Reapers Bones excavation

  • Under the Reaper's Hideout the skeletons are mining for something, and I cant figure out what it is. THose who've been down there have seen the golden-coloured metal and some shining stones. The metal could be gold (to fund the Reapers entire operations), but I dont think it is that simple. The only excavation site is specifically on that island, and I believe it to be related to the tree that grows down there. Tree's "juices" have a colour almost identical to the metal, which makes me believe it to be a some sort of solidified form of the juice, or something of sorts. Another interesting part are the red crystals, which resemble the material, from which hearts of Ashen Lord are made.
    These two things, together with the birds carving station near Humor (to the right as you enter the main hall), makes me believe than Reapers are using these materials to bring life to inanimate objects. There are multiple potential uses of these materials, but it would only make sense if Reapers expanded their operation. With Flameheart returned, but no actual consequence in game as of now, I believe the devs could update the Reaper Hideout to take them to the next step. I will write the detailed potential update to it in a separate post in the channel, so feel free to check it too.
    What do you think the metal and crystals are? Cuz this question wasn't getting out of my mind ever since season 8. Id lvoe to hear your takes on it

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  • Yeah, and there's also a locked door in the hideout which I believe is in the direction of the unused part of the hideout. In addition, music has been heard aboveground on that island, which has happened when the devs accidentally add the sound before the actual feature. It would be cool for the Hideout to be a full on Reaper fortress, like Golden Sands would have been if the Reapers had won

  • And as for what you said about what the minerals are for, they might be for making components of the various skelly curse components (like the gold), but I kind of like the idea of inanimate objects

  • The "red shiny" things are most likely ashen jewels. I won't bother explaining their surprisingly deep lore. Just know that chest of rages are made when you fill a chest full of them (Also capture a soul after that). Watch a Falcore video about it if you are curious.

    The "yellow stuff" most likely contains said jewels.

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