Representing Golden Sands

  • For those who have the Savior of Golden Sands Sails and wish to represent the Outpost through the rest of their ship, here are the cosmetics I find pair well with the Memento.

    Scurvy Bilge Rat or Golden Chaser Hull

    Sovereign or Golden Chaser Figurehead

    Sovereign Capstan

    Sovereign Wheel

    Sovereign Cannons

    Yellow Cannon Flare

    Jolly Roger or Golden Chaser Flag

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  • @generalcreeper6 Or you can go full Killer Whale set and stand by Merrick!

  • That works too, but I just thought I’d list these as the sails look great but stand out to most of the other sets

  • @generalcreeper6 I’ve been using full merchant set with the merchant emissary hull and savior sails

  • Ooh, I bet that looks nice

  • I am confused, why would I do that when Reapers is the better side?

xbox onecommunityjust for funwindows 10events
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