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  • This is a post I’ve been thinking about for a while and is bound to have been mentioned before but I wanna throw my thoughts into the deep sea that is the forums. Since Arena has been removed, why not open the doors and let us into the inside of the Sea dogs Tavern? Granted, Lesedi, DeMarco, and Amaranta won’t be present, but why not have the other vendors there? I personally thought it was a beautiful environment and although we might not spawn there, every time I go I wish I could go inside and sit in that hot tub once more. This probably isn’t going to come because there’s no incentive for rare to do so, but man would it be nice. What do you all think? If there’s any great reason for it not to come back please let me know (something I’ve missed in the lore or whatever)

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  • There is an incentive for Rare to do something like time limited events, or Arena-like activities because noobs like me did not get to partake in Arena, and after 300 hours I've come across some players who have Arena only rewards that make me drool. Really cool ships, sails, etc.

    Heck, bring back actual Arena for a few days or weeks so I can see what it was all about. All I've seen is Youtube videos.

  • This gets an upvote from me, because I want to get back in the hot tub!

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  • @dabomb139 I would like if. Idk why there aren’t TDM servers on adventure mode all parked at the arena

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    I love this idea--what if they opened the doors and inside you could pvp in the original waiting area (land not sea pvp) just for fun! It could be like a mini optional fight ring.

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  • @triheadedmonkey it’s certainly nothing worth sending a support ticket for. I don’t even know what I would be asking for when creating one. I just wanted you to know that I didn’t circumvent anything. I don’t know if it’s you that doesn’t understand the meaning of the word or this kind of action is just set by a lot of site precedent. The beauty of leaving a word blank or censored is that the omitted word can only be as “profane” as what’s in the readers own head. With this being my honest thought process on the subject I was genuinely surprised by the action. I was thinking we followed roughly the same rules as censoring for television or radio. I guess it’s most likely that I’m just getting behind in the times and this is typical on social media nowadays. I’m really not a big user of it.

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  • On topic, as I recall, the interior is actually not the same size as the exterior that is in Adventure Mode. So, it isn't nearly as simple as having it there (as admittedly cool as that would be). That said, I feel like with the Portal tech we have in place now, that could be repurposed for letting players to go through the doors to be popped into an instance of the interior. If you go through you would have to disband from your Crew (if anyone stays behind) or you would need to vote to enter it and take the whole Crew (for server population purposes, so some slot isn't being reserved for you and reducing population in the main server, just like with the TTs that use this to keep populations up).

    This could become a new official server hop method. Make it so the TTs can't be cancelled anymore once you enter the portal (either exit or finish the Tale), and you can pay Gold to go to the Sea Dog Tavern which will let you go inside with your crew for a bit and encounter other Crews in there, and when you leave you come out to a new server.

    It isn't perfect, just examples of how it might be done. I suspect it won't happen though.

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  • I think the size issue could be mitigated if the interior was different - being in shambles or derelict, after the loss of DeMarco, for example. I would like it to be a new place to use for voyages, adventures, Tall Tales, mysteries, and the like. It has evolved before, and I do not doubt that it will again.

  • That's valid, but most requests seem to want it to be in a pristine state. If we are talking about evolving it into something else, sky's the limit.

  • @triheadedmonkey I’ve only responded to @hawkeye99 so that seems a little off to claim that I’ve derailed the thread. So, back to the topic and my original post, as far a lore based reasons for it to not be opened back up. There was a chest of grog right next to that hot tub. We all know drunk pirates can be quite rowdy. I can’t tell you how many I saw vomit in that hot tub. I myself have done it many times. I’ve gotten drunk and fell in the hot tub. I’ve gotten drunk and spit in the hot tub. I’m embarrassed to say, I’ve even got drunk and bled in the hot tub from my previous sessions wounds. Being a pirate that usually says things in as few words as possible I had left this up to the reader’s imagination a bit while saying it in a less crude way. Which yes, does leave room for it to be interpreted with words that may be banned but that’s the joke. [mod edit]
    And with all that being said, let’s open up that tavern and let the party continue. Who cares if it’s dangerous and dirty!

  • I guess with the issue of the "interior" from Arena matchmaking not being the same "interior" that we see when we look through the windows of the Tavern, it wouldn't be quite as simple as "opening the doors", unless they redesigned the interior to fit in the physical space in the "real world" of the Sea of Thieves. However, another option is to treat it like the Pirate Legend's Hideout or Ferry of the Damned. Once you interact with the doors to go inside, you are taken to the "Interior Tavern", which would exist in that same world, in the same server, but it just does the teleportation thing to take you there. That way you couldn't hide from enemies there, your ship would still be in the world, etc.

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  • @aerotsune I understand and I was planning on saying nothing else on the matter. This is me acknowledging your warning. Now please stop tagging me in posts me as it compels me to respond. {Edit} well, I was good. I didn’t realize that part of my post was removed. Thank you for the link. Each warning lets me know which moderator took action against me minus one(the mod edit one). Is there a way I can tell who removed part of my post without citing a forum violation?

  • I just can't even with what's happening above me here. Anyway, I never played Arena, but I've heard a lot about this hot-tub. If they won't open up the Sea Dog's Tavern, do you think we can get it moved? Maybe to the Legend's Tavern, or maybe Morrow's Peak! Geothermal heating for the tub!

    I think a fun trophy/trinket could be a miniature version of the hot-tub. Maybe earned for so many pirate ships sunk if they ever do PvP trophies, or for something else I'm not sure. Could be cool, though.

  • How about we just put the hot tub on my boat eh? Problem solved

  • I could be mistaken but I don't think the model of the tavern in game is to scale with the interior from arena. If it was then there is literally no reason to have not let us enter it since its addition to the game. Some people have clipped through the walls to see the interior we can see through the windows is all just static images wrapped around the window and the inside is pretty much non existent.

    I am not sure what the design choice was here. But Rare does love to literally throw their hard work in the trash for example the arena itself, all these adventure that are eating up programming time and money for 2 week one and done content that will never be used in the game again. I am guessing a big part of why it was never open on adventure is it would be an empty useless building. While they could have put the shop keepers in there it being empty all the time would break the illusion that it is a true waiting room for arena players. The way it is in the game now, back when arena was active you could go up there and imagine the building was full of people waiting for their match to start.

    While I don't think it would really be too time intensive to do this its an issue of why bother? In retrospect it would have been easier to have it open when they put it in the game in the first place. But what functionality would it server now? Just a place for people to go and think about the good old days of spending an hour in que because they put 0 effort into fixing que times?

  • Mom and dad are fighting 😭

  • @sarjentstupid I’m a fan of this, you just let me know when it happens and you’ll always have a crew mate to play with… although don’t count on me being too useful I’ll probably just sit and relax

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