• What's the point? It's only accepting massive risks for very little reward. While it is generally rewarding, the simple fact is that people will join them specifically to be terrible. It's just too much risk when others can damage you/find anyone else in the alliance with the only good benefits being rewards from eachother turning in. If there was a way to kick people from alliances it would help, but as it is it is asking for punishment and a bad game play experience. This feature seems to only be there to bring the worst out of people.

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  • Then don’t do alliances at all my foolish friend if you have trust issues and can’t bare the risk to accidentally alliance with some dreadful Pirates like me who enjoy betraying crews for a far greater profit and Glory.

    Just remember we are all pirates with free will to do what we want in this lawless sea and not all pirates want to betray your alliance, just keep a eye on your new found friends incase they do think differently and is plotting…

  • It sounds as if the Alliance feature is working as intended. What Alliances in Sea of Thieves isn't, is a tool to farm in perfect safety. It is just as much the tool of cooperation as it is the tool of deceit. Ever since its inception, betrayal has been at its core. Why have half a bonus when I could have it all? That's about as Pirate-y as it can get. That and betrayal is just plain fun. Personally, I find it more fun than just brainlessly killing dumb AI and peacefully sailing away. Snore.

    Side note, nothing stops you from leaving an Alliance at any point. So in a way, you have kick power, but you can only kick yourself. I'm not even sure how a kick feature would work in this game. Three ships are in one, do you do a majority? Is there a master vote? Who gets it? Why do they get it and not any other person who by Rare's standard is our equal? What stops someone from just booting you to deny their share after getting yours? Just sounds messy to implement.

  • The risk is equal to the reward, you just need to play smart;

    You get gold and reputation from anyone and everyone who sells during the alliance being active.

    The alliance can see your ship location on the map

    Those are probably the only 2 pros/cons about an alliance and they're fairly balanced

  • Then don't partake of said experience by not entering into an alliance. Problem solved.

  • Don’t like them don’t do them?

  • alliances work better as situational arrangements of friendliness rather than environmental strategy in an organic situation

    if I sink someone that ends up being nice I'll alliance them so they can get part of everything I sell throughout the session

    There is never trust but the key is to make it to where trust doesn't matter. Not putting yourself in a situation where there is anything to lose over interaction

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