Can you change your character appearance after you start?

  • Just wondering, I don't love the pirate a chose, and i don't want to start over...:/

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  • No. For now. We are waiting for an update

  • @hopelesspanda77

    Actually you sort of can change your Pirate to an extent..

    When you pick the initial pirate you will always have the same Gender, Body build, Scars, Tattooes...

    but if you want to change it you are able to change the following.
    -Facial hair
    -Peg leg or Normal leg
    -Hook Hand Or normal hand
    -All clothing items like hats, eye patches, glasses, pants, jackets, tshirts, boots, shoes

    only things you are unable to change will be body Type (fat or skinny or built), face structure, gender and scars/tattooes

  • I've the same issue i think. On release i just wanted to play, so I just picked one of the random generated pirates 4 the lolz because I thought if it is a random choice it surely can be changed later... but now it seems like I am totally stucked with my character I chose, who is of course totally ugly, unless I want to lose everything I did till now... thats very sad.
    I know there will be a pirate creator in the future but is there a way to change you pirates appearence (not the ones you change in the game) when the creator comes life so we can at least say: ok now im lookin like s**t but i can change it later at least once so you dont lose everything you played? if not i must say i would be very disappointed

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