Mouse Sensitivity (and some features for Xbox)

  • Hello, due to the minimum mouse sensitivty being at 1.0 (you cannot decrease your sensitivty beyond 1.0, you can only increase beyond 1.0), anyone that plays Sea of Thieves on a 'high' mouse dpi, can't correctly adjust their dpi. Even when I play on 800dpi or lower I still cannot reach my ideal sensitivity. I like to convert my exact sensitivity between games, but I can't due to this. Another similar issue is that the sensitivity can only be chanegd in intervals of 0.1 which means you can't accurately alter your sensitivity; this causes further issues when trying to convert sensitivities between games.
    I highly recommend that this is changed in the future.
    Sensitivity should be able to be changed to lower than 1.0 and you should be able to change it in increments of 0.001.
    I recommend that the sensitivity will go down to 0.001 and a max of 10.000 and you can change it by typing in the value or by using the scroll like current. Valorant has a similar system and by implementing something similar it would be easy and a nice change for many types of players.
    Thank you

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