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Servant of the Flame

A mysterious, masked figure who serves as the figurehead for The Reaper’s Bones.

Shortly after the construction of The Reaper’s Hideout, a new arrival emerged from the shadows and began to accept treasure – and broken Emissary Flags – in the name of The Reaper’s Bones. In this way, the Servant of the Flame seeks to throw the Trading Companies into disarray, discouraging pirates from sailing as their Emissaries and weakening their influence upon the waves.

While he is known to be the adopted son of Captain Flameheart, the Servant’s full identity remains a mystery. His dedication to the Reapers, however, leaves little doubt of his intentions. Now that he’s successfully orchestrated his father’s resurrection, he’s ready to bring the fight to the Pirate Lord...

By Umbra

My name is Umbra, resident Scribe of the Sea of Thieves. (It’s a real thing, honestly.) I chronicle the myths and legends of its ever-changing waters, so if you’re looking to learn more about those who’ve shaped the history of our pirate paradise, you’ve come to the right place...