sea of really weird issues

  • Since the last patch, my crew and I have had some of the weirdest bugs happen! I am usually not one to bring any attention to bugs. However our last couple of nights have just been full of wacky happenings. First and most importantly, we had a lot of trouble getting into the same boat, Beatnikbeard and Hazelnutbeard (4 of us trying to get into a galleon for an hour) we eventually got in, but it was a serious effort. Then in fights we had pure nonsense happen. Twice our Galleon flipped upside down like a canoe! TWICE! link text Auto sink.. we were going to save it too, that was nothing, we have bailed out our boat from far more dire situations.

    All of our fights were really broken in bizzare ways. I had a cannonball go through my head with 0 damage... what? I was able to res a teammate as an enemy was swording me out of his mind... huh? I boarded an enemy brig, had a pirate dead to rights as he was adjusting sails, raised up my blunder aim down the sights.. it would not fire! Fully loaded! No click, nothing, just would not fire. Attempted to back up and fire again, aim down sights.. locked, no fire. We had one guy one sword us. All 4 of us, ONE sword swipe. Four one one, pinned against top deck front left corner, two of us swording and two blundering all 4 of us getting hit registrations and sfx, and he killed all 4 of us lol with a single sword swipe. And Two of my crew are super sweaty PC players and we don't get wrekt often, as we are reasonably skilled. Do we lose? yes, it happens, but not like this. I don't think it was cheating, I chalk it up to worse than normal epicly bad hit reg? We lose sometimes as that is the way of this game, but we have had super bizzare things happen since the last patch. And I don't think we are alone in this. Anyone else get Aim down sights lock?

    But dag gummit, I still love this game with all my heart.

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  • I've seen the no damage cannonball to the face a few times
    I've seen some really bizarre sword hit reg issues
    the meg bugs are in full force
    some weird bucket stuff and some weird eating stuff

    it's weird how coincidence works
    when the fight isn't very competitive don't really see issues nearly as much but during that little window of time when competitive combat is happening all of the issues with dire consequences come outta the woodwork

  • Yeah last night my crew and I got server merged and that might of the been the strangest couple hours I’ve ever spent on SoT. Loads of bugs I’ve never seen before too. Sprinting while carrying a lantern, being in an alliance and see the toast notifications but not getting any gold or rep. Super strange.

  • @wolfmanbush haha that is the truth! It feels like it all happens at once. I have definitely been on both sides of an odd glitch or three. It just seems amplified during our last two times out. I just hope they dont fix where if you are on a Meg as it dies, you can launch your boat 500 feet into the air. That is fun.

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