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Humphrey the Hoarder

Humphrey the Hoarder

An experienced Gold Hoarder who gave up his old life to faithfully serve his master’s wishes.

Humphrey the Hoarder represents a Trading Company known as the Gold Hoarders, and his avaricious attitude perfectly encapsulates that group’s ideals. Like his fellow Gold Hoarders, Humphrey possesses a skeleton key capable of opening the many sealed chests to be found stashed or buried around the world. He will, somewhat reluctantly, offer a cut of the value of any chest a pirate brings his way.

Some of the chests that the Company seeks are cursed, making them dangerous to handle, and Humphrey is not immune to their ill effects. His many years as a Gold Hoarder have left much of his body covered in a distinctive golden sheen, which he views as a badge of honour and sign of prosperity.

By Umbra

My name is Umbra, resident Scribe of the Sea of Thieves. (It’s a real thing, honestly.) I chronicle the myths and legends of its ever-changing waters, so if you’re looking to learn more about those who’ve shaped the history of our pirate paradise, you’ve come to the right place...