Wish You Were Here! Wish You Were Here! 

Wish You Were Here! 

September 14th – September 25th, 10am UTC 

Ready for a sightseeing tour? Log in now to help celebrate the beauty and richness of the Sea of Thieves through Challenges that test your proficiency across a range of locations. Take on the world – and earn some exclusive cosmetics along the way!

This Event Has Ended

Thanks for checking in. Unfortunately, the time-limited Event described on this page is now over. Please visit the main Sea of Thieves Events Hub where you can find out about any imminent or active Events, get an overview of Daily Deeds and more!

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

There are two Challenge Cards to complete, each with six different Goals to strive for throughout the week. The Novice Explorer card features simpler tasks with a focus on relaxing and unwinding as you venture out across the waves, while the Experienced Navigator card puts your seafaring skills to the test with a gauntlet of tricky trials. 

Completing these Goals will gradually unlock four time-limited exclusive cosmetics: the Refined Gold Speaking Trumpet, Refined Gold Spyglass, Refined Gold Cutlass and Cartographer Tattoo. You can also earn increased gold and reputation by handing in any Ashen and Coral treasures acquired on your travels, so make sure to grab it as you go!

Rough Guide to Sea of Thieves

The Rough Guide to Sea of Thieves is the perfect tool to help you plan your unforgettable holiday on the Sea of Thieves. Available to download for free now!

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