarding a larger ship than your own try to set the cannon range area on fire, making shooting hard for the enemy.
    Blinded by my own smoke I fought to the bitter end, tucking until I heard the sounds of repairs, then plunging below to catch them off guard.
    finally, a lucky shot sent me to the ferryman.
    My ship--still intact, turned to meet the galleon once more.
    Now, busy with repairs I fired upon them, welcoming their broadside and firing incessantly. A few desperate shots were made but the end was near--with dread, I saw four dots plunge into the water to catch me unawares upon my ship. the boarder was disposed of--and I returned to firing. Soon, the galleon was called home. A sirens prize amongst the skeletons of ships.
    (Also I got a reaper 5 flag so that was lit)

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