Sea of thieves mix pot huntress figurehead from Mixer

  • I'm a partnered streamer on Mixer, been playing SoT since the very first Alpha several years ago. Was in the whole Mixer stream the other day and all my friends got their figureheads and not me. I did watched the entire live cast but still no huntress figurehead my mixer account is already linked as I am a partnered streamer & have had no issues with any other MixPot reward. Any help getting this fixed would be great as I'd like to show off this beautiful figurehead to my community.

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  • @kittyhazclaws Ahoy matey!

    Sorry to hear you haven't received your figurehead yet, you might want to check out the following article on what to do next.

  • @musicmee Thanks, but I've been there and posted and they sent me here... I'm getting the run around everywhere which is why it's so frustrating.

  • @kittyhazclaws Sorry matey!

    You need to head over to MixPot Help over here:

    Post a topic on their forum and someone will eventually get back to you.

  • @kittyhazclaws Hopefully you get it sorted! But if not don’t fret to much as I’m very confident that I read it will be avalible to buy in game at a later date.

    So yeah I hope you can get it supported through mixer support but if not you still have hope! :)

  • @kittyhazclaws I'm still waiting too.

  • Did you get a notification that the figurehead was yours now? That will let you know who to contact. If you look at the order history on your microsoft account and the huntress and forza DLC are listed there, then it's attached to your Microsoft account and you need to contact SoT support in order to fix it. If not, you need to contact the Xbox folks because it's a Mixpot issue.

    For me, I received notification and it showed on my microsoft account, but it wasn't in-game. I contacted SoT support and then it showed up.

  • @kittyhazclaws luckily you can buy this figurehead from the outpost in devils roar now

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