Sea of Thieves Community

The Sea of Thieves Community Discord is the official server of the subreddit /r/Seaofthieves. We’re one of the largest servers around and have been up and running since the game was announced.

Sea of Thieves France

Join this awesome and ever-growing French community! Never find yourself alone on the seas! Follow the news, join the community events and meet the most ruthless pirates of the Sea of Thieves!

Sea of Thieves Deutschland

Join this German Sea of Thieves Community and find other pirates! We're posting news about Sea of Thieves translated into German. We also organize cool events. Join us now!

Sea of Thieves Italia

Were you looking for a group of Italian pirates to navigate and loot with? En garde! Put down your spotting scope and don't linger any longer, this is the right place. Sea of Thieves Italia is a community of players created BY and FOR players.

Sea of Thieves RU

Sea of Thieves RU is the biggest Russian-speaking community. Here you can find the latest news, technical support, teammates of any age and of course lots of fun. Join us!

Sea of Thieves Wiki

Sea of Thieves Gamepedia Wiki 是 Sea of Thieves 電玩遊戲的開放式百科全書,由遊戲玩家撰寫。歡迎大家加入 Wiki Discord,一起討論、做研究,在各種航程中徜徉!


您正在运营自己的粉丝社区吗?您可以在此提交社区,加入我们的附属联盟,让更多《盗贼之海》的玩家看到。您可以和其他社区负责人共同加入一个私人 Discord 服务器,直接与《盗贼之海》社区经理联络。今后我们还可能为粉丝社区开展宣传活动,并随着此计划的发展提供进一步的支持和资料。



  • 维护并遵守我们的海盗守则和社区行为准则
  • 拥有活跃的管理团队和管理策略
  • 拥有至少 1000 名成员,且已成立至少 6 个月
  • 有高质量的社区内容反映各成员的日常贡献
  • 主要话题为《盗贼之海》相关,且能为更大的社群增添丰富性

同时,有一些事项是绝对禁止的。社区不能违反或鼓励他人违反《盗贼之海》社区行为准则海盗守则以及 Microsoft 服务协议Xbox 社区标准。社区不能包含或传播违法、种族歧视、性别歧视、仇恨、色情以及其他冒犯性材料。